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A True Inspiration


This share comes as a beautiful interlude between posts that truly takes my breath away and reflects such inspiring energy that messages to us how life can be truly lived at any stage and beauty is embodied in those that embrace free-spirited expression.

These photo captures are simply incredible and reveal the true beautiful spirit within. Knowing Mari Braveheart-Dances quite intimately over the last few years, I am witness to how much she’s broken through and applaud and honor her courage to reveal her inner magick.

At 62, she oozes vitality and the determination to stand in her authenticity at all costs.

I’ve had the true pleasure and honor of cocreating seven sacred tattoo designs together with Mari – including two major pieces that sit at her chest and upper back, draping her in potent adornments worn by a true goddess and warrioress.

You might remember this post about her journey, which was mid-way through our creation process: An Inside Look At One Soul’s Sacred Tattoo Experience


Well, today I received these stunning and enchanting photos from her, which she had taken by the amazing Heather of Fairyography in Athens, Georgia, as a milestone marker and celebration of her life and how far she’s come along her journey, to express her true beauty she is feeling most powerfully at this time in her life, and as a welcoming of dreams she is drawing into her experience.

I love these photos because they capture the magickal lightness and love that Mari has been peeling way the layers to reveal more and more for all to see what was always within her.

Heather is a photographer, greatly in touch with the magickal realm since she was a little girl, and has created a profession around that realm she still holds dear as an adult who shoots fantasy photo sessions.

She’s been featured in national publications like Professional Photographers Magazine, Model Life Magazine, and Canon Online Learning.

The kicker is, through the unique style Heather has developed, her clients have always ONLY been little girls.

But Mari got Heather to dance with expansion.

Here’s what Heather had to share about Mari on her professional Facebook page:

“Something a bit different! 62 years young and utterly delightful. She says ‘My life really started after 50.” She emailed me asking for a fairy session, I told her I don’t take anyone over 14 years old. She replied “Meet with me and I’ll change your mind..’ She did. :)”

I told Mari that she’s definitely demonstrated her transformational energy as a catalyst for change, as not only does she share with me how her tattoos are received in such embrace by others, but she managed to support Heather in expanding into new realms.

Heather’s Facebook page was flocked with hundreds of likes for Mari’s photos posted, and people shared how amazing, beautiful, and inspiring they were….some said they were the best photos and their favorites of Heather’s, and how they hope to look like Mari and exude that kind of joy for life that she does at 62.

Heather went on to share:

“More from this special client. The shoot was amazing and she’s such a fun person to be around. My assistant that day (normally I don’t have one but I needed someone to throw the dress) who is also tattooed said “She’s living the dream! Hope I look that good at her age!”

“The absolute joy she has for life at 62 years young is contagious. 🙂 ”

I hope you enjoy Mari’s contagious embrace for life and personal self expression, as much as I and so many others are coming to see of her through these images.

A true inspiration for us all.

Thank you Mari for shining your light and for your true gift of friendship and sisterhood that has developed from our first coming together as client.

I’d like to thank also the full collaboration of everyone that has supported Mari to live life out loud and reflect the expression she so desired to embody in all ways. She and I always discuss the amazing beauty of this co-creative venture and so I’d like to mention the wonderful Bethrah – the amazing tattoo artist that has brought my creations to life on Mari’s skin and has been the creator of her own designs that Mari also wears.

Bethrah is currently focused on piercing these days and only tattoos for her long-time clients. She owns both Pain and Wonder and Virtue and Vice.

Then of course there’s the magickal Heather, which I shared her website above.

And Hair & Wings by: Blonde Beauty Bar & Crone Designs





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