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Capricorn Full Moon & Saturn Soon to go Direct – Integrating Integrity Into Your Life


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We are quickly approaching both a Full Moon and Saturn turning direct. This Saturday, July 12th illuminates a Capricorn Full Moon and Sunday, July 20th is the end of Saturn’s Retrograde.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Capricorn themed energies emerging recently and this doesn’t surprise me, since synchronous alignments always unfold when we are following the energy in our bodies. So I find this weekend’s upcoming Full Moon and Saturn going direct (Saturn rules Capricorn by the way) to tie in with a lot in my own personal frequency field I’ve been immersed in.

I’ve been engaged in some Astrological explorations for myself with emphasis on my North Node in Capricorn (I also happen to have a Capricorn Ascendent), and my current tattoo design client I’ve just completed a design for, also just happens to be a Capricorn. That felt particularly potent given everything and there was no surprise I had such an immediate connection with this person.

But it wasn’t actually until after I was nearly finished with his piece that I smiled to myself once again getting the Cosmic humor of life lived “for” the world – not simply just living “in” the world.  When that is in alignment, things just magickally unfold.

Speaking of dates, I also found July 20th’s Saturn going direct to be quite synchronous as well, given that is the day the retreat I’m hosting in Bimini starts. I had no idea of this when I chose the dates. I simply followed guidance received. I’ve later discovered also how some people have some ideas about July 20th pointing to other energetic or literal things unfolding on the collective scene.

I don’t know what will transpire or not, but I can say that Saturn’s shift brought a smile to my face when I learned it fell on the onset of the retreat. The retreat also ends on July 25th, right at the culmination of the New Moon the next day of the 26th.

So once again, there seems to be some beautifully supportive energy of clarity, opening, and release for new beginnings all tied into the week’s time and focused work we’ll be doing in Bimini’s energetic vortex.

You can’t make this stuff up, which is why I love learning about things after, rather than trying to figure it out and orchestrate it.

Trusting and acting upon what you feel within your body and heart, brings about the greatest joy and wisdom regardless of the actual results.

My feeling is that everything is an opportunity and gift. I’ve never looked at things to be negative – just challenging us to rise to the occasion and to call in more of who you really are. So things like Saturn going Retrograde I feel we could all benefit more by viewing it in this regard, rather than greeting it with an “Uh oh!” that heralds pre-determined self-sabotaging dread, anguish, fear, and defeat.

I do know it’s been challenging for many, but I think you’ll agree when the challenges are moved through, that you’ll find yourself much lighter, freer, and empowered. This is usually the process of change.

When Saturn goes Retrograde, this is a time period for deliberate slowing down (which is why things seem to be delayed), really working with your inner wisdom, being more present with self and others as you communicate, taking stock of things in your life, reexamining, reorganizing, and making adjustments for improvements. If you meet Saturn as a partner that is helping to hold you accountable to yourself and others, you can utilize its energetic support to build more solid foundations and responsibility to your path. Saturn helps you find direction, to restructure your life with values that truly reflect who you are, and provides you the time to do these things. Otherwise, you might just keep wandering aimlessly and continue down the same paths and patterns without end.

So rather than see Saturn as limiting, see Saturn as the catalyst to unlimitedness. A friend helping you to complete what you’ve started or what you dream of, and to become more aware of your own personal power and place in the world. Perhaps it is society you allow to limit you, or countless other outside sources.

But Saturn is not the culprit. Saturn is simply the light bulb illuminating where you are limiting yourself and how you can embody more personal integrity into your life.

You are much more capable than you think you are and you have the ability to do astounding things. Saturn will help to lift veils and blinders so that you see what is really going on around you. This may seem like Saturn is making things happen to you because you suddenly are experiencing what has been hidden or ignored, but on the contrary, Saturn reveals to you what you are allowing into your experience simply by bringing it to your attention.

Wisdom and strength are potential gifts to embrace from Saturn as well, but you will have to do the work.

And there are gifts in store for you when you do.

You have the ability to redefine boundaries, reassess commitments, and step more into your power when Retrogrades pass through. Opportunity is knocking through the lessons that arise to help alleviate you from frustration, confinement, and feelings of entrapment.

Whether it’s a Saturn Retrograde period or not, it’s beneficial to look at your challenges with new perspectives. Saturn is just one of your guiding posts to help you along with that process, if you in fact aren’t already doing so.

And when you do, you will not find these time periods not to be something to fret, but rather welcomed time to do some inner house cleaning.  If you utilize the Retrograde time period as such, then when Saturn goes direct, you’ll find things catapulting forward with ease and grace.

So hopefully you can take the remaining days to go within and make friends with what the Retrograde has brought to your attention.

And as for the Capricorn Full Moon approaching, this will add to the feeling of coming to a kind of crossroads with things. We have the watery Sun’s energy in Cancer balancing the Earthy Moon’s energy of Capricorn. Full Moons are about the “harvest” and completion, whereas New Moons are about beginnings. This Full Moon is also a Super Moon, which means the Moon is closest to the Earth and in direct alignment with Sun and Earth and thus adds an extra potent intensity.

So with that more authoritarian, sometimes known as “karmic” Saturn energy, we are still taking our time to get through our “stuff”. And the message Capricorn knows well is “change or be changed”.

The Capricorn Full Moon brings us a period of searching for deeper meaning in the things we are engaged in, including emotional and professional levels of our lives. Integrity is a highlight at this time and looking at how not only does something serve your personal joy, but also has the best interest of the highest good included, will bring about successes. You may feel the need to question things, manage your life better, become more determined and focused, start doing things that put your dreams into concrete actualization, and feel the need to create greater sense of personal security and stability from the inside out.

Since Cancer is emotional and need-based, it is the feminine, inner, home and family, nurturing mother, receptive energy. Capricorn, on the other hand, is wisdom based, responsible, self-sufficient, purpose-focused, goal driven, your success in the world, and the spiritual father energy.

So this Full Moon will have us asking ourselves where we are out of balance in these regards and where we may be suffering at the over-focus of one over the other.

Ask yourself “What do I need to feel stronger, more healthy, centered, and secure?”

And then realize that there is truly nothing outside of you that can feed these. All that you need is within and you CAN satisfy your own needs. It’s time to stop chasing needs and start feeling into yourself as to how you can fulfill those holes you feel.

Become the driver of your own life and learn to have greater self love and healthy self focus that understands how this is simultaneously service-minded for the highest good benefiting everyone and everything around you.

Saturn and Capricorn embody authoritative energy, but this is to teach you to empower yourself to become your own authority of your life. And as mentioned, they also help you to understand your limitations with the perspective of how they may actually support you into your strength, while acting from your greatest personal integrity.

I’ve always felt that the things we fear have the potential to be our greatest teachers and gifts.

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