Falling into Graceful Change ~ Mabon Magick Spell to Enter the Autumn Equinox Doorway

We’ve arrived at yet another seasonal marker and journey through the Wheel of the Year – Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. This celebration is also known as Mabon – the mid-harvest festival celebrating the second harvest marking a time of completion with projects, clearing out the old on all levels, and preparing for Winter’s rest and incubating.

This is not just a time of harvesting crops, but for harvesting all that you’ve cultivated, nurtured, and grown in life to be grateful for – the blessings seen and unseen. It’s a time to honor the innate abundance that is your birthright to experience and share. It’s an honoring and celebrating of Earth’s gifts and her need to rest after such fruitful giving.

The Equinox provides a portal for transition, reflection, gratitude, and the grounds for recreating a fresh cycle. It’s a time of release in order to make room for the new growth and reality to anchor and show up. This is an opportune opening to gently surrender and let go of the old (just as leaves drop from the trees effortlessly and without judgment), and reflect on the things to be grateful for even when we think there isn’t anything.

It’s also a period of finding that balance between light and dark – the access point for greater unification – as we experience equilibrium between day and night hours, which nudges us to share more compassion with the shadowy aspects within and without and to look at where our relationship to things in our life may be out of balance.

Indeed it’s a powerful doorway for transformation and life affirming potentials if we align with that cosmic flow and set intentions for our journey as more fully embodied spirit in flesh. However you feel called to create sacred ritual, you’ll be supported by the energies streaming in right now.

As you know, I’ve been guided to share my own version of visual spells, inspired musings, and portal alchemy since Winter Solstice of 2020. And today I find myself through a full cycle, as I share Mabon Magick, as is channeled through the vessel that is me and the codings that flow through me.

You can view the previous seasons’ stories of Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, and Summer Solstice at the following links:

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Litha Doorways of Initiation ~ Titania’s Midsummer Eve Visual Spell

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed opening myself to the energies wanting to come through for these and noticed the shift of those energies taking root over the cycles. I’ve been led to peel back the veils to my own authenticity through them, but to also transparently merge Otherworld and Earth together into unified embodiment that is very tangible even in its simplicity.

This as a way to demonstrate the magick that we are in human form simply by being who we really are. The enchantment, energies, and potency will always reveal themselves and be felt through that simple embrace. So you may notice how this evolution has channeled in these shares, bringing us to here.

In every share it’s been about embodying the essence of things in human form, and as I mentioned in Summer Solstice’s spell:

“We also observe the transition from mythical being to human form embodiment, while we celebrate the liberation of the same potential within each of us and of conscious awareness in totality. May these images create windows into your own spirit liberation and remind you of the fullness of your royal and sacred being right here and now.”

It felt especially aligned and beautiful that we were able to return to our home just in time for the Pisces Harvest Full Moon and Autumn Equinox. It is meant to be that this deepening into being would make most sense captured on our Forest Portal land, as the energy of this area is in process of rising from the ashes.

The raw layers of what I’m transmuting through the process, all that I am letting go of and cleansing away, all the immense gratitude I’m feeling, the transitions unfolding, and the promise of renewal that is inspiring the journey, feel encapsulated in this Equinox doorway.

The invitation to something vastly new and hugely unknown carries some bitter sweet nostalgia in the background, yet I find it overshadowed by these whispering rich, fertile fields of creative potential and deepening harmonic resonance awaiting that have me curiously enticed to keep moving through the open door.

I love that while I am writing this, my sweet and innocent rabbit friend, Hope, ran through my garden just outside my office door. Her white cottontail caught my eye and I smiled so big. She reminded me to bake some sweetness in the faery kitchen and spend time in the garden as part of my Equinox celebration – ways to deepen into the nature of me.

May you create your own sense of greater balance and embrace of the contrasting energies abound and may this Autumn Equinox portal help you to find that resiliency within you to weather the storms, experience more graceful surrender of all that no longer serves you, and lean into the beauty that is and always will be you as the truth of your essence.

Here is a Mabon Prayer for Abundance from Wigington, Patti. “Mabon Prayers.” Learn Religions, Aug. 27, 2020, learnreligions.com/mabon-prayers-4072781 followed by a Mabon poem by Lisa Thiel:

Prayer for Abundance

We have so much before us
and for this we are thankful.
We have so many blessings,
and for this we are thankful.
There are others not so fortunate,
and by this we are humbled.
We shall make an offering in their name
to the gods who watch over us,
that those in need are someday
as blessed as we are this day.


“O now is the time of the Harvest,
As we draw near to the years end
Now is the time of Mabon
Autumn is the time to descend.

Old Woman waits patiently for us
At the threshold of the labyrinth within
She offers her hand that we may understand
The treasures that await at journey’s end.

O Great Mother has given of Her body,
We give thanks for Her fruit and Her grain
We then clear the fields so that next harvest’s yields
Will be full and abundant again.

Old Woman leads us through the darkness
Our most ancient and trusted of friends
She carries the light of spiritual insight
And leads us to our wisdom once again.

And as we journey through the darkness
And as we continue to descend
We learn to let go of what obscures our soul
And re-discover our true being in the end.”

And I’d like to end with this musing from myself, as a form of coded incantation to navigate the days and months ahead:

Oh the winds they blow at times fierce and then like a faint memory softly caressing our auric fields.

They flip directions without notice, creating the need to hold centered vigilance from a fluid state of resilient grace.

As we give rise to conflict, so too do the elements rise with us.

They know not of good or bad, but simply the impulse to be.

They also speak to us of ancient cycles that know far beyond what our progressive minds have extended past our humanity to reach for.

They whisper stories of lost innocence.

The kind that would relish in fragrant inhale of faery-laden gifts at toes’ edge.

And not be ashamed to blow wish kisses of hope from the heart.

And even when the onset of many moons close in, still remembers these simple things and leans into their wisdom to navigate the transitions ahead.

Yet never, ever forgets to pause with grateful breath so deep that the conflict is all but forgotten.

There is value in the pause….value in reflection.

From that space it becomes easier to return to center and receive insight of greater clarity about what’s truly of value to infuse your sacred energy into.

You realize how much power you truly hold in your hands to birth a new and different reality from the current stories closing in on you.

And you’ll feel like you’re seeing for the first time, as the light of truth both shines through and upon you.

It may feel like an endless climb, this journey of undoing, but unless we’re willing to do some climbing we will never meet the voice of innocent knowing that has been calling to us all along and understands us best.

And while it’s key to remember how you got here, it’s also key to keep moving forward one step at a time because that’s the only way to change things.

Transformation involves the ups and downs and traversing many staircases of life in all directions.

However, there are no higher or better levels, as everything is a sacred nest of interconnected spirals, one inside the other, within the access point of our open hearts.

What we hold tightly to provides the map legend on what we’re being invited to move through in order to move on.

It’s always hard to see with thoughts alone, yet inviting wonder in will help you decipher where only spirit knows will be your greatest fulfillment.

Things will continue knocking on our doors, like seasons inevitably change.

Their aim is to pierce the numbing veils to awaken our receptivity to allowing the inherent nature of who we are to rise from the ashes, reclaim, and return to the organic and alchemical innocence of being.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Thank you dear Tania for sharing your tender heart, sacred blessings, wisdom, and fairy energies. I appreciate you and admire how you live. Hugs and blessings… 🙏🌗

    • YAY! Happy Mabon! Thank you so much Faery L! Astrid was especially hoppy this morning. She was running laps and zipping about before sunrise. She also hopped on the bed for the full moon. She’s a Mabon Rabbit Queen with her birthday so close.

  2. This is so perfect. Thank you for sharing your wise heart. I am grateful for you! So glad you’re safely at home. 💜💜💜💜💜

    • Oh A!! ❤ You're so welcome, but thank you SO much for sharing your resonance with the message that channeled through. AW!! Smiling big in my heart, just like when I saw Hope appear. So appreciate your warm wishes for our return home and thank you for all the supportive energy you sent our way! Big loving hugs to you! ❤

  3. Blessed Mabon to you, D, A, B, S!
    Gorgeous visual and word weaving magick, T. Love you so, sweet kindred spirit!

  4. Desiree Bergeron

    This is soooooo exquisite…… and you are stunning!!
    (Dress is soooooo SO beautiful on you).
    I see different layers and energies of ‘you’ throughout these captures— so potent/strong/soft/ and Magickal! Seeing Fae, Star Seed, Mayan, Egyptian, and Atlantis….. just amazing!!! The light codes in that last pic of you— just WOW!!! I especially love your words, they are so so nurturing and supportive to me…….holding them close to my heart (each step I take!) I love you dearly xx
    This was indeed a healing gift to me today!

    • Just seeing your comment now before bed and it lit my heart ❤ aw thank you so much beautiful sistar! I’m so grateful for all the loving energy pouring through your share and for divine alignment in both of us reading each other’s shares at the perfect timing. Your words are confirmation to questions I put out there. So thank you too!! I love you so much! Xoox!

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