Climbing, Challenging, Centering & Soaring ~ Making Peace With Fear at Angels Landing, Zion

This post popped up from a year ago, today. Wow! It both seems so much longer ago, and also like yesterday. Amazing how much has shifted since then and what a huge transformation this was for me. I’ll be ever grateful for the Magick Bus journey, as it truly was a game-changer, lifeline, and highlight of my life. We’ve been talking about future journeys to come, but for right now, really grateful for, and embracing, all the gifts of embodiment received. So proud of myself for having done this. And because I know so many share this fear, but also have fears in their life they would like to integrate a healthier relationship to, I thought a repost might be supportive and inspiring. I know I’m inspired by myself right now, as I wouldn’t have thought I could do this and now I’m looking at my life and pretty amazed at what I’m taking on in other ways too since this experience and the huge life changes made.

Tania Marie


Saturday was our last day in Zion National Park and we decided to end our time there with a bang by taking on Angels Landing.

This is one of the most famous and thrilling hikes not just in Zion, but in the national park system.


It is a stunning 5.4 mile roundtrip trail with views from the top of the Virgin River and Zion Canyon below. Doesn’t sound like much, but it rises 1500 feet steeply and quite rapidly in the 2.7 miles, which for some can be quite strenuous in and of itself.

Then the last half mile is the truly gut-wrenching part, which is not for the faint of heart.

20160326_15062920160326_150756Six people have died on the trail since 2004, which indicates the need for confidence and presence.20160326_151821

Many will just stop at the top, where you can still enjoy wonderful views, without trekking the half mile of more…

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  1. This looks amazing… You always go to amazing places Tania

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