Astrid Shares


The last week and a half has been incredible watching and experiencing Astrid’s journey and blossoming. Everything pointing to how perfectly matched we are and providing hints of the adventure ahead. She has truly stepped through a new doorway of experience with love, patience, and honoring of who she really is, which wasn’t the story many saw of her. She truly was waiting to be seen and like with everything these days…the hidden gifts await those ready to embrace them in all ways. Here’s Astrid sharing her journey this last week.


Wow, is this for me mom? My very own magick carrot house?!


Is it okay if I explore it?


Just can’t believe this…it’s really mine? Normally us bunnies like things routine and the same, but I’m sure enjoying the surprises mom keeps giving me. I loved my tent house, but this one is like a bunny castle!

Okay, here I go!


Hmmmm, spacious inside!


Feels good so far…wow and even a back door too!

OMGOSH! There’s a ramp up to a second story too!!

Marking my house inside to make it my own. It’s a keeper!

Dad even gave me a carrot surprise to discover inside! Thanks dad!

Home sweet home…I think mom has ideas of putting a sign outside the house with my name on it. At least that’s what I heard in her thoughts. I think I’d like that.

Back to eating my breakfast…feeling happy and so loved.

Breakfast with a view….does it get any better than this? I always dreamed of bunny heaven and believed it was real. Now I’m living in it! I never gave up hope of a good life and that mom would find me. Thank you for hearing me mom and thank you to our friends near and far who helped us find each other.

I wonder what else mom has in store? Well, actually I know because I read all her thoughts and we’re so connected. I’m excited for her next surprises and grateful she knows me so well and hears my desires too.

I heard mom putting my bunny bed together and when I came back into the room there it was! It’s so beautiful and perfect! Wow! Intentions do work. Us magickal bunnies sure know how to manifest! Boy oh boy! Look at this bed…it’s like a throne…and that adorable blankie with bunnies in the cosmos! Perfect place for me to work on new dreams and help mom with hers!

A bunny bed surrounded by an enchanted forest! A place I can sit high and peer out safely, but feel so at home!? Wow!

I think I’ll try it out now. Here I go!

Feels good so far….I’m just so enchanted by these bunnies sitting in Moons and star clouds….Have to check them out first. Reminds me of home.

This is great. Fits perfect and feels just right! I feel like Goldilocks in Baby Bear’s bed, but it’s mine! From here I can even peer into my Magick Carrot House and chew it if I want while I dream. Good for processing and digesting new things, ideas, and intents!

Night has come and I’m off to sleep. Good night all!

The morning after my new house and bed arrived, I was feeling so excited and amped up I decided to explore the rest of the house I hadn’t yet. Until then I’d only explored the two bedrooms and bathrooms, but I sensed there was a whole other world on the other half of the house. I just wasn’t sure about it yet, especially since I have to cross wood floor to see what was around the other side of the couch. To my surprise I found more carpet and tons to explore! I’ve been so excited and giddy since, I go there every morning early and throughout the day at my whim. Mom took this video of me after watching me for a while. There was so much to check out. I was able to jump up on the fireplace to see mom’s Magick Crystal Wands in action (the ones I told her to get hopping on) and now I could infuse them with energy. I was able to run and jump with glee in this whole new space, jump on the couches and peer out the window (mom wasn’t quick enough to capture all that happening), got to peer out at the lake (I had heard about how Nestor, Joy, Gaia, and Cosmo had done this too), check out the hype about cat trees (after making it clear to Boojum now nothing was off limits to me either buddy, since he and Sweet Pea seemed inclined to explore my things too), and got to explore some of mom and dad’s things like this interesting space ship shaped thing that smells like them – mom tells me it’s their foot massager. Cool! Anyway, check me out checking everything out. Mom even caught on camera how cats are no match for me!

Hehe! Hi Mom! I did it! Check me out in the living room!

Okay, time to explore….first stop, mom’s wands.

Good job mom! The wands are looking great. And thanks for being so supportive and proud of me too! Feeling empowered.

Okay, one more look.

Wow, there’s the lake! I must get over there to get a closer look. Another threshold to cross….no problem!

Mom asked me how I’m liking it here in my new home and with my new family. I don’t have the human words to describe things, so I gave her some bunny language in a BIG binky for her to translate, which she caught on camera. You might even catch my feet clicking together. Hehe! I’ve never done so many hops, binkies, runs, and twists in my life. The ultimate joy for a bunny. Thank you mom. I love it all!

And then mom surprised me yet again with this! My very own Dendritic Opal. Well, I knew it was coming because I put it out there and mom did tell me that the Rose Quartz cathedral tower was just the first of two meant for me. But wow is this one also even more beautiful than I imagined. I love that mom listens to me and understands. She knows I’m a crystal bunny and these will not only help me, but will help me to help her and the collective!

Nosing it to make it mine and initiate activation and igniting!

Now for a little licking action….I love it! Kisses all over it!

Mmmmmm! I’m in heaven. More kisses and bliss. Wow, the stuff we can do together!

Mom took this video of me connecting with my new crystal friend that now sits next to the Rose Quartz on top of her Tarot chest by my realm. I couldn’t get enough of this Opal. It’s amazing! I was so excited I had to run to my bed and start initiating more dreams and intents there. I know mom will hear and together we’ll manifest tons!!

The next morning I woke mom very early, as I now do each morning. She heard me exploring and jumping and running with glee in the living room…my way of welcoming a new day and moving the energy for what’s to come! Such a beautiful view as the sun is just rising. My gosh, I wish all bunnies could experience this kind of magick. It makes me think of my friends in the shelters and rescues. I will send out some energy to them now through this Lake Tahoe portal.

I’m in such awe of this life. Pinch me!

Back to my bed I go for some more dream work. This is also a place I like to tune into mom. One ear up and one ear down, I cock my head and listen to her thoughts. This way I can help her to manifest things too. On our own we’re strong, yes, but together we are powerful!

Thank you mom, I just love it all.

What I also love, maybe one of the most of anything, is how mom truly “sees” me. She knows this is not only my bed, but she intended it as my throne because she told me I’m a royal bunny and she sees the Queen essence I carry, as well as my Cosmic self. No one has ever seen that in me. I even try to hide it because it’s not something I wanted people to know outright. I needed the right partner who would be able to look beyond everything and into the shadow to see the gifts. I am not what I appear and I’m grateful mom knows who I really am, just as I see her and more than perhaps even she knows of herself yet.

I can now live in peace, feel peace, and be peace because harmony has been restored. This means major magick is about to unfold. Dream big everyone and don’t give up. I’m going to do my part and my best to help now that I found mom. We’re committed to this path of bringing forth the reason we’ve been brought together and what’s in our hearts to share.

I love when mom holds me. She always whispers special things to me, tells me stories of what to look forward to, shares her heart with me, and gives me the sweetest most gentle love I’ve ever known. I know anything is possible and she ensures this with her encouragement and love.


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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Sweet blessings. Astrid’s living the good life now!!!!!! So fun to see her thriving in her new home. Love her room with a view, toys and wow…that crystal is amazing. Where did you get that powerful beauty? xo

    • hi sweet friend ❤ i always love hearing from you and so enjoy your reflections about my bunny loves. yes she is! i'm so so grateful to have her with me and how she arrived into my life as such a surprise, which makes it even more special. i love spoiling her, but ultimately feel it's just normal behavior to provide her with all the essentials for well being, thriving, supporting her path, and sharing her gifts. i know you understand. i'm glad you enjoyed her updates. the two crystals – the rose quartz and dendritic opal, i was able to acquire for her via instagram actually through one of the crystal people i follow there that does these incredible auctions you can bid on. i managed to get them for astrid at super steals. love how things cosmically align when it's meant to be. xoox

  2. I’ve seen dendritic opals before, but WOW Astrid’s is extraordinary and unlike anything I’ve seen before. The first thought that came to mind when I saw Astrid’s picture with her new crystal, was that it looks like the Orion Nebula zoomed in. Since I can’t post a picture here I will try to do so on fb so I can show you the image that came to mind when I saw her crystal. Simply amazing!!!!! xoxo

    • thank you so much! and thanks for sharing the photo via the facebook post – so beautiful and you’re right…very reflective of it. as i mentioned, perhaps it speaks of some of her spirit journeys there and overall, her cosmic origins. love that you saw that and made a connection. xoox!

  3. Despite the fact I’m having issues downloading the videos and all the pictures I was able to read Astrids thoughts as noted on your blog. She is so precious. She almost looks to have a blue green tint to her fur now. Much like the trees, water and sky she is surrounded by. She has the most amazing eyes. Full of life, hope, understanding and knowing. Not to take away from her share but she so reminds me of Miracle. Dear ones that might not have been seen if not for their humans hearing them and pushing through any obstacles to make that happen. This is a lovely book in post form of her coming into her own. My heart is full for you both. Oxox from Miracle and I. Your wonderland continues to expand!!😘❤️🐰💜

    • i so so appreciate you sharing all of this and especially about how she and miracle are the same in this regard…not taking away at all, but adding to this, as you are absolutely correct that they and others like them are indeed helping us to move through those layers and get in touch with the heart of things that is beyond the obvious and not at the surface. the gifts lie beneath and in the journey through the gifts of shadow. i so love that you went through the same with miracle and that i could also witness and go through that with you, as it supports my and astrid’s journey so much.. it was so beautiful you were there with me too and we could do this together ❤ xoox and love to you and miracle from astrid and me. magick abound for all!

  4. Oh, my goodness! I LOVE this post. Such a powerful, sweet connection. The bunny bed/dream throne is particularly awesome, but so is the carrot house and the crystal. Love you both so much! xoxoxoxoxoxo

    • i knew auntie L would get a kick out of this…astrid wanted to make sure you saw ❤ things are really revving up here between us, as things explode in the garden there for you. love you tons too! faery and faery bunny kisses and hugs xoox

  5. Yay!!!! Yes, always so paralleled. Good to see the pix and videos.. ❤ ❤ xoxo

  6. That opal is incredible. Never seen its like before. It does look good enough to nibble on, and I have felt like that toward my ocean jasper specimens, so I can relate… 🙂

    • thank you! it is a pretty unusual being i’ve never seen myself before either and the blue is quite lovely and also not as usual i believe. anyway, i’m just really happy astrid loves it and because of her it came to us. hehe! so cute you understand her adoration ❤

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