The Next Level of Bunny Communication – Binary Codes and More!

joy and cosmo

This is what happens every time I do my phone sessions with clients now. The team comes together and supports the process. I snapped this photo while I was waiting for my client to call and they remained together, sitting in front of me like this throughout, sharing their energy and guidance. Not only do they like and want to be in on the action, but I invite them in on everything I do, as the energy of us all together is greater than alone. I just adore and honor these powerful souls.

I had an interesting dream last night where Joy and Cosmo shared with me that they represented binary code. Joy is “0” and Cosmo is “1”.

Apparently they said this is another way they can communicate with me in codes I can translate.

I found this especially interesting since Laura and I had an extremely wild experience once on our weekends on the coast of Northern California over Halloween where binary codes were coming through the oven in the kitchen and my tortoise Gaia, who was with us along with our friend’s cat, Lily, was also chiming in with this and ET coding in combination.

I’m curious to see how this is going to play out, as I feel Joy and Cosmo are gearing up for what we’ll be channeling together in my three months off.

It’s also curious that I’ve been calling Cosmo, baby “G”.

I used to call Gaia “big G” and “G”.

I don’t know where all of the nicknames come from that I call my little ones….they just come and they have many different ones that evolve.

This latest one for Cosmo has just recently come through.

I’ve been feeling Gaia around a lot so perhaps he is channeling Gaia, just like Joy channels Nestor.


He does actually do a similar head nodding action that Gaia used to do, in quick telepathic rhythm.

I so love it. I always invite all four of them in to assist everything I do.

My little ones always communicate with me in dream time where we share telepathic communication and it has been very literal in what they tell me and show me that then shows up in wake time.

Needless to say, this dream adds another cool element to our connection and communication.

Looking forward to where it leads.

I also this morning tried a “Float Room” for the first time and was in the cosmic abyss for an hour and a half visited by Nestor and others,  as well as received the name of something key for what I’m creating just as the session ended before the music came on to let me know the 90 minutes was done.

I ended up getting a package of three to return and receive anything more they want to share.

Always something new showing up when we’re ready to step into more.

Binary codes and floating it is!

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  1. Da da da da ret! 😉 Nestor showed up in the Reiki 2 class, and total sync wink I’ll tell you about off blog with something else. Interesting times! xo

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