The Cosmic Dance ~ Sacred Tattoo Design


This design was another incredible journey in the making and manifestation. There were pieces of the puzzle that kept flowing in that were integral to its birthing. And so the delays were always revealed as simply a divine process unfolding that once again spoke to why these aren’t to be rushed, and to allow the energy to align and click into place.

It’s about a 10″ by 5″ piece and will be sitting on my dear and beautiful client’s back over her Solar Plexus Chakra.

Of course I love the process of channeling the creation and watching it come to life, but what moves me most is the way it is received by my clients.

This design particularly, in that regard, was very touching. I received my first ever personal video message, which expressed such a beautiful and heart-felt message in reaction to viewing the design, her process of integrating its reflection after reading the message I shared with her, and what it meant to her. So grateful!

This design had been percolating over the potent Full Moon Eclipse, after a process of shares between us, and in the aftermath of its birthing new energy, illuminated into manifestation thereafter. I even received confirmation of the design after finishing the main part of it and then going to a new restaurant and seeing a painting of Shiva just as I entered the door.

I’d like to share some excerpts of the description I shared with her, as I feel there is a powerful message in this design for the collective as well, which she so beautifully has reflected for us in her personal journey. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy and find reflection for you as well.

“What evolved for this design is a powerfully potent cosmic dance of the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction and the rhythm of birth and death in each moment. A celebration of the full experience of life itself. 

Here is an excerpt I found from a beautiful poem by Ruth Peel that really sums things up:

“The source of all movement,
Shiva’s dance,
Gives rhythm to the universe.
He dances in evil places,
In sacred,
He creates and preserves,
Destroys and releases.

We are part of this dance
This eternal rhythm,
And woe to us if, blinded
By illusions,
We detach ourselves
From the dancing cosmos,
This universal harmony…”

The design portrays Shiva’s energy, in his Nataraja dance posture – a symbol of harmony and rhythm, as liberation is birthed forth through creation energy unleashed from the soul. Shiva is lord of the dance and his act of creation is through dynamic, divine rhythmic movement. This dance is fiery and so flames are coming forth from his hand and also to the right, framing the image with flames of creation like electric lightning bolts igniting the birthing of new. Fire energy is responsible for creation in this symbolism, as the old is destroyed and dissolution is ended.

Shiva has three eyes representing the 3 worlds of Sun, Moon, and Earth, three paths of liberation, and the triple nature of creation. This third eye is the eye of wisdom into the unseen made seen. The Moon that adorns his head represents the cycles and time, and also associates with the cosmos, tantra, and the magickal.

Also, immediately Whales stood out from the things you shared and I got this image of Shiva in a dance with a Whale – to me the embodiment of the Cosmic Mother and deep Sacred Feminine. I loved the idea of the fiery energy of creation in partnership with the deep, subconscious, abyss, and watery energy from which all of life emerges.

Whales are ancient ancestors that help us navigate through emotional depths, help us communicate effectively our emotional experiences, help us efficiently use emotional energy for fuel rather than being consumed by these emotional floods that take place in the process, they assist with deeper awareness, cosmic consciousness, emotional rebirth and understanding, nurturing and devotion to collective community, appreciation for beauty through song and dance, the importance of balance on all levels, and they help us find the essence of our soul song and bring it forth to shine.

The depth of each is such a beautiful partnership one might not normally think of putting together and yet they are so connected. I love the Sacred Male and Sacred Feminine portrayed in each in such a graceful dance together…teaching to bring these aspects into focus for ourselves, to light, and to bring alive and forth from the depths of our heart and soul.

I created a stylized Lotus/Nautilus that the beautiful ribbons of water are birthing forth from and wrapping gracefully around both Shiva and the Whale, connecting them as One. And then added a hint of Sun burst from the Lotus/Nautilus – each with their own powerful symbolism – so that we have both Sun and Moon depicted AND added the 6 pointed star as well above, that completes the Divine Union, expressing how the two parts create the Whole.”

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