The Quest To “Be Of Service” Can Become A Disruption To Your Life

I shared this two years ago, and like with all things, I am constantly rewriting my life and ideas about things based on the new perspectives I open wider to. And I’m willing to always share how my views change, even if others don’t agree with my insights. While I still feel generally the same about what I wrote in this post, I feel the need to tweak things a bit, as the power of words can trigger unconscious things operating beneath the surface, as well as activate latent things. The title “The Quest to be of Service Can Become a Disruption to Your Life” could be changed to maybe something like “The Quest to be of Service Can Be Imprisoning to Your Freedom & Sovereignty”. The word “service” is one I’d rather replace with perhaps “authenticity,” “showing up,” “living out loud,” “expressing your fullness”, “just BEING,” etc. and I feel that instead of asking or even thinking of how I can be of service or translate anything as a redefining of a new kind of service, I would rather say maybe something like, “How can I more consistently and authentically express my soul signature with greatest depth of passion and vibrancy?” I feel that the phrase, “being of service” that pervades everywhere, is a relinquishing of personal power, and an unconscious programming of acceptance to constantly be enslaved that is deep with our DNA. I plan to personally rewrite this programming and activate my/our true power through creative self-expression that comes from the heart and soul of the most authentic and pure frequency I can express, moment-to-moment, as I continue to evolve through greater expression, learning, remembering, and growth-action, as a direct result of that. My commitment is to that and when I do this, it automatically translates as the highest good for all concerned. So, while I’m reblogging this post, I’d like to point out my perspective shift in rewriting the word service altogether so that when you reread this, you have the opportunity to choose to see it in a different way perhaps too and how or what it brings up for you on deeper levels. Sometimes it just takes a small tweaking and subtle change of our gaze to see a whole new reality possible. In my post I shared that “Service is a word that is deeply misunderstood.” I still agree with that, but on an even different level than I spoke of in the post. Now I prefer not to use that word at all….and instead am reprogramming that idea of “to serve” with “to just be.”

Tania Marie


Something that I often hear from people is that they feel they need to be doing something more, they are in constant search for the “bigger” service they are “supposed” to be doing, and they seek these answers in all the outside ways they possibly can, awaiting to be told the magick answer and/or to arrive at some glorified outcome.

There is this heavy self-judgment these people carry of feeling they are not doing and giving enough, sometimes self-sabotage in not recognizing what is already before them, and lack of gratitude and enriching satisfaction that isn’t being realized, which comes from the journey itself…not the arrival.

The mind throws these thoughts at you of not being “there” yet – where ever “there” is – and so it creates all of these false pretenses and illusory time constraints that create anxiety and throw you off balance, resulting in missing out…

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