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Living with Conscious Intention & the Release & Embrace that Reflects Your Truth


This New Moon in Sagittarius drew out the Truth and offered us opportunity to expand into our empowerment. These crystal beings were my partners for this journey.

I listen to their essence and intuitively am drawn to which crystals would assist most greatly with current focuses and align most fluidly with the energies.

How do you harness the energies available?

Ritual, intention, going within, creating sacred space and sacred presence, inviting crystal beings, elementals, your higher self and divine forces into your daily practice, meditation, nature communing, creative self expression, greater wholeness of being…?

There are so many ways you can live life with conscious intention and work with all that is available to you to create alchemy.

Whether you utilize tools, modalities, your unique gifts, etc. the power lies within you above all else and the rest is your access to remember and stand in that truth and strength.

I’ve been blessed to have many crystal friends over the course of the years that have assisted me in knowing myself and harnessing my gifts to greater depths.


Many have moved on to assist others (including these 2 amazing herkimer diamonds above) and nearly all moved forth to new guardians both during a public and most recent private offering directly after that, leaving me with the least amount of crystals I’ve had (not counting crystal jewelry) in my presence.

I’d been guided that the last 20 (which includes 3 crystal wands) hold the frequencies of my current path and are some of my most cherished friends connected in some cases with my beloved rabbit companions who have moved on.

At some point some of these may be ready to assist others, and like now, I know that letting go is what opens new doorways and new experiences and friends to join me.

It’s amazing to observe how our lives evolve and the reflections of those changes all around us.

In many ways I’ve seen nearly all of what my life was released to the collective well to make room for the new in my own, which others have opened for me, and to allow others to step into their own versions of space I used to hold.

It’s such a beautiful process and journey we are creating together and trickling out to one another by letting go and embracing simultaneously.

I’m so excited about the new recreation of my life and life’s work and look forward to sharing it all with you, as I also look forward to witnessing and experiencing your new.

There is so much creative expression being channeled right now and new versions of everything that’s ever been, which is awesome!

Dare to create outside of the box and don’t try to be like anyone else or fit yourself into a limiting definition and paradigm that squeezes the life out of you.

Your courage to create new and more expansive versions of you creates potential for us all.

Swimming With Purpose

koi pond

Photo by Tania Marie


We may all be swimming in different life path directions, but we are still swimming in the same shared collective waters of experience.

Your unique journey is integral to the whole.

Keep the truth of you alive, as what you have to share keeps the vortex of experience thriving.


A Brief Message of the Divinity of Our Connections

bluelight1In reflections and messages of late, and conversations I shared today, this felt wanting to be expressed openly, for what ever reason. I feel a transcendent gratitude for everyone, everything, and the Divine magick of this experience that is exponentially integrating.

As pilgrims of the universe we ride this journey in kin to many for collective service. There are many powerful connections we will experience over the course of our lives, especially with souls who have embodied on this Earth many times more than most. And in service, there are partnerships that take place in higher good for the collective because of shared resonance to the work expressed in love.

And then, there are the connections that take space in a recess of the heart that is in a different way. A way not expressed by words. And is more than the grace of moving in and out of flowing connections that will come and go – and they do, just simply come and go naturally, exquisitely…like stars shooting across the cosmos (some very fast and some over time).

But some will have a recess of the heart that transcends and will ride the journey alongside you eternally.

In honor and love to all


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