Rerooting “Back In The Saddle” Of Your Authenticity with Aquarius New Moon Igniting the Year of the Horse – January 30, 2014


Artist: Susan Seddon Boulet – Aquarius

This month is quite a fully packed one that graces us with the rarity of two New Moons, as well as kicks off the Chinese New Year of the Horse, while we catapult into 2014.

What does this mean?

Tons of supportive energy on our side and the equivalent of two fresh starts! But, since I see every moment as being an opportunity for renewal, let’s just say you get an extra energetic gift in your back pocket to propel your new beginnings!

The New Moon tomorrow on January 30th is a celestial phenomenon called a Black and Super Moon – Black Moon because it’s the second of two New Moons in the same month. It’s also known as a Perigree Full Moon meaning it will appear in the sky up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than on any given day.

And so what can we say about this New Moon energy in the sign of Aquarius?

Well, you can bet there is a focus on unique expressiveness, standing in your authenticity and individuality without need for approval, yet simultaneously merging that in partnership with others for the collective highest good, tons of new seedlings that you can cultivate and envision towards the personal invention of your future reality, and a lot of stepping out-of-the-box and out of your comfort zones to go all out with your eccentric self, realizing that the more you do so, not only will you embody joy and abundance, but others will energetically answer the invite to do the same.


I find New Year’s resolutions, while helpful for many, are a thing to learn to incorporate into every day of your life because when you commit to progressive change, in general, you will find every moment to be packed full of powerful possibilities you don’t have to wait on implementing. So, if you have started dwindling with resolutions already, this New Moon is another powerful reminder and supportive nudge from good ol’ Aquarius to live out loud and dream a little dream into being.

This is a chance to reconnect and re-root your ideals and ideas and ride the jet propulsion of progress that Aquarius’ Air element can breathe into you – a little wind beneath your wings and a lot of inventive ways in which to implement. Your mind is keen right now in being able to have the vision, even if you aren’t yet sure about how you want to feel, and this can help you to make adjustments for actualization to take hold.

Aquarius is a free-thinker and a no-fearer so get ready to do the unusual, the extreme, and the remarkable because expansion of possibilities is available to those who aren’t limited by what society has accepted as norms. Invent a new way!

People who stretch their mind, can free their mind. And where freedom lives, is where you will thrive.

This is quite the Moon for opportunity, as there is also a Sextile to Uranus going on, which means the biggest obstacle will be yourself. So get out of your own way and pour loving support and trust into the feelings and inspirations you are, and have been, having.

Keep an eye on signs that are constantly coming at you and helping to point the way. You have all the guidance you need, if you are willing to see it. Sometimes these are subtle, but with Aquarius around, watch out for the electric!

You may receive lightning bolt flashes that will be crystal clear or loudly felt. Some will knock you around a bit to shake things up and supercharge you into action. You could even receive a little shattering charge – think Tower card in the Tarot. Opportunities will show up and offer you their helping hand or open a door, but it’s up to you to embrace the invitation and say yes to YOU.

I love Aquarius energy. I have a mom and brother who are both Aquarians and I have two strong placements in the sign of Aquarius in my astrological birth chart. I know about having strong ideals and intentions, and a bunch of quirky and surprising energy to add to the spice of life’s experiences. But when you go with these elements, rather than try to rein them in or deny them, the sky’s the limit and something exciting can be around every corner!

Extra new inspiration that can be life changing may become available to you during this energetic period around the New Moon. Things can really become illuminated and then it’s about acting on those flashes of insight received and gently hugging those fears goodbye for good.

You have the ability to really connect with your higher mind right now, so spend some time in your sacred space and in the serenity of your inner sanctum, to receive the inspirations wanting to come through. Then trust them!

Trust and faith are needed in order to create the personal security to step forward into the liberating unknown. It doesn’t come from outside of ourselves. This kind of peace comes from your own sense of self you are being guided into cultivating and expanding. We must be willing to go into our own inner mysteries and shadows to see what electrical sparks we may ignite from these courageous depths.

Be ready to try something new. Get in tune with your personal identity and how you can share your unique gifts, as service in humanitarian ways. Challenges will be solved when you look to the non-obvious, keep hope in your heart, vision focused forward, and brother and sisterhood as the friendly smile you carry in hand always.

Unconditionally detached and platonic love are focuses, with the desire to reinvent and recognize the value of friendships and community. Establish your personal boundaries so you can move with confidence in the sea of others and detach from the past and destructive behaviors that have been keeping you in the “holding zone”.

This New Moon heralding the Chinese New Year of the Horse may feel like a push to get “Back in the Saddle Again” – one of my theme and long-standing joke songs, with a meaningful message, I have ongoing with Laura Bruno. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Whoopie tye aye ay, I go my way … back in the saddle again. πŸ˜‰ Love you!

  2. My daughter is a horse, my son is the tiger and I am a pig (tee, hee) ….enjoy the Chinese New Year!

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