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Cancer Full Moon’s Invitation to Emotional Wholeness & an End to Suffering

With Cancer Full Moon energies abound, the thing that stands out most to me is a focus on the emotions and emotional field and the very subtle and loud messages that have been trying to get our attention here. There’s this huge potential for immense opportunity or major challenge that can manifest as a critical point – in either case a turning of the tides is at hand by vulnerably and transparently embracing the flow of your watery depths and being honest with where your resistance, denial, repression, defiance, defense, and refusal is so that you can make those breakthroughs.

This calls to mind something I recently read that feels in alignment with this and important to share.

It speaks to “suffering” and the language and dialogue, not to mention beliefs, we use daily to keep us small, victimized, martyred, sabotaged, excused from responsibility, and/or in a continuous spiral of confusion and hopelessness…..It’s about how suffering can be another mask we wear that taints our entire life.

Here is the message:

“Emotional suffering is a big disguiser, a mask. Suffering can be kind of arrogant belligerence with which you agonize through life. Take off that mask, and the person has lost her main occupation. So no matter what she accomplishes, she will be wearing that false face. She will simply give it another name.” ~Star Woman

In what ways do you claim suffering as your role in life?

Perhaps there is a new perspective in which you can approach your life experiences and arise.

In any case, your emotional responses and feelings – your mental reactions and portrayals of your emotions – can provide you answers and be the key to unlocking your freedom.

The way through them IS to go through them with personal integrity, which may sometimes include inviting in and being willing to receive support and reflections from others.

The challenge takes place when we stop short, attach to a particular emotion, and decide to set up camp there and grow roots.

With this Cancer Full Moon, let us embrace the gifts of the feminine and bring her into her authentic power.

We Need to Feel – Integration is Key to Opening You Up to You

The Inner Child by Lisabelle

The Inner Child by Lisabelle

When we become more conscious of how reflections of our emotional charges are mirrored, and how we project behaviors through our reactions of such, we can then begin to feel without attachment and conditions, supporting integration to take place. 

It’s an important part of integration to start making our feelings friends, rather than enemies, so that we can get better at feeling and embracing the full spectrum of these feelings, not just the feel-good ones.

Allow the answers to come from within, as they ARE there. It’s just that we don’t engage the wisdom we embody.

This is not a mental process, nor is it a physical one – alone. Although these will support the emotional journey that is crucial to take. Many teachings leave out excavation into the depths of our emotional abyss and I believe it is here that we will find the missing ingredient.

Find a way to explore the Cosmos within yourself – engage your imagination if this is a challenge, as it can provide access into another reality beyond the one you may think is the only there is. This may be helpful especially if you have suppressed and hidden things from yourself. It is also a way to draw forth your inner child that may be hiding away in fear. Then you will discover an inner world of treasures eager to share their story with you through the explorative curiosity you engage. And creative new perspectives will arise from the child within that has longed for your acknowledgment. This child is much wiser than has been deemed and her/his message of simplicity will empower the integration at life-changing proportions.

In that quiet space of listening and presence we access invaluable and lasting pearls of wisdom, rather than the quick-fixes that are sought by today’s society, which has created the mental only-focused affirmational approach and one-focused positive outlook.

Experientially involving and engaging ALL of us is where integration takes place.

We need to feel in order to integrate and if that means that we will experience periods of mental confusion in the process of going into our emotions, then this is of benefit to us. It is bringing us into a more authentic experience of truly feeling – perhaps for the first time in a long time for many of you. This can feel not so good either, especially if you don’t have your mind running the show with some illusionary sense of control.

But guess what? Your feelings have been running the show all along, which is why you are experiencing the reflections and projections that seemingly jump out and trigger you from nowhere.

They were there all along being muffled by your mental chatter and avoidance.

The key is to unconditionally embrace the full gamut of who you are to the depths of your emotional body. Resisting is perpetuation of what you don’t want and not fully putting you in REAL control and empowerment. Embracing without conditions is what begins the process of integration.

This isn’t “healing”, as healing refers to something that is broken or that there is some ultimate end result to arrive at. It’s not that something needs “fixing”, it simply hasn’t been integrated into a more full and authentic experience of you yet.

Your charged emotions simply need to be put to use in the way they were created to be. There are unlimited and unrealized potentials within these emotions that have the ability to act as keys to open you up. Integration will empower authentic flow that is able to utilize the emotions and locked up childhood imprints as energy generators for creating lasting shifts.

“The antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest. The antidote to exhaustion is whole heartedness.” ~Brother David Steindl-Rast

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