Nine Weeks ~ A Full Cycle of Transformation, Alignment & Gleaning

Nine represents completion, but not finality. It’s about a cyclical transition that is journeyed as an evolutionary rebirthing. The valuable things we learn through the entire process become the activators of the new cycle – one after another. An infinite potential of wisdom gleaned and/or transformation experienced.

It’s amazing to be coming to the end of our nine week journey, which all began with one fully loaded car as you can see, and sitting with the incredible way time both flies and feels like eternity. Dave named it “The Ski Safari,” but little did he know how the conclusion would reflect that quite literally. You’ll see what I mean shortly.

Looking back at photos of us from both the start (below taken a couple weeks in) and finish (last photo taken yesterday), I can see the big shift that has taken place inwardly.

And here we are, today, heading out on our very last ski of the safari before we start making our way home tomorrow. We’ve had some really gorgeous weather the last two weeks (beginning my birthday week actually) with sparkly sunshine, baby blue skies, powdery white snow and warmth kissing our skin.

The entire trip has given us much to be grateful for and we’ll be reflecting on it all as we break up travels back to Lake Tahoe into two days over this weekend to make it easier on everyone, but especially the fur babies.

We finished out our time in Colorado with a simple, low-key birthday, which was perfect for highlighting what is most important in life. I choose to place my focus on the blessings and to find the hidden gifts. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring or even if the sun will shine for us come morning, but breathing into the spaciousness of this moment helps us to experience the impetus of potential innate within us. Then, cradled by the Full Moon of my birthday night, all things deserving of gratitude were illuminated in my reflections, while I also whispered many a wish into the light streaming through the window onto me. 

This last week has seen us back in Utah, staying in the Salt Lake City area, where birthday celebrations have continued. We traveled the day after my birthday and along the 7 1/2 hour drive the amazing landscapes and sightings were continued gifts. These included an incredible sighting of a herd of pronghorn with babies (we haven’t seen pronghorn since our Magick Bus RV adventure – so that felt potent), several herds of mule deer, and a mysterious, dark, medium-sized creature along the river’s edge I could not place.

Between the weather, pronghorn, deer, and babies it all feels so reflective of Winter transitioning to Spring.

Touchdown at our Airbnb for the week was quite welcome to lay our weary heads down for a long night’s rest, but that didn’t come until we’d finished exploring our new home-away-from-home that had so many surprises in store.

Nestled into a very quiet neighborhood with sweeping vistas of the snow covered mountains, we found ourselves in quite an eclectic, large yet cozy, and seemed-to-be-made-just-for-me home. The birthday faeries pulled out all the stops to make sure birthday celebrations would continue all week.

Everywhere I turned, there were little touches that spoke to me – from decorative affirmational art with sweet messages, to tiny faery surprises as the brand name inside the sink I washed my face, a hidden magick tree cubby hole, and even Egyptian decor, plus more! I was texting with a friend when we arrived, as I was discovering everything, and we were both kind of getting a little “scared” in a good way, as the little touches seemed like someone had done research on me or something and then placed things inconspicuously for me to find.

Thank you Uni! (My endearing name for The Universe).

I’ve spoken briefly about my Egyptian connection in the past, but of all the journeys I’ve made it has been the two to Egypt that were the most powerfully transformative for me due to that connection. And here we found ourselves in this magickal space that had one designated room that felt like a dimensional doorway to there.

What a surprise it was to discover a home movie room with giant Egyptian statues all throughout. I’ve never been in a home like this, which actually was a separate level to the main house above. This Egyptian room was just one of five different rooms, but of course was my favorite. You could actually feel the different energy just stepping into it.

You can bet I’ve dimmed and turned out the lights a few times while sitting quietly inside and it right away brought me back to my time in the King and Queen’s chamber of the Great Pyramid where we meditated in complete privacy and darkness during my visits there.

I don’t know if you can see the details in this next photo enough, but on our second day after landing here we went hiking in the snow and the vistas were incredible…This one in particular was “wow,” as to me the snowy mountains ahead looked like pyramids, including some step pyramids (look to the left) and temples – just like I’ve seen and visited in Egypt. It all reminded me of this sacred land covered in a mysterious white enchantment. Like a portal to another world and time.

And if these things weren’t enough, right outside the door is a large yard and garden area with hidden magick to include fun rabbits, faery, gnome, owl, magick mushrooms, reading squirrels and so much more.

The icing on the cake was discovering that right over the other side of the fence the next door neighbors had quite the eclectic family of their own fur babies to include goats (perfect literal Capricorn friends to celebrate sea goat growth for me), Australian emus, and an African zebra.

Didn’t Dave anoint this “The Ski Safari”? Hehe!!

I definitely have felt like a lot of timelines and exotic destinations from my past and soul history were all intersecting here and brought together as little nuggets of alchemy to light the way.

To continue in the vein of this energy, on Monday night I had quite a magickal dream that likely was ignited from all of this mysterious enchantment. The dream involved an incredible large and ancient horse that merged the energies of prehistoric (there we go again), Sumerian, and Egyptian. The horse came at me very deliberately, but only to connect. There was no threat. And then the horse morphed into a more modern day horse, carrying all of the magickal energy still but no longer appearing as it did before. This female horse gave birth to four foals by a male horse that also now appeared in the dream. They were all magick horses and began to levitate, then fly, in front of me. They did so without wings. It was quite something and meaningful.

I then went on to have another dream that had me finding video snippets of me that were so familiar and yet I felt like my memory had been wiped of them even though I knew they were so real. They were of me just with different hairstyles, as an actress in different scenes and roles at various international locations. It was more involved than this, but basically spoke to me of parallel timelines seeping through. In this life I had almost gone that route when in my late 20’s, but chose a different route and closed a hard door there after meeting a not-so-pleasant person from a past life.

All so interesting to say the least.

But on to more fun things about this week, we also found ourselves minutes from an all vegan bakery that carries incredible yummies with half of them even being gluten free as well, with a variety of ready-made meals from their mini cafe section to take and go. Yes, we made several trips there to indulge on this last week of our trip and also have explored several vegan restaurants in the Salt Lake City area – all extending out birthday celebrations in a grand way.

I’m feeling very nurtured by it all and grateful for all of the alignments being reflected. It feels like this last week has been the perfect way to end the adventure. We’ve returned to some of the ski resorts we started the trip off with and visited a new one we hadn’t yet, while making sure our last day – today – is at our fav of the area – perfectly named Deer Valley for all the sweet deer family “springing” up along these days.

What also has sprung is quite the transformation – each of us in our own way.

And that leads me to share a few things I gleaned on this journey.

I experienced the truth of how you can learn anything at any age, that skiing IS actually fun if I make it my own experience, how you can make fear your friend, that most anything is possible if you’re willing to commit yourself and love yourself through it, gentle approaches encourage growth more than force, you don’t have to be an expert at something to teach someone, experience and relatability is the keystone bridge for connection and understanding, you can transform old patterns with love, you have the power to change anything, applying your gifts and tools to everything you do helps to make magick an every day experience of empowerment, trusting yourself, above all, makes all the difference, taking time to listen within will align you with clarity and direction, there’s no mountain too high to climb if you want to and no mountain too steep to get down with full control – you don’t have to fall, but if you do, there’s no failure in getting back up again.

Ironically, “knock-on-wood,” I didn’t actually fall once in the 43 days of skiing so far this season. In comparison to a lot of falls in the past, that’s quite something. There’s nothing wrong with falling, as sometimes things just happen and you simply return to your feet and find the gift in loving yourself anyway, but I learned a lot of self-taught techniques and implemented deliberate presence and care every step of the way to ensure a safe and fun adventure. And Dave, by the way, skied and snow boarded all season on a torn meniscus.

Yes, anything is possible.

You are an intuitive being whether you think you are, or not. When you reteach yourself to trust what you’re feeling and relax into a more peaceful state of presence, then you can be more mindful, discerning, and understanding of how to navigate the energy streams in healthy partnership of heart and mind where unnecessary risks, but invigorating challenge will meet in your always being exactly where your spirit desires.

This last week has felt like an integrative transition from the inner to outer world and so listening to intuition has been on high for me to help guide the way.

It’s incredible how we’ve been away all Winter and will return just as Spring gets ready to sprout. I’m curious to see what I’ll discover since being away and what new magick is on the way.

The journey is an experience that unfolds one blossoming petal at a time and yet at every turn it always is a flower of life.

May the light of your essence speak more loudly than the whispers of doubt. You are more powerful than you think and more capable than you allow yourself to believe. Every day the sun shines on your face is a reminder that you shine when you allow a new dawn to rise.

Next week is going to be quite full upon returning home and hunkering down with things, so I’m not sure when I’ll blog next. Perhaps after the 14th, which will be our first class of 2021. Until then, keep the faith, nurture your dreams, and go for what your heart is whispering to you.

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  2. Saw a little brown Marsh Rabbit this morning and thought of my Faery Queen friend. Sounds like you had a lovely vacation and Spring is nearly here.

  3. Kudos on your many lessons, adventures, and soul stirring experiences Tania. I love the BNB decorations and “safari” next door. May you continue to shine, thrive, and share your light. 🧡

  4. Desiree Bergeron

    I just savored this blog this morning! Finally being able to give it my full attention!! How amazing that your last place staying had all of those things that reflect you! (And you know I especially loved seeing the room with everything relating Ancient Egypt— so incredible and powerful; what a gift!😍) I could see those white mountain peaks and how they were Pyramids, wow! chills!! For sure could feel the ‘timelines’ energies you mentioned that were all coming up/linking together for you. Really really awesome! And even all the animals next door reflecting the ski Safari!! 😮🤭 Just so neat… like wow! Love you so much and thank you for sharing—always! xx 🙏🏻💞🌟🌟💫💫

    • awww!! you are too cute as always!!! so sweet of you to be so present with things, or not at all! i understand that! ❤ yeah, it was pretty wild all the things i kept discovering in the place. truly felt like a birthday and honoring kind of celebration for everything. thank you for your keen eye (inner and outer) and heart resonance. feeling tons of love and gratitude for you and sending you so much supportive energy for all you are navigating and shifting too!! weeeee! xoox!

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