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The Tree Beckoned & I Followed

IMG_20170121_142644096.jpgYesterday the snow called and we headed off on a snow shoeing adventure in the deep, fresh powder along Taylor Creek in South Lake Tahoe.


No footprints had yet to touch this winter wonderland and the only signs of life were the trees bowing to the presence of the snow, the creek rolling swiftly by and spiraling over rock beings that welcomed the water’s caress, crystals sparkling in the white blankets all around, and a wood pecker who was intuiting where to create a portal in the tree he had chosen.


This stillness was loud and the solitude was welcoming.


Incredible surrealism enveloped this enchanted realm, as we made our own path through the magickal forest and over an arm of the creek, traversing a tree limb packed with snow that provided a bridge to the “other side”.


It was there, off path a bit, that a lone giant caught my eye. I veered off the path I’d been following behind Dave, as it beckoned me closer, which meant making my way through thigh high snow.


After getting about half way, I noticed Dave was far ahead and knew I should catch up, so I told the tree I would be back.

We stopped where the wood pecker showed up at the foot of a tree, feeling that was the place to turn around and so we made our way back and I told Dave we needed to return to the magick tree I’d found, as I promised.


This time I went the whole way, hearing the tree call me to step inside. Once reaching the tree I discovered there was a deep hole to step down into, as the snow had piled up outside of it. So in I stepped without hesitation, knowing this is what it had desired.


Dave captured the journey within this portal, along with many little orbs that filled the inside of the tree, with one larger one showing up.


Some almost look like snow, they are so white. And yet it was not snowing and I was inside the dark shelter of this giant.


If you peer closely you can see all of these tiny orbs moving around inside from frame to frame, from top to bottom of the portal, all around me, some on me, and then the much larger one above me.


This is why the tree beckoned, for my Faery friends and the Nature Spirits awaited.


Activation complete.


Magick abound.




There are whispers of magick everywhere, if you listen.

Incredible Ocean Floor Crop Circles Created by Little Pufferfish

Two nights ago we watched one of our Life Story dvds, which are a series of animal life stories delving into the mysteries and wonder of the natural world narrated by David Attenborough.

We’ve see some pretty incredible things and this one about the intelligence of an amazing little pufferfish that creates elaborate and perfectly designed sacred mandalas at the bottom of the ocean is definitely worth sharing.

The clip below is from the episode we watched, sharing just how this tiny, nondescript fish creates these fantastic designs in the sand as part of an elaborate mating ritual by delicately traversing back and forth in rotating criss-cross patterns resulting in perfect, textured sand sculptures that mirror the intelligence behind crop circles.

These kaleidoscope-like sculptures both help attract mates and serve as protection when the fish pair together and the female lays eggs.


The implications of consciousness like this and so many other miraculous mysteries in the natural world of superintelligence – animals, plants, and Earth herself – continues to demonstrate that our limiting ideas of having dominion over this planet and thinking that we can do with nature as we please, rather than live in harmony and mutual learning with her and her children, are just that – limited and falsely based.

Many believe fish have no intelligence and see them lower on the animal scale in terms of justifying choices in treatment and use of them.

This little pufferfish, creating masterpieces that rival anything a human could make, is reckoning these beliefs for us to reconsider the implications of our limited perspectives.


Nature is Amazing

Some stunning photos of natural gemstone works of art that are landscape windows to Mother Earth’s beauty:

Spectacular Gemstones Resemble Beautiful Natural Scenes



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