Peace Doesn’t Have To Wait For Death

There continues to be a lot of souls choosing to transition at this time (both in human and animal bodies) and many others experiencing recurring or new serious health challenges.

It really is beyond our solely human capacities to understand and grasp the why’s around this. Nothing makes sense to the heart that feels a sense of attachment to special souls in our lives and that wants greatly to have that physical closeness and tangible presence with us always.

And yet, we do grasp, at least in the conceptual way, that there is something beyond our understanding and that these souls, although depart physically, are truly never far from us.

It’s our emotions, attachments, and personal desires that struggle with this.

And it takes time to heal those wounds we feel and to come to a deeper place of resolve and peace that can’t happen because of what someone tells us, but happens when we begin to experience life and death in a different way – one in which Nature is lovingly reflecting to us daily.

There are seasons of the soul, just as there are seasons of Nature.

Everything is constantly renewing itself and transmuting itself.

And while death seems permanent to humans, in the Cosmic landscape it is a process of renewal, just as stars die and are reborn again.

Everything around us, on and off-planet, goes through this continuous cycle of “birth” and “death” constantly and yet we think nothing of that until it hits closer to home.

The more emotionally attached we are, and the more immediate environment of people and things we value are affected, the more challenging these natural renewals are to us.

Otherwise the “idea” of separation and distance, along with some cognitive dissonance sometimes seems to shelter us.

Although there are many of us who mourn the passing of trees and plants, as well as parts of Earth that have disappeared or been destroyed over time, for instance, it is mostly the ego attachments to who and what we hold closest that pose a threat to our emotional stability and our mental clarity when faced with that inevitable experience of someone physically leaving our lives.

I’ve written many times on my own experience with “death” that hit me closest to home for the first time with my twin soul, Nestor – the only experience that really asked of me to make peace with what I know beyond what my immediate feelings of attachment would have me otherwise believe.

And I know I will go through this process again with my precious little ones that are gracefully aging in Earth years, as well as others close in heart.

I’ve been able to feel immediate peace with other transitions around me, in large part because of what I learned through that experience with Nestor.

But I also seemed to have some rare, innate grasp of death from early on, as I remember sitting in a funeral of our most dearest family friend so very long ago (a friend who’s last name just so happens to have been “Nestor”) and leaning over to whisper to my brother, “I don’t understand why everyone is so sad. I feel we should be celebrating her.”

My nudge to post about this wasn’t to go into detail on the ways of processing this, as it really is an individual experience and when it feels unbearable, deserves your attention to work in a way that is supportive to your needs, and perhaps with someone who can help guide you through that so it doesn’t get to the point of your walking through life, lifeless, but instead you learn to thrive again as your loved one encourages, supports, and continues to do so from where they are.

My nudge was that this is happening a lot and is going to continue to amp up because of the tremendous shifts taking place on a grand scale.

And it’s going to involve people you would not even imagine it would happen to.

I’ve had more people than ever, closer to me, transitioning.

And they aren’t people you’d necessarily think would be, nor are they of any age you’d naturally link to their passing.

That is part of my reason of addressing this, to bring to light that there are reasons beyond your comprehension, as to why.

I’ve experienced several people transition recently including a grandpa, other family members and family friends, animals I knew intimately, a dear friend in his late 50’s, a man I once dated in his early 50’s, and a sweet friend only 39 who shared my birthday – 2/26.

The last two just transitioned recently in September and on December 20th.

Most of the people I know have passed via different forms of cancer – that’s the physical vehicle that assisted their soul’s transition.

And they, like many others, were living very spiritual lives.

In the case of my sweet friend who passed just nine days ago, she was the epitome of joy – a true sparkly Faery, love, embrace, gratitude, spiritual consciousness, was living her dream running a small b&b retreat center with her beloved soulmate husband in Hawaii, ate consciously, shared her gifts of art, healing, animal communication, etc. and yet despite everything, her soul was ready.

I’m happy to share she went in peace from what I heard.

From the outside people tend to judge things or have fears come up around situations seen only superficially.

How could someone be so conscious and still leave their human body?

How can such a condition have happened to them with all of their efforts?

What does this mean in terms of working towards being more conscious and growing in my own life, if there are no guarantees?

These are valid questions in terms of the ego fear within us and our conditioned ideas about things, but we fail to understand that each soul truly does have a choice.

Only that soul knows what their path is and when their time is done here.

In terms of people living consciously and embracing everything every step of the way until the end, these are people making peace with their soul essence that knows….they come to understand, or do understand something we can’t comprehend until we face the same or unless we have a connection to that knowing already.

With each of my dear friends, they all were at peace during their last months and when they passed. And they all came to personal resolutions and had opportunity to do that with others.

Does this mean every little aspect of their lives were some idea of perfect?

I’d have to answer with a question to that and ask, what does that mean exactly since life is whole in its perfect imperfection?

And secondly, you can have experiences and yet still come to a place of peace and resolve, and realize that’s all that was needed…so to let go is more than okay.

It’s natural.

It’s a part of the spiraling cycle.

It’s surrendering to that peace found within everything experienced.

So although their physical condition seemed much like a violent attack, they stood at center of that and embraced it and were okay with what unfolded, either way.

In one of the cases, I know this firsthand, as I had opportunity to have a last conversation with one of these dear souls and it was just as I shared in terms of what I heard and felt in our exchange.

Souls know when they’ve completed what they came to experience.

They may even come to know they can do more from another state of existence now.

Through their human death they will leave a great opportunity for those around them to learn and expand from and understand their collective part in the bigger picture unfolding.

In many cases they come to find that sweet spot of truly understanding the beauty of life and death wrapped up in one, of the wonder in experiencing the bitter and sweet, depths and heights, and duality all at once.

They understand that state of transcendence and bestow their emanating vibration of this to those around them.

It is not something we have to wait until our physical death to experience.

We can make peace with it right here and now…to know and walk the beautiful path of harmony amidst the darkest hours of life and the brightest, and come to embody that state of gratitude for this ability to experience this – the gift we have as spiritual embodiments of this sacred merging.

This has been my state of most recent experience, I’ve likely in less public ways have been sharing a lot more of the extent of that with those dear to me…where I’m continuing to bridge that gap of being in “spiritual skin” and coming to know that state of peace more intimately now.

This continues to deepen and increase daily.

I have absolutely no fear of physical death.

I have complete peace with anything that could happen to me today or tomorrow.

I have complete peace with when I’ll choose that.

I have embraced living as fully as possible, as if it were my last day and don’t push off things I want to do or feel are important to my path to be doing, or express what I feel important to share.

I also remind myself, when I slip into stress of any kind, how unimportant any of it is and then focus back on what truly is of value.

I’ve felt death close at hand before and how fragile and easily that veil is lifted to pass through.

I’ve teetered on the edge between life and death where the line was but a choice within my inhale and exhale.

And I know when my time draws near that it will be in the perfect way my soul chooses, despite what that appears on the outside because our lives are not lived as islands unto ourselves. The way things play out always has purpose far beyond the obvious and will take place in the way most beneficial for the highest good of all concerned.

There is no right or wrong way. There is simply the way we’ve chosen to show up as our individual Cosmic song.

I don’t have to wait until the day of my own shift in physical reality to know this.

And neither do any of us.

The secret that these people hold who have passed seemingly abruptly and in some cases “shockingly,” despite any outside judgment on how that happened, is one we can walk through life with…not waiting until what ever afterlife you believe awaits.

  • Gratitude for everything available in this gift of Earthly life you’ve come to experience.
  • Inviting the shadow of peace that always walks beside, in front, or behind you to step back into your heart in the here and now.

We can still work towards changes we would like to create and put into action new ways and systems to shift things vibrationally and tangibly, but there’s also no reason that you can’t experience peace during that entire process and amidst anything that is happening while change is taking place.

The existence of all varieties of energies are a guidepost to your own peaceful resolve.

Through that, everything transforms before your eyes and in terms of how you experience life.

I celebrate all of the beautiful souls that are lighting the way.

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    I felt nudged to repost this blog I wrote two years ago, to the day, as the theme of souls transitioning continues to amp up, just as I had spoken about in the post. This has been so in my own life and for many friends I know, as well as past clients and people in general. In the last two years since the post I’ve seen both my bunny loves, Joy and Cosmo, a beautiful friend who was only in her early 30’s, several family friends and extended family, animal companions of close friends, dear friends of friends all departing and just two nights ago – a woman I grew up with who was like a third grandma to me (but in many ways my closest grandma because she lived just down the street from us) who departed just 3 months short of 101. And although my great, great uncle (102) and aunt (95) I met for the first time in Australia this year are still alive, they are unfortunately ailing greatly since I last left them. I also went through my own “window” of personal transition during this time, where I too nearly joined them all. If not for choosing anew, having Cosmo and the Magick Bus come along, and deciding to recreate completely freed from and complete with all contracts, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this right now from my own renewed place of peace and deeper understanding of this thin veil between life on Earth and life in the Beyond.

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    I think 2018 will have a main theme entitled, “Letting Go”. Many blessings to all during these uncertain and exciting times!

  3. Wow,Tania. Just wow. Thank you for this. Many blessings to you.

  4. Thanks for the reminders to embrace death as part of life, so in turn we may live more fully and consciously. 🙏

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