December 2019 Energy Update with Lee Harris

I’m immersed in a busy week here preparing to leave on the 7th, but I took a break to listen to Lee’s Energy Update for the month and once again felt guided to share it here with my friends and readers, as I know many of you really get a lot from them.

In hearing from people, I think it will hit a chord for you. I know it chimes in with my feelings especially around 2020 having “strong energy,” as Lee says and perhaps really feeling to kick in gear more of your purpose if you’ve felt disconnected.

I love his description of “Hollow Energetics.” I’ve definitely felt this for nearly the whole of 2019. Although it looked like I was doing a lot, I have really been in that cocooning phase that feels to be the precursor to major transformation, as Lee describes it. I know others of you have expressed similar. I have felt it to mirror other times when huge change was about to happen in leaps and bounds.

I’m feeling into some things this week and while I’m away I will continue to let it ruminate, but when I return I’ll likely have some announcements to close out the year with.

I’ll likely also have at least one more blog before I go, but for now I wish you a peaceful first week of December.

Here’s Lee with the overview for the month.

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  1. I hope energy is good and helpful this month. I didn’t like 2019, it wasn’t a good year for our family. I believe the last month will go away and we make place for new better events. Wishing you all the possibly best energy!

    • it feels like a preparatory month for the coming year perhaps. a lot energy flowing in to shake things up. i’ve heard similar from a lot of people about this year being very challenging and confusing. i feel too that a new opening for 2020 is in motion. thank you for the lovely wishes. i wish you the highest good for this coming year! ❤

  2. My healing on youtube…peace and love

  3. Desiree Bergeron

    Tania…As always this energy update was spot on and resonates beautifully with what I’m both feeling and experiencing currently. Ooohhh
    I am sooooo excited for 2020!!
    All the energy I poured into healing, growing, shifting, releasing, shedding, aligning, has made all the difference— (And with your amazing co-partnered intuitive energy guidance Tania 🙏🏻💞), I feel like there is even so much more brightness, light and joy to come! Literally, I can taste it energetically and I am stoked. Sending you all my love… have a beautiful trip sistar!! 🌟 (Over this past week and a half, and especially yesterday, I had an incredible breakthrough which further propelled me into alignment…. really good stuff happening Tania! 😉💓xx hugs and love to you and Astrid xx)

    • Thank you for sharing how Lee’s update resonated and for the ever-sweet words. You know I love hearing how well you are doing with everything. Makes me so happy! Celebrating your breakthrough and your daughter’s upcoming wedding, which falls on the same day I leave. Sweetest wishes, warmest hugs and lots of love from Astrid and me 😘

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