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Pisces Weekly Forecast by Stephanie Azaria

For my fellow Pisces brothers and sisters readers (and dear friends many of you are) – has your week and current energy experience felt like this?

I felt nudged to post this right now, although I read it at the beginning of the week, because I sensed perhaps people may be wondering what’s up. And being how Pisces can easily get down on themselves or allow “victim” energy to take over, know that you are simply on a journey to more of who you really are. You derive strength from overcoming obstacles and challenges.

Synchronously, I feel that this is happening for many natives of other signs as well.

It nails things for me, although luckily not feeling the judgment or pain, but definitely in that all-or-nothing-life-decision-choices-phase for sure and both riding the waves, while navigating the waters.

By Stephanie Azaria of January 5, 2015

“A very important choice is beginning to bubble up, and soon it will be time to commit to a new path once and for all. For now, though, pay attention to anything your body is telling you. Do your best not to listen judgmentally. That is, try not to think of pain or discomfort as “bad”, but instead, as a message you need to receive. Once you can hear it, the discomfort will disappear. Pain and struggle are often wonderful vehicles for getting Truth across. Just suspend the tendency to feel victimized by it. The choice you need to make is a whole life decision. You’re all in or you’re not. This is why your body is getting into the act, so please do pay attention.”

Remember that everything that ever happens is perfect and begin this journey to the new you from there.

(Thank you SBG for sharing this week’s energy forecast) 😉


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