Wolf Moon & Moon Dog ~ Primal Calls to a Freer You

Today we swim into a watery Cancer Full Moon – the comfiest place the Moon feels at home in – so that we may reflect upon the feelings and situations that make most sense to release the weight of in order to be able to float more freely. This is the first Full Moon of 2022 and is known as the Wolf Moon. And just like the transformative energies the wolf conjures up and the moving of energy through those haunting howls, we, too, have the ability to engage the potent changes that this time of year’s cycles bring our way by consciously partnering with how energy naturally wants to flow.

Engaging ways to shake things out – moving energy physically and emotionally – are of great benefit to us now. Dancing, exercising, wiggling, laughing, crying, sound channeling, hitting a pillow…are just some ways we can incite that movement of energy through. Full Moons also point us toward completion of cycles. So, perhaps you might be involved in finishing a project or are feeling ready to put something to rest, as it no longer serves you or is aligned with the energy you’ve moved into. Therefore, by letting it come to closure you make room for the new to emerge. And being in Cancer’s embrace that enjoys the comforts, stillness, and self-nurturing tendencies, don’t be afraid of taking care of yourself amidst the challenges of life that draw your attention away, as these are the times your loving focus will be most effective tending to your truth and needs.

This Moon points us in directions that invite us to deepen our understanding of the emotional realms and to journey into the feelings that are buried deeply inside. And while there is the potential to more effectively work with these emotional currents, it can also bring up the potential for underlying confusion or manipulative energies around emotions until we become more conscious of what exactly is operating beneath the surface. Some of it is ours and some is not, but unless we ask the questions and are open to the answers, it can be easy to have these emotions control us and run the show. Regardless of whether a feeling is yours or not, if you believe it has power over you and you’re challenged with supporting the ones that feel aligned, then you may discover yourself experiencing things that are uncomfortable in order to gain your attention to make some course corrections.

Inner tension drains our energy, so it is helpful to find ways to calm the conflict within so you can operate from a stronger and fuller well of vitality and clarity.

Full Moons heighten things, so be gentle with yourself during this time period of illuminated emotions, realizing that what is surfacing isn’t out to get or hurt you. On the contrary, they rise to the occasion to assist you in realigning your life from the inside out.

If you feel extra triggered right now, it may be good to withdraw from certain things you know are especially trying for you – at least until you can fortify yourself and make better sense of what you’re feeling.

There’s also potential for some of the shadowy depths to take rise and some of the most unpleasant of feelings or truths to surface. Again, if we can find ways to be grateful for the gift of revealing, we can better enjoy unwrapping these presents with the flow of energy, rather than have them pop out like jack-in-the-boxes to surprise us.

With all of this, Nature continues to knock at the door and invite us into greater communion and understanding of how to move energy and ground it into embodiment.

Get outside, move your body, fill your lungs with deep breaths, listen to the wisdom reflected all around you, explore the natural world as a doorway to the nature of you, drop into your senses and feel the miracle of being alive, and experience hope and renewal encouraged by Nature’s constant resiliency and grace in all of her forms.

I’ve been sensing and feeling some big energies moving through these days – collectively, through individuals I know, in my own experience, and in the way I am doing my own part in transmuting what is out there through me.

There’s some pretty big changes in process that are, and will, have a profound effect on the bigger picture of things. And while things may look one way, I can’t help but not only have continued hope, but in fact feel excited for stuff in motion.

I do notice an increase in my body wanting even more physical engagement, so we’ve been out skiing, snow shoeing, and snow hiking more than usual. In fact, just a couple of days ago we were out twice in a day, snow shoeing/hiking both day and night. We used to do Full Moon hikes back several years ago and recently have talked about it again. For what ever reason, this Moon was the one calling our inner wolf out and so we went on a snow hike Saturday night leading up to the Full illumination and plan to do a double snow immersion today, beginning with morning skiing and ending with a Full Moon snow hike again tonight.

With all the snow, it’s the perfect conditions for quite a magickally lit experience and feels supportive of inviting those shadowy inner emotions up and out so they can be traversed just the same.

By embracing this call, Saturday night’s adventure gifted us a Moon Dog halo around the Moon. It’s hard to capture fully on camera, but these images give you an idea.

In person, it was a very clear and defined halo ring around the glowing Moon with stars lighting up in the vast space between.

It stayed the entire time we did our Moon hike, peering through the trees like a mysterious all-seeing eye.

A Moon Dog takes place when Moonlight refracts off ice crystals in cirrus clouds that are high up in the Earth’s atmosphere. I love the connection with it being called a Moon “Dog” since this is a Wolf Moon.

Primal instincts are calling us to remember our very nature, to curiously and playfully engage who we are, and know the freedom and connection that breaking through perceived barriers can provide us.

Leading up to today I had some literal “breaking” through experiences with the shattering of glass, twice. The first was a small bottle/vial and the second was a tiny glass.

There are many takes on the symbolism of things that can range from so-called positive and negative experiences, so we each have to be present with our awareness and personal circumstances to connect the meanings relative to us.

For me, knowing what I was bringing through at the time, these took on the form of rapid transformations at hand. With the breaking of the glass, its form was being freed – glass begins as tiny particles of sand, is melted, cooled, and then focused into a solid, yet brittle thing. So, this shattering felt like a freeing-up of energy, breaking old patterns and rigid structures, closure, a cycle being complete, a symbolic death, and rapid transformation – all pointing to a return to one’s essence.

It came on the heels of heightened energy moving through that now calls for redirecting and refocusing, as well as ever-more presence with the new in motion of being created.

In one case, I was holding space for and helping to transmute big paradigm changes for someone that also hinged on shared themes I’ve been working on in my own life experience. This involved the small bottle/vial with liquid in it, which connects with the watery Cancer Full Moon energy of working with moving through emotional patterns and deeply conditioned beliefs that no longer serve, so that space is freed up for more flowing and harmonious feeling experiences.

The breaks speak simultaneously of strengthening the new spiritual frameworks from places of authenticity so that they are resilient and not brittle.

I’m also aware of how experiences like these can also help to diffuse bigger things from happening, as I know that my emotions and their ability to manifest is very strong. So, I take these as productive sign post reminders to always stay on top of moving my energy (through physical exercise and emotional release, as mentioned above) so that it doesn’t need a bigger or more dramatic outlet.

Hence, both a supportive message of change and how to continue staying in the flow of change.

Sending out a wave of gentle intention for what ever you may find yourself moving through.

May you find softer processes and landings with your experiences.

And may your discoveries lead to a freer you.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Desiree Bergeron

    This was such a gift to wake up to this morning!! Just perfect and so so SO supportive. 🌟🌟
    I find myself using all these processes you spoke of in this post….. literally every tool in my toolbox, (and then some) each selected in the moment to support my current underlying energy. I received a very heart lifting, extra potent, β€˜breath of fresh air’ from all you shared hereβ€”something I truly needed to keep my processing and experience of these huge shifts less heavy, and more infused with freeness and releasing the old…… and joy!! My goodness…..So a huge, grateful thank you for this beautiful post! And guess where I’m headed? Snowshoeing out in a snowstorm!!!!! Weeeeeeee
    πŸ€­πŸ€— πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

    • I was feeling you deeply when writing this post so I’m really glad you felt it supportive and received all that you shared! ❀ you’re so welcome and thank you as always for sharing your beautiful process and for the courage you are embracing in sweet, vulnerable grace as you do. So excited for snow ❄ sharing time across the channels with you! Enjoy your fun snow storm!! Weeeeee!

  2. Your title reminds me so much of the Moon card in the Tarot!

  3. Thanks Tania, yet another wonderful enlightening post from you. Parts of your points, really resonated with me, especially the part with the broken glass. For instance, when something breaks, I react negatively and it seems to perpetuate into more negative through the day. Then I realize it’s time to take a break and do sometime enjoyable, breath, relax, and refocus. It’s amazing how things turn around and start falling in place. Your words threw the switch on, that lite the blub above my head. LOL, thanks for opening another path the to take, rather than the old one.

    • Aw, you’re so welcome Carl! I really appreciate your sharing all of this. I completely understand what you mean about how something so small with how we shift our perspective around an experience can change everything. We do tend to view things through limited lenses and there are a lot of doom and gloom thoughts around stuff that we can easily attach to as well..including ideas around good and bad luck that have been passed down and then it sits with us. And as you said, if we react like the thing was bad, it perpetuates our feeling not so great the rest of the day. Those pauses and childlike explorations sure can make a difference. I’m so happy you found this helpful! Happy Full Moon!

      • Here is something hopefully will make you laugh. The last time I heard ‘moon dog’ was back in the sixties, with those hilarious surf movies, where Frankie Avalon’s character was called ‘moon doggie’. How they came up with that name, beats me. perhaps, it was when he was surfing one night, with a full moon on the horizon and his silhouette passed by the full moon and caused a halo around him. LOL. Enough humor for now. Seriously, thanks again, you’re a real inspiration to us all.

      • This did make me giggle. I remember Frankie Avalon and those fun surf movies with Annette Funicello! πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ we used to watch them too 🀣 I also remember the name and way he got it lol! Your memory bright it all back quickly! Thank you for playing along! I just love it!

  4. Lots of gems here! Lβ™₯VE!
    Thank you wise, sweet spirit for caring to share!

  5. Thanks for explaining the current feelings and adjusting us to the flow!
    Well, I kind of take easy everything recently. I didn’t do anything practically since December 29 up to now. I gave myself time off. The feelings and energies always work well when we can
    get outside and so whatever. we’re in a deep snow, just shoveling for the last two days. Everything had stopped in Southern Ontario, including traffic.
    I saw the moon, I am quite up over this part of town, and it was impressive here in Ontario also. Well, we entered the big changes a few years ago and now we literary have to change also and adapt.
    Your posts are always great for my personal experiences and they always add extra touch to my evenings. Stay well and enjoy your closeness to the nature!

    • You’re so welcome Inese and thank you dearly for snippets into your world there. I love hearing about how things look and feel where you are. I get a chance to see your beautiful artistic expressions and inner reflections through your blogs and so hearing about your environment and day-to-day is a lovely way to bring it together and learn more about you. Like you, I’ve been in a slower flow myself, even with the changes at hand, and taking it easy while allowing things to come. Seems to be Winter’s invitation πŸ˜‰ Like you, we had some big snow storms over the holidays that had us outside shoveling daily and we didn’t go anywhere except in nature, which is just fine by me. Luckily we have a forest behind us that made snow shoeing possible to get us outside. I’m so glad you had a beautiful view of the moon. I enjoyed being out at night taking it in. Thank you dearly for your very sweet and warm words that touch my heart. I’m so glad we’ve connected here. Sending warmest wishes ❀

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