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“It is not the length of life, but the depth.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.” ~Sarah Kay

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“A visit to the ocean for me is cleansing, recharging, and nurturing. It supports me into my expansiveness, guides me lovingly into the abyss, and activates a remembrance. It’s a place I can go to surrender to life and allow feelings to flow. There is no need for answers, only a willingness to let go into beingness.” ~Tania Marie

My School of Art is the Miracle of Nature Within Me

sunset27I’ve been immersed in creative energy right now, reaching deep from the source of that power to bring forth many inspired creations. I am in process of birthing 13 new Crystal Illuminations sacred paintings, along with some other channelings, in record time. My surges go in flows and so I ride each wave when they arise and then glide to shore to ground into what is in the air next, until another surge emerges.

Yesterday, I was in quite the flow and along with the scorching heat here, it was quite a powerful emission of energy in my room that was firing things up. I had plans to take a beach walk with a girlfriend of mine in the day, but my intuition said to remain in sunset17the flow and if that flow came to closure in time later, a sunset walk felt much more in alignment.

Well, my painting went really beautifully and I was in that vortex of creation where you hit that sweet spot of joyous inner explosion, and this carried me quickly through the day, finishing just at the right time. It was such a high impact of creative energy and along with the heat, my Crown Chakra was feeling a tad bit expanded from the energy in my body rising up and through me.

sunset24So, heading to the beach felt like the perfect way to cool and ground down, refresh, renew, and invigorate for the next wave of inspirational flow for today and tomorrow’s creative continuation.

Because I listened to the energy and didn’t stop or buck the flow, going only when and if the energy felt supportive of doing so, it seems the Universe had a mirroring gift awaiting at my favorite beach here, Crystal Cove.

Words can’t describe the magical quality that was in the air, as we made our way down the cliff steps and spent the next hour and a half melissa-and-mewalking at the water’s edge. The evening was balmy, in the high eighties, the water was refreshing, and the sky was a brilliant dance of miracles recreating themselves, as the sun set on the horizon. It was so surreal. We both felt like we were in some enchanted, exotic location and experiencing a “time out of time”, which this beach seems to create by way of its portal I feel is there.

There was a mellow larger gathering of people in celebration for the holiday weekend that we came upon and yet we were in our own little world. Many photographers for some reason had gathered too, somehow knowing it was going to be an ecstatic sunset, which it was. I saw several of them snapping away at the sunset5natural essence of the evening, capturing even us in our joy. We danced along the shore and through the people – some of which noted our exuberance and yet we wove through like dancing faeries come to pixie-dust the celebration. (yes we literally did glide, dance, and skip along)

I told my Melissa that the view we were gifted and the whole setting and experience we were walking into was like a painting come to life that we had opened the door to. It had the essence of a step back in time, set amidst the old historic cottages on the beach and hill used by artists of the day (first built as a South Seas movie set and seaside colony of the 30’s and 40’s). There were movie set kind of spot lights up too for sunset4this party and we only heard one song, which I’m unfamiliar with the name, but it was a song we both just happen to love that was so perfectly orchestrated to the ambience, mood and energy.

And the sky had brush strokes of painted colors and wispy ethereal qualities that reminded me of where my inspirations come from when I paint, which I shared with her. I am always fascinated with the sky and the dance of colors and clouds, light and cosmic birthing I see there. They mimic the way I paint and I can so clearly see the sky as a mirror of my soul and vice versa.

My school of art has been life, not any classes or school of technique –  simply the miracles of nature and the cosmos are my teachers – the essence of which reside within me. As I dip my brush into every spectrum of sunset23color, and allow the magic of the moment to take over in any flick and swirl of movement ignited, I am mirroring the magic of Source in loving power of creative explosions.

As an artist I am inspired by the natural creative energy that is all around…the magic that is inherent in nature’s ever-changing brilliance. It mirrors to me the power and fragility of each moment that beckons me to reach deeper each day and create from ALL of who I am.

“The sky is not my limit…I am.” ~T.F. Hodge

I am grateful for last evening’s gift and for the creative inspiration and support for today’s painting.sunset10

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