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Metacine Therapy – Interview with Sound Healer, Shane Chunephisal

shane-chunephisal1As promised, today I’m sharing an inside peek at another of our healing arts visionaries who is weaving this co-creative experience with us – Shane Chunephisal.

I had the honor of meeting Shane this past September at the event, “A Night of Creative Compassion” at the Animal Advocacy Museum in Pasadena, CA  – an evening that celebrated and showcased a fusion of music, song, film, poetry, photography, painting and more.

shane-and-i-at-eventShane was there to share his gifts of sound healing, while I was sharing my paintings, and of course a cosmic collision unfolded between us, as we’d soulfully planned. 🙂

1235506_10151403672977465_2We shared great vegan food and conversation before the festivities of the evening began and the rest is history.

Since our meeting, many exciting things have evolved for both of us, including our coming together for the upcoming retreat weekend in Laguna Beach, CA this March 2014.

As shared, Shane will be our on-site Meta-Sense Sound Bath Extraordinaire providing beautiful and powerful crystal healing bowl experiences daily, as well as our resident therapist who will be available during free times to offer all shane8types of body work, including crystal healing, sound therapy, and integrated energy therapy, as another option to your weekend experiences.

For more details on this weekend, including the day-to-day experiences and how Shane’s beautiful offerings will weave into our magickal weekend, see the schedule and retreat information here:

Reiki Renewal Retreat – Spring Equinox in Laguna Beach, California

Since everything is frequency, I find sound healing to be one of the most powerful and immediate ways to shift things. Sound is vibration, which is a function of energy – energy being what the Universe IS. I’ll write more about this in a future post, but for today I’m excited to have Shane share about his experiences and insights on this.

shane9I find Shane to be such an exuberant, loving, compassionate, and joyous light who exudes service from every cell of his body. I hope you enjoy learning more about him, his unfolding journey, and find some inspiration in following your own callings in life, from his sharing.

Shane Chunephisal Bio:

Shane is the Owner of Metacine Therapy, now located in Santa Barbara, CA, as well as a Sound Healer and Body Work Therapist. He is gifted in offering an assortment of health and wellness services to provide support at the deepest of levels for overall well being. These include: Bodywork (full body Swedish, Deep Tissue, Chiropractice, Trigger Point, and Sports Massage Therapy), Sound Healing, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Alignment, Guided Meditation, and Metaphysical therapy.

Interview with Shane Chunephisal:

shane15Tania: You and I only recently met (in this life) in early September of this year where we both were offering our services and work to “A Night of Creative Compassion” celebration of the arts and fundraiser for Farm Sanctuary, however it was as if we’ve known each other forever and were continuing each other’s thoughts. We were just in synch and aligned with the same resonance and focuses. The reason I bring this up is because I think it’s a good way to delve into the work you do and its focused intent, in terms of resonant frequencies. So, that being said, what do you attribute this instant resonance we, and many, share nowadays, to? In other words, what is this “click” we are all starting to feel and how does that translate for you and your life?

Shane: Since I was young, I have always had this innate ability to connect and vibrate with spirits of all different ages and paths. As I have accepted and embraced this path as a healer, I have come to a better understanding of where this connection possibly originates. The “clicking” that instantly happens, I believe, is from knowing one another in previous lives throughout our journeys in the infinite realms of life experiences. The ability to “know” someone whom you just met, that feeling of “you two have met before” is something that cannot be denied in its truth if both people feel that way. I feel it’s a resonance between spirits that they have been one another before, experienced memories together, learned and created magic that profoundly influenced and changed them. I have always felt honored being able to experience this vibration with people instantly from first breath and always wondered why it happened.

shane20These experiences have influenced my life because as I have embraced my path I am reminded of WHY my spirit came back and what their reflections teach me about the wisdom of allowing my truest self to flow through. I believe these spirits we “click” with are a reminder of the work we were set out to do when we chose with Source/God to come back into this life experience and make the choices we flow and unfold into.

Tania: When did you first realize you had a gift with energy work and crystals? Was it something you experienced when a child, but didn’t draw upon until later in life? Or was there something in particular, or an experience that took place, that triggered your journey into body, energy, and sound healing work?

Shane: I have always been intuitive since I was young, but it wasn’t until Dec. 2011 that I came to a greater understanding for the potential of my intuitive abilities and development of my gifts. I was challenged by a psychic friend to give him a reading. At first, I was very apprehensive and conflicted in attempting to give him a read because I had no idea what to do. I trusted in my abilities and logically broke down the intuitive framework of how to give a psychic reading. What happened during my experience, I realized many months later, was a Kundalini awakening that forever changed the rest of my life.

Afterwards, it took seven challenging and arduous months to heal and align my energy while getting a better understanding of what happened.  Seeking knowledge about chakras, crystals, energy work, and sound healing assisted my path in self-healing and as I began to blend together these tools for the work I was meant to do, I found my path to embrace and accept being a healer.

shaneTania: What do you love most about working in the energy fields with people? And what in particular has drawn you to work with the Quartz crystal bowls?

Shane: I enjoy working with energy fields because of the tools I use that can affect, influence, and recalibrate the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual frequencies. By addressing this in healing sessions, my energy and healing can be focused into a direct and penetrating flow to dislodge mental programming, emotional blockages, deep core wounds and anything the client seeks to heal from, to allow and call in their highest and truest self in the session.

What I love most about my work and affecting their fields, is being able to influence a person’s experience to feel balanced, whole, and complete, to give them the peace of mind, if even for an instant in the moment, that everything will be ok. In our hectic and fast paced lives we often need that reassurance, the quiet, still breath of calm and tranquility. I enjoy sharing my gifts with the world to achieve such states of consciousness quickly and effectively.

shane6One of these gifts are the quartz crystal bowls, which called to me in my path of healing. The instruments I have dedicated myself to have always found me. With that said, after experiencing my first sound bath, I knew I had to purchase my own set. Attending the sound baths, focusing on breathwork and meditation to balance/realign the chakras after my kundalini awakening, I soon realized how I could apply the crystal bowls to my own healing practices.

I feel that the bowls are the greatest expression of purity in tonal vibrations and I became immediately attracted to them. Vibrating at a frequency of 99.9% purity with a 432hz frequency, you just can’t go wrong. Learning the synergy of my guided meditations, crystals, and singing bowls led me to a great synthesis of healing modalities to use as my medium of expression for my work.

They have allowed me to express myself more fully in a conscious and mindful state, but also to keep myself in balance with the vibrations of my higher-self, as I flow through my life experience. Utilizing them has allowed me to channel more of the manifestations for the greatest good of abundance and prosperity that my life’s purpose is meant to unfold.

shane5Tania: What do you believe is so powerful about sound healing and how can it benefit people?

Shane: I believe sound healing to be one of the greatest tools because of how influential vibrations are in our daily experience. Everything in this universe has a frequency and it can have an effect on our energy. Some of these energies create imbalances, blockages, behavioral patterns, and the list goes on. Humans process EVERYTHING going on, whether conscious or unconscious.  And in this day and age we rarely give enough attention to address the over-activity of our daily experience. By using sound healing to release and purge these negative energies, our vibrations and frequencies can more purely flow from our chakra centers so that we can better align ourselves with what God/Universe/Source has in store for us in our life experience.

Tania: Like many healing arts visionaries, you have created a synergy of combining your talents and heart loves into a multi-dimensional offering of “integrative” services. Do you feel that this is the wave of the future for people? – creating new “jobs”, redefining “work”, integrating many elements to create an alchemical experience, and basically creating flow by following where experiences and energies take us? And if so, please explain.

shane3Shane: I truly believe that the integrative synthesis of our healing arts is the wave of the future. The segmentation of these modalities for every practitioner that learns them would be only detrimental to the community as a whole. It has been to my understanding that the more people learn in the different circles of the paths of life, the more the fractals of sacred geometry can be invoked to allow the flower of life to unfold in their life’s purpose.

As I have embarked on this path, I have encountered more and more spirits who are skilled and talented in not just one modality of healing. But rather draw from so many different paths that make up their medium of expression.

I believe it is a necessity for every practitioner to follow the flow of what draws them to it and to whole-heartedly embrace their interest and curiosity.

Tania: What are some of your favorite things clients or people you know that you’ve provided your amazing Meta-Sense Sound Baths to (yes, I can say amazing, since I experienced one), have shared about the experience and benefits/results received?

shane11Shane: In the almost 2 years of performing more publicly, as well as in private sessions, the many things that clients and attendees have remarked as the results/benefits of my healing work, are a tremendous sense of release, purging, and acceptance/embracement of past wounds, vibrations, or blockages. The feedback from people circulate around this theme that has always struck a deep cord in me. This feeling of knowing that I have helped people become more whole and complete, to let go of their past grievances and accept their power fully, of who they are and who they are meant to become in this life experience. I am honored to know I can have such effects on people.

One great remark I have found from other people has been the energy of inspiration that people find in my work. It has always perplexed me why people would find my work inspirational, as I never made the choice to do this work to be an inspiration to others. I chose to share my healing because I felt like I was called to, in the hopes that others would vibrate with it as well and would benefit from what I had to do to myself, to properly heal and align my energy/frequencies. To offer that to others in service of them, has been my ultimate goal, and I am glad to know I can do this with great vulnerability, trust, and servitude to the community.

Tania: You also offer extensive body and energy work as well. What do you enjoy about this and do you feel that working with crystals and/or combining sound healing has increased the effects and depth of the service you provide?

Shane: I have been a massage therapist since I was little. My parents would get me to massage them after coming in from doing yard work or the usual chores around the house. It wasn’t until I was in my teenage years that I began exploring more the depths of my ability to affect the physical vessel with my healing touch. I have always been an moon roomintuitive healer, as the body has always “spoken” to me in a way that goes beyond verbal communication. When it became apparent that I should pursue bodywork as a career, I decided that it was time to finally accept my call as a healer and learn how to utilize my gifts in a more focused nature.

By accepting this path a little more than 2 years ago, I had never considered using bodywork in combination with crystal and sound healing.  To be honest, I never considered combining them because they seemed mutually exclusive. As I reflected on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, I found that combining them would offer an even deeper and more profound experience in healing than each modality on its own.

By relaxing the physical vessel, it would allow the mental and emotional bodies an easier channel to release and purge, which would ultimately allow more of the spiritual realm to be called in during sessions. The crystal healing became energetic sponges for negative vibrations, while the sound healing amplified the healing process of clearing out blockages and negative resonances. Combining them with guided meditation, a unique experience for healing the body, mind, and spirit was created through my experimentation.

shane2There are many things I have enjoyed by interlacing these healing modalities together. One thing I greatly enjoy is the amount of success and enjoyment people have given me as their feedback of how they feel after each session. To know that I have been able to assist them in breaking through to feel more complete or whole, is a great honor to hold in someone’s experience.

Tania: I love the name you use to describe what you do – Metacine Therapy – can you explain what this means to you?

Shane: The name “Metacine Therapy” came to me as I was developing my intuitive abilities and learning different forms of healing modalities. It came to me when I was thinking about what real “medicine” was.

In this day and age of pharmaceutical drugs coming up with medications for every disease known to man, why are we having such a big problem with medications that are unnatural. Was there a better way to assist the body in its healing?

My thoughts focused on this idea/concept about a lifestyle that included good nutrition, exercise, bodywork, energywork, and meditation. These 5 things would be the only things you need to help assist the body in maintaining its natural flow and deal with any negative energy that came from your life experience. And then I thought to myself…. “This is real medicine.” And so I decided to put a little bit of a flip on the word “medicine” since most people when asked if they like taking their “meds”, don’t like to. So I decided to rename “medicine” into “metacine” to better reflect the metaphysical awareness of our life experiences.

Tania: Is there one thing (or you can share a couple if you have more) that really stands out to you in your life that made a huge impact on how you were going to start living from this place of service, you so obviously are?

shane10Shane: There are many facets to my experience that I have learned that have revealed deeply ingrained truths that have kept me pursuing this path of service. I have learned that by accepting one’s power, and releasing the deep core wound of being inadequate has helped me tremendously. The mantra of “I am Enough” has been a cornerstone in allowing me to maintain my work and to keep it flowing.

It has taught me that the breath, holds every intention, conscious and unconscious, that creates your reality and whatever you seek to create for your life experience. And that by taking voluntary control of this action, can alter so many different states from the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms.

One truth that I have learned and been exercising daily, is that of unconditional love. To love without expectation and to do everything that serves your greatest good without any thought of getting something back in return has granted me the humility in my service towards others.

shane11Exercising vulnerability in every action and breath has been a great addition to my practice for understanding how and why to do things that I feel are necessary and obligatory for my path as it moves ahead to the future of NOW.

To live a life that focuses more on intuition than logic, has been quite challenging at times, but to properly facilitate that, one must have the conviction to exercise discipline to trust the faith that fuels your belief that everything you seek to manifest in life will be provided by Source/God, with your intentions that it serve your greatest good. This is the best energy you can set for yourself, as you create and discover your path that leads to your destiny in this life.

One difficult challenge and trial I have faced since my kundalini awakening has been learning to embrace, accept, and love the shadow within. The shadow has been what has fueled my ability to come into the light and is the source of my ability to do my work. It was in this choice to conquer it, to embrace its energy, that allows me to spread that wisdom of how to face it, accept it, and transmute the energy to create something more powerful than what it represents.

shane14I believe full-heartedly that humans exist because of love, that love is the binding force of our universe. That by taking the suffering and pain we endure, and transmuting it into something more powerful, this is the true definition of love and the greatest source of strength and ability to manifest what I seek in life. From a place of servitude for others, it is my hope that they may vibrate with the choices I made for myself in conquering the negative vibrations and frequencies within, to create the unconditional love for all those around me who I would come to encounter, influence, and share it with.

I have learned to live more objectively rather than subjectively which has taught me to learn the wisdom and knowledge that is to be gained in every experience and every reflection you meet in your daily flow. It has properly tuned my energy to handle these fluctuations and imbalances of how to navigate the turbulent ocean-of-life experiences.

The greatest truth I have learned that has been reinforced constantly in my life has been to always live a life true to who you are. That to do anything less would be a disservice to who you are meant to be. To not fear who you are meant to become, but to get out of your own way, to let the ego go, so that the higher self can better facilitate your experience of who you are to become in this experience.

And in these truths, I found that being aware of the greatest challenge I believe we face in life, has taught me to detach (in an accepting and embracing way, not an apathetic way) from everything we care about in this life, as difficult as it may be. To not be attached to anything because nothing truly belongs to you, and that in accepting this, allows the greatest understanding of what is meant to be my flow for moving forward on this path towards my destiny.

Tania: What do you feel your life purpose is and what do you do each day to keep yourself focused and continually evolving on that path?

shane10Shane: My life’s purpose is to assist people in becoming whole and embracing their power. To provide them a space of authenticity to facilitate their energy of becoming who they are meant to be. To properly balance and align their energies, purge and release any negative blockages, and to call in their highest selves so that they are more capable of pursuing the life they truly are meant to live. By recalibrating their frequencies that better vibrate with their highest selves, I can assist the embracement, acceptance, and conviction to live the truest life they choose for themselves.

I practice, every day, the conscious and unconscious meditations that reinforce the mantras that manifest the trust and belief of conviction, faith, and discipline to be vulnerable enough to accept my power by embracing my shadow. Learning the humility of asking for help that provides the space to allow and receive energy from those who would be willing to share the unconditional love for everyone and everything. Living a life of service and finding the energy to self-reflect will continually focus my purpose on this evolving path.

Tania: What would you tell others that feel disconnected, lost, or are yearning to understand their own calling?

Shane: The one thing I would tell people is to never give up and to find a way. There is always a solution to even the darkest of situations. Give up what other people think of you and embark on a path that is meant for yourself and your greatest fulfillment. Let go of any fears, judgment, worries, and concerns. Have the courage and bravery to walk/fall into the abyss with nothing but your own light, and to exercise the gifts you feel are most important to you in the fulfillment of your purpose.

Life is too short to be anyone but yourself, and I feel we, as humans, get caught up in what our parents, society, and friends want us to be. The greatest gift you can give the world is yourself, so why not embody the truest form of you?

One thing that has been a cornerstone, is that… “the one person you shouldn’t lie to, which normally is the first person we do it frequently to, is ourselves.” With that said, be honest with yourself, no matter how much it hurts. Face your shadow and embrace it. It has made you who you are. Don’t live life with regrets, as every choice and decision you have made up until this very moment you are reading this, has shaped who you are. To deny these experiences, is to deny the very existence of who you are and who you are meant to become.

Life isn’t about failure or accomplishment. Life is about risks. Life is about doing. So do you. And be proud. Because you are enough. Always. In All ways.

Tania: Are there any dreams or visions you have for what you would like to create and share with others?

shane19Shane: In the future, as I am manifesting the unfolding of my experience, I envision a part of my path several years down the road of creating a sound bath experience that stimulates all of the senses. This is where the term “meta-sense” sound bath came from in my seeking to create it. As I have gotten out of my own way in the past two years to let my highest self channel through, I have been holding to this vision, while trusting in its process of unfolding.

One part of my vision I see is traveling the world, if only for 6 months to a year, to embark on a journey of self-creation and discovery as I go from country to country, leading workshops, and sharing the healing vibrations of my art to all those who would be brought into my path and be influenced by my light. I recently have been feeling to accomplish this vision soon, as it would greatly increase the understanding of my truest path in life.

I look forward to what the future of Now holds for me, and I welcome it with open arms. Calling forth all the abundance, prosperity, and opportunity for this manifestation of vision be provided from Source/God.

shane chunephisalThank you Shane for “doing you” and shining your light . 🙂

You can find out more about the services Shane Chunephisal offers, as well as contact him for a session at his website:

Or you can find Metacine Therapy on Facebook here:

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