10 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases – A Little Humor to Explore Self-Awareness

You might recall my post “Do You Wear a Spiritual Disguise? – Losing the Mask and Finding Your Truth” which touched on not just how we “walk the walk” in our truth with others, but how honest we are with ourselves. It also shared a humorous take from Aalif Surti on the different masks many of us wear.

I find humor to be a great way to playfully take our power back with the realizations that are brought to light.

In the vein of this humorous approach, I found this article, shared with me, written by Mariana Caplan, Ph.D. on “10 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases” to also be playfully enlightening, while having the potential to hit to the core if embraced with that personal honesty and integrity. What do you think?

This article had some interesting insights to ask ourselves.

As Mariana starts off with:

“The following 10 categorizations are not intended to be definitive but are offered as a tool for becoming aware of some of the most common spiritually transmitted diseases.”

These are just some of the “spiritually transmitted diseases” that are encountered on the path of spiritual evolution. We gain spiritual maturity through the uncovering of deeper layers for integration and gracefully embracing refinement of the knowledge we gain through growth.

The 10 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases include:

Fast-Food Spirituality, Faux Spirituality, Confused Motivations, Identifying with Spiritual Experiences, The Spiritualized Ego, Mass Production of Spiritual Teachers, Spiritual Pride, Group Mind, The Chosen-People Complex, and The Deadly Virus: I Have Arrived

You can read the article in its entirety here:

10 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases


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  1. Ascension Angels

    Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    Thank you for posting Tania Marie 🙂

  2. Cnawan Fahey

    Love this. Very insightful, actually. I think most of the spiritual diseases that I’ve contracted over the years are currently in remission. : )

    • ha! 😉 i think at some point or another we’ve all experienced one or more of these “diseases”. life’s a journey and it’s wonderful to discover new awareness each day that shifts everything we once thought we knew.

  3. Great post, I love the term “spiritual bypass”…
    good to know it’s origins, one of my friends used the same term yesterday to describe some action she was trying to convey about her former significant other. It was the first time I had heard it 🙂

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