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I’ll Be Unplugging, but Still Energetically Plugged-In – See You Again on June 24th


the ocean calls…

As another sacred journey rolls around, I just want to send out infinite waves of supportive love and healing vibrations to everyone. I will be connecting with you all through the energy of Bimini over the next week and during that time will be unplugged from the outside world, physically. That means I will not be online or have any kind of electronic access or means to get a hold of me, nor me to get back to you.

With that in mind, if there’s anything you need, questions, or work you’d like support with or commissioned, I won’t be able to discuss it with you until I return. Any purchases made will not be able to be fulfilled until my return as well.

I will be back online on the 23rd, but not fully in work-mode until the week of the 24th. Thank you for your understanding and I so look forward to what new energy infusion will be activated this time, and to sharing that with you. Since we are all connected, the energy we each experience and the shifts we each make is accessible to us all.

My experience is not limited to my own and therefore I share that energy with each of you intentfully.

I wish you a beautiful and love filled week. Be gentle with yourself and embracive of your unlimited potential.

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