A Rich Farewell of Honoring the Divine & Ancient Mother Within Us All

close up dwelling

We spent our last, blessing filled day here in Mesa Verde National Park, yesterday, exploring 6 miles of walking trails on Wetherill Mesa that lead to various ancient ruins and as we wandered we were greeted by wild horses, ravens, giant fuzzy caterpillars, red-tailed hawk, mule deer, and even a mountain lion. Walking through both forest fire and Juniper and blossom filled areas we got to experience Badger House Community, Two Raven House, Kodak House Overlook, Long House Overlook, Nordenskiold Site #16, and more.



The weather shifted back and forth between cold rain and wind and hot sun and clear skies, having us layered up and then looking like pack mules with our layers wrapped around us along with our packs and water.


At times walking through the burned forest with no one in sight, not a sound, and ancient ruins around us, I felt like we were the last people on Earth.


The ruins were some of the most intact we’ve seen and the animal guides were plentiful.

cliff close updwellinglast cliff.jpglast cliff dwelling.jpg

We came upon two groups of three wild horses each – one was a family with a foal. And at one point a stallion ran right across our path trying to keep away another younger, less robust male from his mare.

family.jpgfamily2.jpgfamily3.jpggray.jpghorsetwo horses2.jpg

And while we were viewing Kodak House that’s when mountain lion appeared across the canyon.

I’ve been holding the intent of seeing one – I put it out there I wanted it at a safe distance, so a canyon between us I guess was that. 🙂 I watched her slink down the cliff rocks, her long thick tail swaying in balance behind her, into a tree shaded area, which may have housed her den or perhaps she became aware of us and ducked out of sight, as it is so rare to catch a glimpse of them. Even Dave had trouble seeing her when I tried to point her out, only catching her at the very end before she hid.

That was truly a gift, powerful medicine, and so cool to see her near the cliff dwelling. I reworded my intent that the next sighting of a mountain lion is a little closer, half that distance, but still safe, so that Dave can see better too. 🙂

We also heard the haunting calls of ravens, as we watched one fly into the cliff dwelling and behind the structures where it must have had a nest of little ones, making this ancient site their home..their cries echoed through the canyon.

flower close.jpgcaterpillar2.jpg

So far all of my intents with animals have come to be. We have been so blessed by their presence.

The day ended with Red Tail Hawk close by on a Juniper tree and then taking off, displaying his red tail and following alongside us while Mule Deer appeared making their way down a hill…the last one wagging its tail and reminding me of Cosmo and the way he does the same.


We spent some moments at the last cliff dwelling sight taking in the view and saying our goodbyes, as we likely won’t see ruins again, or at least ones like this for some time now.


On our way out from leaving the last cliff dwelling I saw this burned figure of a tree that reminded me of an island statue or totem, looking like it’s blowing a kiss goodbye.

kiss goodbye

And so we say goodbye to this ancient area that holds rich energy and connection with our Earth Mother.

These people lived in harmony with her and the Cosmos and it seemed a perfect way surrounded by so much diverse beauty, powerful energy, and animal spirits to celebrate these ancient ones and their relationship to Nature on this day – Mother’s Day – as it reflects for us a way of embodying the same.


This is a time for honoring and integrating within, the Divine Mother Energy and recognizing and honoring it in all others, the Earth herself, and as the Universal source of creation and love that it is. And when we merge this Divine Feminine energy in integrative partnership with the Divine Male, we create the impetus for a New Earth experience.

“We’re sitting on our blessed Mother Earth from which we get our strength and determination, love and humility – all the beautiful attributes that we’ve been given. So turn to one another; love one another; respect one another; respect Mother Earth; respect the waters – because that’s life itself!” ~Phil Lane, Sr.

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  1. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    Loving the post by Tania Marie. She has posted some exquisite photos. The one that caught my eye was the one with the more black looking horse. There’s a burned stump in the picture but it reminded me of a raven looking on. Also enjoyed the tree blowing them a kiss goodbye. The sweetness of life and the divine mother energy.

  2. definitely a trip back in time huh. an to think that was only a couple a few thousand years ago after the great flood , when mankind was re-evolving so to speak 🙂 My neighbor is the tour director there yearly, an i don’t miss a year having to visit at least once. A day is not enuff to see all there is to see at the park; next time i go i take motorhome an stay a few days 🙂 During that fire that swept through over there before an after we have flown our ultralights over the park. stayed away during the fire. Is amazing complex to see frum the air it is ! yes indeed 🙂 we fly out of cortez airport with the ultralights to access the ridge it is awesome! anyhow cool post-its bout the park here an there ya gots . namaste’ 2 U an Urs…frum da’ Q wolf creek; colorado.

  3. The horses are magical….what an amazing journey you are on 😉

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