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Express Yourself by Guest Blogger Rhonda Simpson

Rhonda Simpson

We continue our guest blog spots today with a lovely post by Rhonda Simpson – another visionary in the field of creative and healing arts.

Rhonda and I are friends on Facebook and she happened to see Denise Sheehan’s guest blog post and my welcoming other visionaries to share from their hearts.  This synchronous timing was just the inspirational nudge Rhonda needed. Rhonda has her own blog, alongside her vast healing arts offerings, but had not written for quite a long time. When she saw my post it instantly reignited the flame within to consider putting herself back out there and sharing with the world again through her writing – something she has loved doing and does well at sharing from her heart. She has wanted to start a new series offering tips and tools on “Shifting into Mastery” and feels that perhaps this is the prompt she needed to jump-start this with a whole new and fresh outlook. I hope her experience is encouraging to others to listen to what calls to your heart and to, as Rhonda puts it, see “how prolific and profound synchronicity can be.”

Rhonda shares, “This is a special part of me that you have touched by your invitation and on a soul level, I thank you.”

Thank YOU dear Rhonda for embracing this opportunity, for sharing from your heart and for courageously standing in the grace of your unique beauty and gifts you have to share with the world.

Rhonda Simpson is a Spiritual midwife who specializes in helping you rediscover and reconnect with your Highest Self as she guides and supports you throughout the beautiful transformational journey of re-creation and assists you in remembering and reawakening the treasures that are nestled within you that will give you the courage to find the strength and perseverance along the way of your path and reach for what you most aspire to create. Rhonda offers Spiritual Counseling, Intuitive Guidance, Chakra Balancing and Cell Memory Clearing, and a variety of other tools as she compassionately guides you back home to your self and supports your rebirth into the world. She is also a writer, artist, mother of five, and a facilitator of Creative Empowerment Workshops and Retreats, Women’s Circles, and Rite of Passage Ceremonies for all ages. Rhonda enjoys teaching what she’s learned and continues to learn along her own journey, traveling to and exploring new places, creating art, creating life, and drinking in the beauty of nature. Rhonda lives on the site of a future Retreat/Healing Center in North Carolina, with her five children who inspire her in every way.

If you would like for Rhonda to teach a workshop or lead retreats in your area, contact her for more details. You can connect with her at and while you’re there, discover all the many other services she offers too.

If you’re interested in reading more of Rhonda’s inspired messages, you can visit her at her blog-site, It is her honor to guide you to find your passion and purpose and rediscover your Truth along the way.

Be sure to check for more details soon about the new and powerful upcoming “Shift Into Mastery Program,” an elevated journey through the winding roads of what keeps you from moving forward and a reminder of the Truth of who you are. In this six-part series, you’ll learn valuable tools that will help you to understand yourself (in all aspects), deeply, as well as to reclaim your values, your integrity, and your passion, and valuable tools to support you in self-mastery so that you can become the master of your life and wield your power, your love, and your gifts with force.

“Knowing others is intelligent; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” -Tao Te Ching

Be well and be Blessed,

Express Yourself by Guest Blogger Rhonda Simpson

In every moment that you follow your heart and express yourself freely, you are opening the door for others to do the same.  You are showing them a window into their own soul and stirring within them that part that says “Hey, I want to be me!”  You are, through your own expression of freedom, of authenticity, an inspiration. And how many you will affect through the simple acts of being and expressing YOU, you may never know, but in the essence of authenticity, you are honoring the spirit of truth in all.

So, the next time you doubt, or turn away from honoring yourself- think of your child’s watchful eyes and the little one that’s learning either to be something he’s not or shine in full-glory truth.  Think of your neighbor, who really needed “permission” to bust out of the box and be full-color.  Think of that certain someone that fate brings your way through perfect synchronicity who really needed that message more than anything that day- the one that said “You are so beautiful exactly as you are, and the more you shine, the more radiant you are for all to see.”  And know that through your expression (through letting your own self shine) you are activating, liberating, and penetrating the wall of illusion within others, and (in your own small way) just by being you, you are setting them free.

Sometimes we hesitate most in doing things for ourselves – we self-sabotage, we can tend to be our own worst enemies –  yet feel called to do for another and are more generous of ourselves in this way.  And so, I offer this as a bit of insight that provides somewhat of a detour to get where you’re going – to get to the other side of yourself and to go around that part of you that stands in your way.  Because, more often, (at this stage anyway) we’ll do more for others than we will for ourselves.

Ultimately, it’s all about self-love, about choosing from a highest place in order to honor your self, in order to walk with God, and that absolutely ripples out.  But for now, if it inspires you more to know how powerfully you can (and do) affect others through your doing/being and you are motivated to shine in the name of leading the way, in the name of all of the ways that you will liberate the world around you each time you do, then bring this forward as a truth and allow it to set your own soul free as you go.

So, just by doing this one simple thing today, just by being you in your own unique and special way, you could inspire a thousand soul smiles! Think of the ripple effect and how each one you affect, affects 20 more.  What if that’s what life is really about?!

Be the FLOW!


Copyright © 2010 Rhonda Simpson~Conscious Co-Creating. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author, and that it is distributed freely.    

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