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Jon Rappoport ~ The Creative Center of the World

Being an artist who believes in “creating my life as a work of art” and in the power of creative energy to create magick, I love the message in this post by Jon Rappoport shared via Laura Bruno. I experience the freedom and flow he speaks of because I am creating my own reality by harnessing my creative energy. I believe we can all do this and create a parallel realm of constant magick beside the old one that no longer fits our expanded passion. My favorite excerpts are:

“Creation of deep desire with great fire, as fact in the world, IS the definition of magic. That’s what magic is. It isn’t anything else.” And: “Our world, contrary to all consensus, is meant to be revolutionized by art, by imagination, right down to its core.” And lastly: “Were you to embark on a uniquely passionate course of creation, enlarging the scope at every turn, you would launch out of the realm of the push-pull humdrum Earthside disintegrating disaster…..and into the realm of what you INVENT….and as you inhabited this latter realm more fully, the SO-CALLED NATURAL LAWS OF THE FORMER REALM WOULD APPLY TO YOU LESS AND LESS, AND THE MORE FREE YOU WOULD BECOME. Magic. As more and more of us moved forward in this way, THAT would become the transformation we have been unconsciously hoping for.”

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This is possibly my all time favorite piece by Jon Rappoport. Please read, and then go:

Make magic.

The creative center of the world

by Jon Rappoport

January 12, 2014

“After the final no there comes a yes and on that yes the future of the world hangs.” –Wallace Stevens

What would happen if the world were enveloped by art? And if we were the artists? And if we owed nothing to any hierarchy or external authority?

Is it possible that an outpouring of art, creation, invention, coming from millions and millions of people, would bring about a sea change in the conducting of human affairs? Would such a tide affect the obsession to wage war?

Magic is not about arcane crests and codes and symbols. All those symbols and seals are just a way of invoking mystery and a front of supposed privilege.

People still accept landscapes…

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