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Selenite Dreams by Dove English

seleniteThis post comes from my beautiful cosmic friend, Dove English of Star Compass.

She and I share many a rich and powerful journey in dream time, and this post she writes so exquisitely is inspired by one of those experiences – one in which is very treasured to me and that is very intimately connected to my soul in a way she shares.

Thank you Dove for capturing the essence of this experience and for the lovely surprise in finding the journey expressed on your blog today. The experience and your words are resounding deeply. Love this post!


Selenite Dreams by Dove English


The Navigator places her hands over her heart.

Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vichche 

Hands are wings folded in prayer.  The mind is alert, spontaneous and set in motion to observe coordinates.

The path opens with a cottontail leaping across the shaking ground. Selenite rises like giant moonbeams through the mantel of earth.  Raw, white, and partly transparent. Striated channels carry energy lines of light.

The navigator breathes deeply and enters the dream.  Soul star rises with Earth star. Many faces bloom in the etched lines of light. Selenite whispers peace.

Bend light for vision

Emotional energy is transmuted by the Christed Heart of the Navigator.  The heart calls Spirit.


Revolution of sound and light. Celestial bodies rolling in time.

One touch to the heart of the Navigator. One touch to remind her to smell life.  Crystals gifted are held carefully in golden, cupped hands.  Each crystal’s fragrance inhaled as it flowers with cosmic perfume.

The frequency of physical matter responds in kind. Higher and free she rises. Volume and velocity of Light shines from inside.

Information inscribed. becomes transcribed within the shadowless dream of flight.

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