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The Sacred Tattoo Process – Creating the Perfect “You” Tattoo

It’s exciting to bring to life the creations that are flowing with these sacred tattoo commissions, as it is an honor to be able to help support others with manifesting the perfect design that can help enhance their life intents. I just completed this tattoo design of The Dragon Power Symbol for a client, which was an unfolding journey into accessing deeper levels.

This image will be posted larger on the link provided, shortly, and you can also find more design examples by visiting the tattoo gallery here

I get questions a lot about the process of commissioning a tattoo design and what is entailed, so I thought I’d share the info here to help answer those questions.

As a visionary artist, Reiki Master Teacher and intuitive, I am able to tune into a person’s essence and bring to life ideas to mirror creative visions. After countless requests to do custom tattoo designs and people’s desires to have my creations on their skin, I decided to offer this service and have ongoing requests I continuously support. I then finally launched my book, “Spiritual Skin,” which had been nudging me for a few years, as I wanted to help others to understand this sacred process and how tattoo were much more than meets the eye. For more information and how to order your own copy of the book please visit Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep

If you have an idea and are not sure exactly how to bring it to life, contact me for help and I will be happy to support your visions, infused with spiritual potency. I will need to know what you have in mind, whether specific or abstract and anything about yourself to help me tune into what would best portray the energy and image that would be most powerfully mirroring for you.

The design process, including consulting, is $125/hour. I only charge for the actual design time, meaning pencil to paper time. The consulting (usually done through emails, sometimes phone), research, meditation, and any extra goodies I add to the process are not part of the hourly. That is just the gifts I add to the very intensive journey. The process of designing is a very intricate, deep, sacred, detailed, time and committed dedication that I take seriously and put my heart and soul into to ensure the right energy and detail that reflects your own heart. Sometimes I am creating out of thin air if a client doesn’t know exactly what they want, and only shares essence qualities, so I then need to figure out how that translates. This sometimes comes exactly right the first time and other times, it comes in stages, as it depends on how clear the energy is that is being channeled. Sometimes it takes time to go deeper and access that pearl that is hidden. It is quite the spiritual process and the more we unravel and dig deeper, the more I uncover the truth below the surface and get through the layers.

Usually tattoos run 1-4 hours to design, from my experience. Intricacy, detail and size will be the deciding factors. Whenever dealing with symmetry it can be a bit more complex and timely as well, so this all is taken into account when estimating time frames. I can usually give close guesstimates, but they can run shorter or a little longer. It is most important we get it right than to rush a process, however, I am mindful of people’s budgets and will work with what you can afford, staying within a timeframe you need, as well as can offer payment plans if necessary.

I require a one hour deposit upfront, as all tattoos take at least one hour, and the balance, due upon our agreement of its closure. Consulting back and forth is no extra charge, nor is the meditating time I do to tune in and receive. I clock my work from start to finish. After we agree, I will begin the design and then once done, email the scanned design to you to see what you think. Many times we get it the first time, but it is not unusual to have a couple tweaks and goes at it. It’s important to get things just right. I don’t charge for a couple of minutes of changes, but if it is more involved than a few minutes of change, or constitutes a redo, then I charge the same rate and of course if it’s partial hour, I charge accordingly as that equates from the normal hourly rate.

The design is done in black and white, meaning pencil, as it is up to your tattoo artist and you to incorporate colors you may desire. This is just the design template that they will use to copy and place on the transfer sheet to your skin, of which they can easily up and down the size on the copier if you end up wanting it sized differently.

The whole process is a magical one and I’m constantly amazed at how synchronously and divinely it always unfolds. It’s like being a catalyst or channel to help bring forth the visions my clients have in manifested form and in so doing, creating magical gateways or portals in a sort of alchemical process.

I am grateful for the opportunity to assist you with your own “spiritual skin” and welcome any inquiries you may have.

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