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2 Crystal Pendulums & 5 Crystal Elixirs Remaining!

labradorite and lapis lazuliI have just two crystal pendulums remaining, which are pretty spectacular and magickal ones awaiting the right partner.

They include a Lapis Lazuli point with copper/silver and the Third Eye Chakra symbol on it AND a Labradorite point with copper/silver and the Throat Chakra symbol on it.

These are really beautiful pieces and I realized that I had mislabeled the Labradorite when I first posted it as Fluorite, which I have no idea why, since I was thinking Labradorite, but wrote Fluorite….I chalk that up to feeling like there are two of me currently and multiple realities existing. 😉

Each will be Reiki cleansed, charged & individually programmed and will come with their own velvet pouch. $6 shipping & handling will be added at check out.

When you purchase your crystal pendulum you will receive a link to some helpful hints and ideas on how to work with your new friend, if in fact you don’t know how, or simply want some support. So please be sure to include your email address so that you can receive that.

Anyway, if either call to you you can order them direct here:

Lapis Lazuli Pendulum – SOLD OUT 

Labradorite Pendulum – SOLD OUT

And if you’re interested in Crystal Elixirs, I have just 5 now remaining (NOW SOLD OUT SINCE POST).

To order yours and to read about each of their properties, please visit: Crystal Elixirs

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