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Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Taurus – Choose the Change that Reflects Your Values, then LIVE It

Art by Melissa Hui Wang

Art by Melissa Hui Wang

Let your mind and soul be at ease. Don’t grasp and grab for the magic and miracles. When you reside in that place of stillness, the joy, miracles, and magic you’re seeking will find you. ~Melodie Beattie

With tonight’s Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Taurus, the themes are around grounding and getting “real” with ourselves and each other. This involves truly seeing and dropping the illusions and fantasies in order to come into and embody what is authentically true and real, in alignment with core values.

In order to do so, you will need to ask yourself, “what do I value?” and then ask yourself, “how can I live the values that are important to me?” In other words, this energy now is about really focusing, being present, and taking what you deem important and creating it into your way of life – walk the walk, don’t just talk it or create an appearance that is shiny and flashy, but has no solid substance to sustain it or attract the values you desire.

It’s not about grasping outside of yourself or doing every kind of external/superficial manipulation like wearing the “right” clothes, using the “right” words, or hanging out in the “right” places with the “right” people in order to bring the magic to you…It’s about being real with yourself inside, and then your world will light up in mirror to that wonder within.

Self-worth is key and realizing you are a child of the Universe, loved, abundant, and eternally supported. Get still and own this.

Presence and focus on creating healthier and more balanced choices and decisions, as well as deepening your relationship and connection with Mother Earth and to each other, are highlights as well.

I was just talking about this yesterday that if you aren’t getting out and creating a relationship with nature, you are missing out on vital aspects of life that will not only enrich it, but contribute to your well being. It’s not a luxury to spend time in nature and listen to her messages. It’s your path to creating a return to harmony with yourself and in helping to cultivate the same with our beloved Earth, so as to create her in the reflection of the relationship you desire to have with yourself and your own inner child. Everything reflects that.

Taurus is about the Earth, nature, artistry, patience, consistency, and practicality. Physically and energetically, in medical astrology, Taurus is connected to the neck, throat, thyroid, larynx, ears, vocal chords….and our ability to change or get stuck in stubborn old ways or become fixated on something that doesn’t serve. Together, these create a path to transformation that is rooted and solid. If you experience challenges in these physical areas, or with how you communicate and hear things, then you can look at what might be the culprit in terms of blocks, fears, and stubbornness.

How are you voicing your truth?

The Solar Eclipse and New Moon create an extra potent and intense time of transformation and also of opportunity. It’s always a great time with New Moons to take stock of where you are and reevaluate the choices and commitments you’ve made in all areas of your life to see how to make more supportive choices that are aligned with Spirit. It’s a time to plant new seeds and to make a stronger connection to the nature of you, within and without.

Sudden change can take place in sudden surprising or exciting ways. And yet, they have been under the surface for quite a while. They only appear or feel “out of nowhere” because you likely haven’t wanted to listen to the messages that were coming at you for quite a while, nor perhaps have you wanted to make the change unless, or until you had to.

You may now have to. 😉

You can choose the change, rather than have it happen to you.

A Call For Humanity

A poignant message from Jamie Dunmore….

Do, Or Do Not

I couldn’t resist. I know everyone has heard this famous quote more times than they can count from this powerful little, lovable guy, but here it is again! Simple and to the point!

I actually just sent this to a friend because of the conversation we were having over his trying, but missing the bulls eye because of repeating the way he’s always done things, even though on the surface he seems to have changed a lot. The mental and emotional patterns take some repatterning too, however. And in the interim, his health is being taxed immensely.

We’ve all been there in one way or another right? And until you experience that click where what you’ve heard, have come to understand, or been telling yourself, after hearing it countless times, comes together on all levels, you feel trapped and frustrated in not knowing how to get out of the vicious circle. Until things align, after enough is enough, or that final threshold is reached, and then bam!

Luckily, he has a great sense of humor, which helps, and so with someone like him, I can be frank in humorous ways right back. But the bottom line is, if something isn’t working to achieve the results you want, then maybe there’s a different way you could be choosing to do it. Right?

There is a fine line being addressed here, and a lot of it stems around your commitment and full embodiment of the new thing or belief you want to have. That isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with trying. Everything is part of our individual journey and is perfect every step of the way for exactly what we need. We each do the best we can with what we have in the moment.

The focus isn’t whether or not you’re doing it wrong, but if you truly want a different result, then that entails different choices and actions. So how willing are you to choose and be different?

Anyway, I say this all the time when someone close to me says that they will try and if I ever catch myself saying the same. A little Yoda “Lessons in Life 101” always does the soul some good.

Enjoy the flashback while facilitating the power of the now!

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