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Compassionate Animal Art Available for a Love Offer

As promised, today I am starting to post the art that is now available for “Love Offer” donations of an amount of your choice that reflects the value you feel you receive. For more details about this special offering you can read yesterday’s post: Name that Love Offer.

To reiterate, I will be gifting a special “Tree of Life” fine art print for FREE to accompany your purchase. Shipping cost is your responsibility.

In keeping with the theme of Compassionate Animal Art that I posted on recently, I thought I’d start the Love Offers off with six animal inspired creations.

To make an offer, contact me at

Here are today’s Love Offers and details on each. Amount of each available is listed. A couple have more than one option and one has three available, so can either be purchased by one person and given as gifts, or are available to more than one person. Title and info are listed before the corresponding image:

1. Reflections ~ One  12″ x 15″ print on fine art paper of an original oil that was sold

2. Discoveries ~ One  14 1/2″ x 22″ print on fine art paper of an original oil that was sold

3. Everyday Miracles ~ One  12″ x 12″ print on fine art paper of an original oil that was sold

4. Nestor ~ One  12″ x 24″ Acrylic on Canvas Original 

                   One  12″ x 24″ Giclee on Canvas

                   Three  6″ x 12″ print on fine art paper 

Many prints and giclees were made of this and sold, as it is a beloved favorite of people’s, especially among children. I never released the Original for availability until now.

5. Legacy ~ One  12″ x 15 7/8″ Acrylic on Canvas Paper Original 

                    One  12″ x 15 7/8″ Giclee on Canvas

Only giclees have been available and purchased for this piece. Never released original until now.

6. Majestic ~ One  11 3/4″ x 19 1/2″ Pencil Original, framed as pictured below (first image is a close up of the detail)

Only prints of this have been available and purchased until now.

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