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Lemurian Dreams – “Revisiting” Sedona

Lemurian Dreams Pastel by Tania Marie - Inspired by Laura Bruno's book, "Schizandra and the Gates of Mu"

It’s been an interesting week following an energetic detox weekend. Seemed that along with the Mercury Retrograde energies, I was reliving the energy of, and my time I’ve spent in, Sedona this weekend because Allison Jacobson, whom you’ve come to know as Joyful Earth Crystals’ designer and Emerald Bridge’s Chief Creative Officer, was visiting the area for the first time. She had opportunity to go by my old house there and some of my favorite spots. Via our telepathic connection, since we are so close, I was definitely feeling like I got a vortex shifting zap! And have been sort of in an altered space this week and focused on both practical matters and energetic magic while things percolate.

Interestingly, this weekend I was also inspired to post my painting of the Pleiades, along with a Walt Whitman poem – On the Beach at Night. Unbeknownst to me when I was posting, was that this was a poem that was in Schizandra and the Gates of Mu (based in Sedona) by my faery sister Laura Bruno. I had read the book when it first was completed, but did not remember this. When I posted the poem, I was feeling somehow I was connecting to it and drawn to it, but didn’t know why until Laura posted a comment on that blog post reminding me that it was in the book and connected to one of the beloved characters in the book, Haru.

Another cool synchronicity was Laura’s recent post, Why Telepathy Makes People Mad and the whole telepathic “revisiting” and connecting with Sedona energies this weekend through Allison and via my tattoo that I recently got there. (my first and last tattoo were both brought to life in Sedona)

At the beginning of November I returned to Sedona briefly to get my newest dragon portal tattoo I have on my left arm by magical tattoo artist, Siva – who is also featured in my book, Spiritual Skin. And so, there is a lot of connected energies and activation at work.

In light of the new energies and a “revisiting” of Sedona on many levels, I’m sharing this pastel painting I created for Laura, as inspiration for her book based in Sedona  – Lemurian Dreams.

If interested in Laura Bruno’s magical book you can read about it and purchase it here:

Lemurian Dreams can be viewed and purchased in prints and giclees here:

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