Flashback to Sacred Bones and Portals of the Human Body

For some reason, this blog post from 2012 has been on my mind the last couple of weeks to share again: Sacred Bone, Tattoos and Stones: Mayan Portal Mysteries Unraveling.  (Side note: I don’t offer sacred tattoo designs anymore and the jade sphere in the post has been sold – this is a seven year old post).

It’s interesting I am finally called to share it today on 11/11.

Perhaps it has a little to do with the Taurus Full Moon tomorrow, which feels really focused to me around the energies of fuller embodiment into the human experience and all the rich reasons for that. We often can either be focused solely on the human experience, or solely on the spiritual/cosmic one. Bridging these together is the miracle of our human temple body and in valuing both we can build self worth, greater enrichment of life, deeper compassion for all, and hone in on manifesting abilities by working with the fuller picture.

Taurus and Scorpio are a polarity (opposite, but both fixed signs – the latter making them a bit tough for implementing change). I like to try to keep things simple, even though there are so many complex energies at work beyond this. However, even if you just understand these energetic concepts of life (Taurus) and death (Scorpio) in the cycles of bringing in and releasing out energies, accumulation versus releasing, building versus transforming, etc. then it really can shed light for us of where we are out of balance.

Several nights back, or rather early morning, I had one of my tailbone/coccyx pains take place. It started in my dream and then I woke up with it continuing in waking life. These experiences are much fewer and far between these days, but they do tend to crop up around time periods of shifts for me and integrating new energy, and I’ve also noticed it several times around Full Moons.

I’ve noted that this tailbone pain (stemming from my having fractured it many years ago and reinjuring it over time, as well as a very bad contusion to sacrum that felt like cracking it wide open to the cosmic abyss!) is connected to activations, as this area, as you’ll read in the post I’m reblogging, has sacred symbolism as a cosmic portal of the human body and doorway to the Otherworld. It also, of course, is connected to the activation of kundalini energy.

It’s like a contraction and expansion that takes places and creates a throbbing, centralized in this location of the most basic stabilizing earth element that reflects how we relate to the world.

All of this supports why I spend so much time in nature, self nurturing, grounding, focusing on balance, creating boundaries and withdrawing my energy “out there” to “in here” – the latter feeling very prevalent again in my life right now.

Raw black tourmaline is always a great friend to have on hand for these energies and if you experience any tailbone/coccyx/root chakra stuff too.

Anyway, for whatever it’s worth, I hope the blog link provides something of interest or maybe links some connective dots together for thoughts or experiences you may be having.

I’m always fascinated by information I find years ago, and how it becomes more profound for me as time go by.

Point in case, this particular blog of information as one example.

Another example was when I began painting my most involved pieces that led me down rabbit holes of hours of research at the library and online to understand all the symbolism every little morsel that was popping up meant, and how they were connected.

This was also the case for the deep research I did around north nodes so long ago in my early twenties, which I still have the old pages of notes from books I was flipping through at the library and new age book stores. I always felt that information was key and over the years I started to understand it more and became more ready to implement what at the time was simply knowledge in my mind.

It’s wonderful to learn new things. It’s life-changing when we actually integrate it and use that knowledge.

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  1. For many years I read voraciously, madly trying to learn how to fix and improve myself. These days, I’m more satisfied with who I am and mostly read for fun.

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  3. Now your posts are showing up! ❤

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