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A Community of Artists Supporting the Evolution of Creativity – My RAW Art Showcase Experience

tania marie

Me with my creations at Marvel

Another spectacular journey came to closure yesterday, and yet it is just the beginning to so much more. Last evening was my shared event with a community of independent artists at the MARVEL show hosted by RAW natural born artists in Los Angeles. Thank you to everyone who came out to support the creative arts, both new friends and old. It was a fun and long marathon day, continuing in the vein of high-vibed experiences and shifts as of late.

Thank goodness that I have learned how to stay mindful and present about the need for balance, especially in my case because I work with so much energy and have the tendency to/and to be able to operate on crazy amounts of it at inhuman speed (although I never claimed to be fully human) ūüėČ for long durations before my body finally says enough is enough. By following my heart intuition to spend huge amounts of time in nature over the last several months, staying within my own experience and retreating when I’m not engaged in work, eating only foods that my body tells me it needs, and keeping away from activities and things that don’t feel supportive to my maintaining of balance, has been a huge life- saver.


The island of Grenada where I visited recently

All of this has helped me to stay grounded, to integrate my energy, and to recharge me from experiences like the ones I’ve been involved in that I give and channel huge amounts of energy into. This is also what has helped me maintain long periods of energy sustainment and getting more from my experiences both personally and in terms of what I’m able to offer others.

Energy is free and abundant, but living in bodies we must learn how to regulate energy and to understand how to integrate things and create that natural harmony so that we can continually keep channeling and moving energy through without the crashes, burns, blocks, and amping highs and lows. A natural sustainment of even flow can be and is possible, which is an alchemical way of living. We’re all in process of learning this as we shift into higher vibrational bodies.

When you really listen and take care of yourself, you have so much more to give. As we’ve heard, and it’s true, you can’t possible love others if you don’t love yourself, and likewise, you can’t possibly give to others if you have nothing left to give. Taking care of you is in the highest good for all concerned.

Yes, I’ve learned my lesson on how to integrate, and to always swing the pendulum back and forth, as well as learned how to maintain an equilibrium that sustains productive health and well being. That has been a life-long journey to learn and is a constant to keep in check (especially being the extremist I’ve been) until it becomes natural, but I can honestly say that I’ve graduated because the kinds of things I’ve been involved in doing lately, along with yesterday and last weekend’s marathons of high energy, normally would have seen me crash or blow out my energy, or have a few days of body break down, but this has not been the case. I have remained strong, vibrant, and renewed, even avoided all of the major flu epidemic everyone was getting not long ago, simply by maintaining my healthy balance.


The Belasco Theater venue pre-show and rehearsals

I’m very grateful for the lessons of life and the opportunity to put the things I learn into practice. What a great evening it was yesterday. I’m thankful to RAW for supporting¬†the visionary arts and the souls whose only known nature it is to be artistically expressive. I feel that individuals in the creative arts are visionary leaders of the world and that the wide spectrum of art is a universal language that connects everyone through the collective heart. I honor the way RAW understands the importance of cultivating, bringing awareness of, celebrating, and enriching through art. In a time of community taking front stage, RAW understands this and is a bridging entity in supporting this shift.

I’m grateful to all of the independent artists who showed up and vulnerably and courageously shared their personal expressions of creativity with us all yesterday. I’m grateful to have met some amazing people, created some new friendships, for making some supportive connections, and simply for the opportunity to share my own self-expression amidst a supportive environment that believes in the cultivation of the arts.

My twelve hour day started with a very quick, only 40 minute, no-traffic drive into LA (accompanied by a powerfully integrative meditation, which I reposted from Laura yesterday: Powerful Integration and Healing providing her with some giggles), continued with a fast unloading of 5 loads up and down 4 sets of stairs and parking in 30 minutes, setting up without an assistant in time for my video interview and photography session, meeting everyone and then enjoying the rest of the evening sharing my work and seeing my beautiful friends who came out to support me.

Ancient Wisdom for Natural Balance – Ammonite Crystal Illuminations painting with orb energy

What a day and, for me, was a very powerfully integrative experience of embodiment into all that I am coming together – very mirroring of the video meditation I shared from Laura. Even the new body of work that I was sharing from my series, “Crystal Illuminations,” was a reflection of integration on many levels. I have so enjoyed watching the evolution of the work that channels through me and I know it will continue to shift, as¬†creativity is limitless. I love letting the creative energy channel through me as it wants to and to see the constant evolution of that manifestation into my work by embracing its flow. Creative energy is one of our greatest and most powerful gifts I believe and is so supportive for our well being to allow to flow in relative ways to each.


My booth table at Marvel

Nearly half of the new Crystal Illuminations have found new homes already since last evening’s show (the pieces that have moved on are marked SOLD at the link) and I can’t share enough how happy I am to know they all went to the perfect resonating souls. I am extremely grateful that I can offer these new pieces so affordably, as I really want to make the healing arts available to everyone to support and spread integrative healing. That was part of what I was guided to channel through – not just the honoring of these amazing crystalline beings and the integration of Earth and Cosmos, but to create something that flowed with my creative joy, passions, and would be accessible to everyone. Mission accomplished. Thank you Universe for your eternal wisdom and guidance coming through. When we allow Spirit to move through us and listen to the authentic voice of our Higher Self, its always connected to the highest good.


Fashion show at Marvel

And the highest good is what I feel the intentions behind RAW’s events and their support of artists are focused on. The evening was filled with performances and an amazing fashion show at the end. The evening had a continuous flow of people coming through to see all of the artists’ offerings, but like things in Los Angeles roll, the evening didn’t really get bumping until later. The Belasco Theater, where it was held, is a night club and where the event ended at 10pm, the night life continued on, so people started lining up around the building while the show came to close. By the last hour of the night the entire first floor was wall to wall and tons of people in the tiers and flocking through.


Me modeling in an Eden fashion show back in the day

The fashion show was amazing, with cameras, action and excited viewers (wish I had clearer photos of the amazing clothing, hair and makeup) – it actually made me reminisce about, and miss, my days as a model and doing fashion shows. There was always something I loved about the fashion show experience in particular, despite my being very shy and not liking to speak in front of groups back then (something that has shifted tremendously), let alone a crowded room of 100’s of on-lookers. It was when I would light up the minute I hit the stage, becoming an integrated me, but it really goes to speak for that artist in me that LOVES the creative flair of expression that universally speaks where words fall short. It was also a precursor to my “living in the moment” as I would always avoid rehearsals at all costs and just show up for the show, as to me it was all about the moment. And the moment is all I know now (I even now have short term memory in reflection of this) and want to embrace. I may have¬†inklings of where things are going, but I’m not attached to any of it and go where things flow.

The form of my artistic expression and even the vehicle through which I express it may change over time, but the source of energy remains the same – the power of creativity full throttle!

Needless to say the evening was a really fun experience and another door closing and opening simultaneously in my life. I loved that so many unique expressions of creativity could come together in the synergy of community and harmony under one roof. Artists really understand one another, likely because we can draw on a shared pool of experiences and sensitivities we’ve been on a journey to embrace ourselves.

tania marie

Me with my creations at Marvel

Painting is my sacred key of life. Like the wing of a butterfly is essential to its flight, creating visionary art is the breath of life to my soul. My inspirational muses are the natural world, Earth’s beautiful creatures, the mystical and ancient worlds, the Cosmos, celebrations of life, and collective and conscious awareness.

Thank you again for supporting the creative arts and to keeping it alive and thriving. I promise to keep channeling its evolution, as it comes through me, and to follow my passions as a gift to the collective in support to others doing so as well. Since we are connected, any part we each can do makes a difference to the whole.

I’m excited to see where this creative journey takes me and each of us.¬†In creative love and inspiration!

Real fearlessness is the product of tenderness. 
It comes from letting the world tickle your heart, 
your raw and beautiful heart. 
You are willing to open up, 
without resistance or shyness, 
and face the world. 
You are willing to share your heart with others.

~Chogyam Trungpa

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