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The Power of Your Intuition – It Knows!

When we continually suppress and distrust our intuitive knowingness, looking instead for authority, validation, and approval from others, we give our personal power away…The true solution is to re-educate ourselves to listen to and trust the inner truths that come to us through our intuitive feelings…To live this way is to risk losing everything that we held onto for reasons of external (false) security, but we will gain integrity, wholeness, true power, creativity, and the REAL security of knowing that we are in alignment with the power of the universe. ~Shakti Gawain

The answers lie within

A recurring message that appears, in order to teach myself to not only listen to, but fully, consistently, and actively support, is that of trusting my intuition. I am continually reminded that my intuition always knows best what is for the highest good, but it is when I ingeniously find ways not to completely honor it that things don’t flow, produce opposite results than intended, and simply come up short for everyone involved – not just myself.

Like with everything, there is no end to exercising, practicing and going deeper with the things we are developing, nurturing and expanding. Every experience is another layer revealed and a new depth we are taken to, once learned and embraced.

Sometimes the challenge for highly intuitive and creative people is to bring the same amount of strong trust and spontaneous action into the world outside of the bounds of your art form. But the good news is, since the gift is already obviously present, it’s just a matter of allowing it to spread through all other areas of life by erasing the imaginary boundaries between the two worlds – your art form and your experiences outside of your art form.

Every now and then I remind myself with loud messages from my intuitive knowingness (about specific areas/experiences in my life I’m putting to closure), if I haven’t heeded the softer messages. What I’ve found is that sometimes when I receive its clarity, rather than have my intellect be the powerfully supportive tool that gives expression to my intuitive wisdom, I allow it to ingeniously try to work out how to tweak things into what would “seem” to be more beneficial. It has good intentions, but if not aligned with the wisdom already embodied within the intuitive clarity that is connected to Source, this “good-intended” rationalizing simply works against it rather than supports it.

The key is, intuition knows what is in the highest good and therefore to rationalize out how to make that into a new form that would be better, simply doesn’t make sense.

Something else I’ve observed as a theme around, with many, is how the mind doesn’t always give itself away with flat out judgments or easily caught fears, as in saying “that’s a foolish idea” or “I don’t think that will work” or “that’s crazy!” Sometimes it works more ingeniously (behind the scenes and in self-sabotage to challenge you to greater depths) and rather than actively support intuition, it can devise ways that fit into the framework of the “idea of” the spiritual beliefs and heart intentions you are working towards having – in essence superficially “talking the talk,” rather than “walking the walk.” The intellect can try to make it fit into all these new framework “idea boxes” rather than realize it already perfectly “was” the core essence of the “walk” in its original, natural origin, but it needs to be anchored and actively HEART-CORE-expressed.

However it plays out, everything is in perfect order and divine alignment. Even if you don’t follow your intuition the first time, you get the chance to heed the message of the result, so that you can more consciously be aware of and choose more wisely, next time. And for many, including myself, this can some times take more than one go around, but I guarantee if you’re committed to evolution and growth, you’ll hear the message loud and clear at some point! And when you do, the timing of choosing to follow it will be the perfect timing for you.

Another thing to realize is that often times you can follow your intuition, but if you have lingering voices of doubt, fear, or have allowed others’ voices of the same to pervade your inner environment, then acting upon your intuition can still be affected and perhaps not provide the fullness of what it could have if purely expressed. There are times when I receive the intuitive hit and then being a sensitive, allow others’ feelings to filter into my experience, and if I still proceed with my first intuitive nudge, unless I fully release everything other than me, and step into my own reality, the intuitive hit still won’t come to fruition. This is a reminder of self empowerment and the need to strengthen what I know my own gifts are and to not allow anything to interfere with that – to stay focused and in MY heart, thank everything for what it shows me and release it.

Even if what your intuition tells you is very different than the way others do things, that’s likely the exact reason why it will work. Because it is unique to YOU and the expression ofย YOUR energy, gifts, and authenticity. To do anything other than what is uniquely within you, will fail to provide the results you desire in one way or another.

Once you do receive the message, embrace all that it reveals about yourself, release and integrate it, and honor new commitments to the Source within you that are aligned with the power of the Universe, you have chosen a new empowered, courageous, and magical story to write. For me, I know each time this happens with new lessons learned, it provides greater sense of clarity, depth, strength and lightness for the new chapter to begin.

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