Autumn of Harmony

It’s amazing to me that we’ve only been home for just under two weeks, as I feel like tons of things both happened and got accomplished in such a short period of time. Perhaps that’s a small part of why I needed extra sleep the days leading up to the Full Moon – both actual and behind-the-scenes energetic things have been rapidly taking place. The latter could also be why it felt like things caught up with me and my body indicated rest as the way to integrate it all. Included in the actual things have been several really potent, divinely orchestrated experiences/opportunities that acted as forms of transmutational diffusers and buffers I’m grateful for.

Then suddenly the Aries Full Moon zapped a lot of energy, clarity, and this extra core strength of self through me. The night before its fullest illumination, I found myself waking with energy in the night and feeling like at any moment I could get up and be just fine, whereas nights before that I was sleeping deeply through and if I woke up, I was dead set on going right back to sleep and easily slept in. And that extra powered up and refreshed feeling has continued since, with a very awake sense of things creating a stable and secure feeling amidst it all. Even the day of the Full Moon I was in a rare state in the presence of others that made it clear that this Moon’s energy really vibed well with me and that something clicked in.

The Full Moon sunset felt like a reflection of this renewal that I was feeling.

As you can see, it was so enchanting through the forest from our deck, I had to stop everything and just go out to soak it in. I loved the colors bursting in the sky and even the lake shared her joy with a little blue burst between the trees at left.

The colors and cloud presences were even more incredible in person and I imagine that over the lake the view would have been quite sweeping. I love sunsets through the trees, as there’s a sense of mystery and beckoning that comes through. The day of the Full Moon felt like walking through a new door of experience I’ve sensed coming, but now felt flowing through me very tangibly. It was like waking after a deep integrative sleep. This Full Moon really flipped a switch and made me curious if others felt changes in the days leading up and through it?

Regardless of the why’s behind any of it, being home and the alpine environment feel very nurturing.

And while I’ve been getting a lot done since being home – the things I’ve been doing are part of the ways in which I nourish myself, which include simply being in the energy and surroundings I love.

Nourishment has been a constant, reiterating theme that asks for attention, which is why I wrote about it again last week on my Instagram feed and this is the gist of what I shared:

Feeding my body, heart, mind, and soul is a necessity, as vital as breathing, to give to myself as consistently as possible so that my well is full to continue giving out in the ways I desire. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time and the ways in which to do this can even be free. Usually, I find that a core, limiting factor to being able to freely nourish ourselves stems from a conditioning around abundance – which is the balanced scale of giving AND receiving. I know that I’ve had to shift inner dialogue around receiving and archetypes of victim or martyr that became accepted ways of living – and this feels prevalent in the collective as well. Healthy, loving boundaries also play a part in this, to cultivate for the highest good.

The latter, for me, has been around saying “no” more often and recognizing and releasing that which is not mine, nor taking on anymore of what is not mine or something that I don’t want part of. It’s also included letting go more and more, not micro-managing, and compassionately holding space so others can move through their own journeys freely while I release allowing others to define my experience in any way. These also feel like key themes circulating through the collective web.

Anyway, I won’t repeat my long list of ways I nourish myself, but I will expound upon a few of them that have kept me busy, recently, in really core ways that helped my body get the good nurturing and rest it wanted. And if you’ve been feeling the itch to find your own sense of peace and grounding amidst the whirlwinds out there, perhaps these may spark ideas for you to explore in your own way.

These include: time in and with nature, outdoor exercise, gardening, feet and hands in the dirt, sand, and water, sunshine on my skin, listening to the messengers within the elements around me, and creating balance daily.

And by the way, these things I just mentioned that nourish me, also help me as a sensitive to maintain my personal equilibrium and know my frequency zone outside of the energies that are flying through the airwaves.

We’ve been able to get back out on the mountain, in the forests, and on the beach – yes, it’s still amazing beach weather here in the alpine world.

Temperatures right now are perfection, the light is incredible, and the onset of changing colors and golden glows sweeping across the land would warm anyone’s heart.

I’ve so been enjoying immersing back on familiar trails, exploring some new ones, and dipping my toes in the crystalline water on crystal-laced sand.

The sunshine is still cultivating tanned skin and blushing cheeks, while the plants and animals are making me feel like a super spoiled faery showered in all my heart delights that support my recreative momentum.

Speaking of plants and animals, some incredible messengers welcomed us back home and my garden received a new seeding and recreation of its own.

Just a few days after our return, we encountered one of the most rare animals and experiences up here in the mountains yet. We were out hiking with a couple of friends and came across not one, but three full grown porcupines out in the day. I’ve only seen two other porcupines before – one on our rv trip during a hike and one dead on the side of the road near our post office here about a year ago. To see one is pretty amazing, but three!?

I couldn’t get all three in one photo together, as the third one was high up already in a tree off to the left, but these two were climbing up the same tree together.

Porcupines are primarily nocturnal and rest during most of the day, but these three were out and about foraging, as they were making their way between, and climbing, the trees. Porcupines are solitary by nature, but may den with others during winter. They are known to spend a lot of time resting and feeding in trees, but to actually see them and three together, was highly unusual and quite fortuitous. I felt a lot of depth to why we were seeing them, including what the season ahead may hold.

They reminded me of a cross between little bear cubs and sloths, with quills. They are very slow moving up the trees and we all sat still in awe, watching and listening to their long claws clanking along the bark as they pulled themselves up the trees. I was completely fascinated and immersed in their energy – loving every moment with these sweet beings.

It’s no surprise their energy is so wonder-filled and childlike, as part of the messaging they impart. The hope, curiosity, joy, and playfulness they foster is supportive in times of grief, pain, turbulent emotions, and even depression, which have been a big part of energy streams the collective has been riding. Porcupines also assist in communication with the spirit realms and invoke innocence, strength, vitality, love, and protection. I loved reading about the zen awareness they carry and agree – they are always calm, but alert and there’s a sense of them as great protectors or warriors for the innocent. I like to think of them as the empowered inner child.

A couple of years ago I found a tuft of shed porcupine fur with quills on one of our hikes, which I’ve cherished ever since. I also loved reading how the quills are known to represent the generations of ancestors and their wisdom, with each quill being a representation of a family ancestor. For this reason porcupines are messengers of the ancient ancestor’s way of life and the knowledge of harmoniously living with the land and animals. Respect and reverence is a core teaching of porcupine wisdom.

You may recall that that I created a painting – The Child In Us – that featured porcupine animal spirit. It recently found its forever loving home where I’m happy to know it’s been cherished and supporting big transformations for its copartner. That painting was part of a collection of animal messengers to support the new energies of these times and of which, curiously, only Gem of the Emerald Forest (panda) remains.

Porcupine was the first of several more welcome-home messengers to come. The next was tree frog who greeted me while I was repositioning all of our potted plants back on the deck, resecuring their driplines, and cutting/pruning away seasonal transitions.

He was hanging out in one of the pots – apparently making this area his home all Summer – and jumped out as I moved it. “Well hello!” I said. I was so happy to see him and he let me stroke his back gently. Eventually I helped him back up after getting all the plants secured. I’m happy to know he’s become their guardian.

Wildly synchronous, but true – back in 2016 frog showed up for me at the Aries Full Moon of that October! I found this blog post I shared about it and the energy rings true for the now so much too:

Frog & Moon Magick

I took a lot away from that post that echoed things in my life currently.

And then it was garter snake – twice – appearing. We’d seen SO many on our two month away adventure on the coast and the snake energy continued here at home. First a larger one slithered across our path while we hiked a new trail with a friend. You can see her here in the Autumn colors covering the ground.

The second one appeared in my garden – a smaller one about 10-12 inches long – while I was out planting seeds. She hung out for a bit while I talked to her. I love that we have so many snakes in our yard and garden, as I’ve seen quite a few garter snakes and a beautiful rubber boa that call it home. Transformational energy abound!

Then, just yesterday while hiking with Dave we encountered three different messengers on a hike from our house that included four animals. I suggested this trail, feeling it was easy to do without driving anywhere and different, as it takes us more south and onto Heavenly Mountain. When we were close to our end point Dave saw something moving and thought it was another porcupine, but as we stopped and looked closely, we saw it was in fact a baby bear climbing a tree this time. He was already half way up and was continuing to pull himself higher – seemingly on a mission.

We don’t see bears climbing that much (last time I remember was up in Waterton Lakes National Park when we saw two grizzly bear cubs playing in a tree with momma bear watching), nor this high up the tree, so we were glued to watching him and fascinated at how such a large and heavy creature could do such a feat. We then knew right away where baby is, momma’s not far. So, we were on alert so as not to have momma feel threatened. Luckily we have black bears here instead of the brown/grizzly bears, and they are mild tempered and usually more scared of humans than we are of them. Yet, a mom is a mom and we’re very respectful of boundaries. We then spotted mom straight ahead on the trail. She seemed to be focused on foraging or something and while she noticed us, she was very calm and not threatened. I saw that there was a path down below and told Dave we should make our way down to it and then could go around her. So, we proceeded to do that and when we were far enough down we turned to watch momma pass.

She came straight down the trail we had been on and was slowly making her way to baby bear, but we both noticed immediately that she was injured. Her gait was slowed and she was limping quite a bit. It appeared that one of her back legs was the site of some injury or pain. Perhaps this lent to her more solemn mood. She knew we were there and looked at us, but continued on her way, limping as she went.

We were both heart-broken and of course I flashed to all the injured, dying and dead animals we encountered on our trip and now here was momma bear.

I sent some healing energy, but focused even more on it once we arrived at our destination and sat for a moment. I continued as we got up to make our return and increased my channel to her. And right then Dave points and we both see a Swainson’s Hawk coming directly at us. She was flying so low and just soaring silently with wings spread out so we could see her feather markings and coloring fully. I said hawk. Dave thought perhaps peregrine falcon. But, to me, she didn’t have the coloring and markings nor the size. This bird of prey was larger and because the feathers were so clear to me, I was able to later look her up and learned what type of hawk she was.

This felt like a deliberate fly-by taking place as I was sending healing energy to momma bear and protection around her and baby bear. Hawks have always been guardians and messengers of confirmations and support – especially for my bunnies when I have taken them to vet appointments where something was going on with them, and when I’ve taken them home from adoption, as well as on travels. They also have done similar for things and people in my life when I’ve been focusing energy toward an intention or support around them. I took her presence as a sign my message had been received and that momma bear would be watched over and protected.

Interestingly, these were some of the potent things that were surrounding the area where we came upon momma and baby bear.

On our way home we then saw this wild rabbit.

He didn’t move an inch the whole time we walked by, stopped, and I talked to him. Dave even thought he was a garden statue at first. I assured him that the bunny was quite alive and real. Dave then went on to call him “quite the guard rabbit”. This dear one was a continued messenger of my rabbit kin now in cosmic form, watching over momma bear.

And simultaneously all of these three different animal spirit guides shared their own messages with me outside of the web of support around momma bear.

When we got home Dave called the Bear League to inquire and let them know about her. They told him that they see this a lot and that momma bear will probably make it and there’s nothing they can do. So, I trust in our team sending energy and protection and feel like she’ll heal and be able to care for baby bear until he’s ready to be on his own. I know a momma’s heart and there’s nothing so strong as that bond and especially momma bear’s determination.

So many things I continually learn and experience profoundly through the animal world and nature realm, including the treasures I find.

It’s nonstop and for me, it all helps me to understand and work through so much of the collective energies and my own thread of that.

Transformational indeed and that energy is reaching through every part of me, as I feel it rewiring every layer within. From ideas, beliefs, and feelings to goals, trajectories, and lessening involvement in ways that seemed important at one time and now no longer are. I definitely haven’t landed at any destination, but continue soaring through evolving energy streams as I creatively stretch myself a little bit more.

And that creative transformation has also stretched its reach to our garden and yard, as part of the things that have kept me busy upon return has included Autumn seeding and planting galore.

I planted nearly 200 bulbs that included 11 varieties of daffodil, tulip, hyacinth, iris, and crocus. Then, after that, I got three bags full of wildflower seeds into the Earth which included two variety bags and one bag of just lupine varieties.

Dave and I also added to our zen yard that we did ourselves, keeping with the natural vibe, but with a little creative vision.

Before we left for two months, we gathered wood pieces from the cut down trees at this one particular location where these gorgeous half rings were plentiful. The wedge cut of the wood, along with the bark creating a ray effect, really spoke to us as a beautiful way to repurpose the cut down trees. To us, they double as mini mountains and when put together, create mountain range displays. They also look like rising suns or have a temple effect.

Anyway, we created four displays that we hand dug leveled areas for and filled in, so that our yard has a naturescape that speaks to our hearts and conveys our love of Nature.

We also have three new Aspen babies – well they’re more like teenagers, as they’re 15-18 feet tall – that are becoming part of our forest family. We, unfortunately lost three trees we planted when we first moved in, as we discovered that their root system never grew properly. We’re not sure if it had something to do with how they were put in, or the soil there, or if the couple of Winters at the start that pummeled them hard – one actually broke at the top. In any event, we sadly had to say goodbye to them. Yet, all endings are beginnings, and so our Aspen trees are taking over the new cycle that is starting.

This is them when they first arrived.

Their home is down further on the side of the house, but you can see how lovely they are already. Two are already in and the third will be done today. Where they first were dropped off is an area where we let our grass go on our side yard, but again, one ending is a beginning. Where we don’t water anymore and the grass went back to the natural terrain, we have a dozen or more baby Aspens all growing – you can see them here in the front of the new potted trees awaiting planting.

I believe they seeded themselves from two trees our neighbor has and so in the years to come we may have quite a lovely Aspen forest all along the right side of the house.

I really love Aspens and they do so well in this area. I always feel nourished when walking through the forest lined with them. Don’t they just make you feel good?

While we were away, the same people who removed our trees and planted our Aspens, as well as did quite a few home projects for us, built our new pergola.

We returned home to a beautiful new deck that looked like it always was meant to be this way. Due to all the fire prevention tree cutting and continued cutting on the way that removed some of our natural canopy, our pergola offers us just the right amount of shade during certain seasons while letting the perfect amount of sunshine through during others. It also helps the plants there to get a little break from the full-on sun they get all day, so it’s all-around supportive.

And right now, the garden and yard are still enjoying this beautiful weather. I have a few things continuing to bloom and grow, and others saying their goodnights early.

But overall, I just LOVE the light at this time of year and how everything just glows golden.

And while all of that is going on outside, inside the jars of dried herbs are growing – a favorite thing I do at this time of year. I had a lot drying while we were away, as I had the foresight to harvest before our trip because I felt I’d miss out on a lot if not. And I was right!

I’m also enjoying some new lavender sprigs in the kitchen along with our gnome family that are adding to the Autumn warmth.

We also discovered that our favorite wild comfrey plants we thought had disappeared along the creek we walk to from our house, returned in full force in two new, but close locations thanks to the beavers creating a wonderful ecosystem. We harvested four large leaves that Dave carried home for us as wings, and that I dried and blended to keep for use when needed. I’m looking forward to my own comfrey plants really flourishing.

I’m happy that they’re doing well so far since I planted tiny starters before our time away. I wasn’t sure if they’d take, but they are! They reside in one of my favorite little areas with my flourishing lamb’s ear plants, elderberry bush, other berry plants, mock orange bush, and some wildflowers on the way.

I also found this sweet glass ball vase that I knew was the perfect holder for the amazing agates I found on our trip. Look at how they love the light!

I wanted so much for them to be able to be seen, felt, and a part of our daily life, so after intentionally filling the vase, it now rests at the center of our living room next to another glass vase I have filled with Tahoe raw quartz varieties and other amazing stones from this area and other hiking adventures.

Astrid loves it, as she spends a lot of time in the living room at night when we’re asleep. It’s a favorite spot for her to tune into the outdoor and sky energies, as well as feel the Moon’s light streaming through to her. She also loves family time in the mornings and evenings there. So the stones and crystals anchor energies for us all.

And speaking of Astrid, she’s doing amazing, as are the kitty babies – Sweet Pea and Boojum. They’re all super happy to be home and although love being with us where ever we are…their heart home is here.

Astrid is especially fond of her new forest friends rug that awaited her return and to nourish her soul after some of her own transformational shifts she went through.

There’s so much I could continue to share and yet these feel like the highlights that may offer some collective tie-ins one can draw upon, while also being the right amount of give, while I also keep a little to myself to receive. I share quite a bit, but there are some things that I’m guided to simply bring through energetically rather than speak about. Increasingly, example is the guiding force in my life and is also how I’m touched most by others, so finding ways to share via my experience is what moves me most.

I’m really enjoying this season right now and grateful to all the endings lending their cycles to beginnings in the micro of my life and the macro to which that is a piece of.

I’m calling this the Autumn of harmony, as much of my focuses feel to be building such a strong balance of that in my life with a blend of clarity and flow being the partners in my days and through the things I am called to work on. As I recently shared on my Instagram page, there’s such crispness in the air and yet the onset of changing colors is so fluid. We, too, can experience life with both clarity and flow, having vision of what we’d like to create, while being mutable to the twists and turns so that we stay in alignment with the shifting energies.

I’m getting more revved up as October days move through, as I have so much of my life mirroring those endings that are simultaneous beginnings. The projects that are in my life are extensions of my heart beats and that means they ARE life and breath to me. What a gift!

I am a dreamweaver dancing, singing, musing with the record keepers of the forests.

I tune in and I tone, shaping the frequencies to form realities reflecting the beats of my heart.

How often do you listen and breathe in the brilliance that inhabits every molecule of consciousness within and around you?

There is potential in every breath and creative potency in every fiber.

The forests awaken memories of a past and future you that is threaded into the now.

Nature really is a wondrous friend, guide, and mirror to support accessing your expansive potentials.

Autumn Offerings Plus Ways to Empower Your Inner Light

On a side, fun note, I have a couple of offerings currently and upcoming to share. The first is something I’ve had for a bit, but just hadn’t posted about here. Because I continue to receive a lot of questions about where I get my clothing, I decided to post the link to my page on Poshmark where I offer discounted, quality, eco/artisan clothing. Poshmark is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell new and secondhand everything. I have a small closet there I’ve created that features several of my favorite designers. It’s a place where you can make offers, as well as feel free to ask questions directly in the comment sections under the listings.

I donate a LOT of things when I am refreshing my closet and redecorating, but many of my items are in such perfect condition and of beautiful, quality materials and uniqueness that I’ve started sharing them there – so it’s opportunity to bring home some special items at discount. I love supporting women entrepreneurs who are artisans on every front and the clothing offered is what’s known as slow fashion, which is sustainable, ethical, made by hand, and using natural fibers (much of which is organic) and recycled materials, and ecodyeing processes from plant sources. They are also created in small batches and each is unique – sometimes being the only piece ever made and sometimes just one of a small grouping made and could even be a discontinued design.

Anyway, if you’re curious or looking for some unique pieces to your wardrobe I have a variety of seasonal items currently available and will be/am continuing to update it as I have time. So, you can check in later too. Sizes will vary from xs – large, as each piece fits differently and is very versatile, or may be One Size like some of the cardigans. If there’s something you liked that sold, I may have more similar items coming. I have quite a few things to still list, including unique shoes and other items. The “Not for Sale” items are sold as well, but happened in process of posting them, as I made them available to someone before listing and they released them due to timing, but then came back for them.

Here’s the direct link for anyone potentially interested in a new splash to your wardrobe energy and I’ll likely put a separate page up on this website with the link so that it’s easy to find over time as well:

My Closet

The other fun will take place on Thursday 10/20/2022.

I’ve been holding onto a small group of crystals that I was waiting to make available at the right timing – I got extras of these crystals when I got some for myself because I felt they would speak to some of you. Perhaps between being busy and also loving them so much, added to the delay on releasing them. 🙂 These will finally be released on the date mentioned above. I’ll be adding them to the page I create for the closet link and may also announce it on that day as well, but you can also just check on this website on that day to explore the offerings.

During a time when the light out there is decreasing and redirecting us to the source within, some of you may find these of support:

If you’ve felt a call to bring Reiki into your life, I’ve made it easy to receive your full training via online video modules. I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about this too lately, so I think the collective energies are amplifying personal transformation for people. The link to the training and info can be found here:

Reiki Certification Training

I was recently talking about how Reiki has supported me so much during one of our Meditation and Mindfulness Meetups in being able to regulate my energy, create protective boundaries, and support empowered cocreation in my life – so much more so these days being an invaluable blessing to me amidst the world scene and overall, as a native, boundless Pisces. This was part of a discussion we had where people shared how challenged they are being sensitives and empaths.

If anyone’s interested in adding to their daily support system for integrating Reiki into your life there’s also an online workshop I offer here, along with one on Transcending Duality:

Empowerment Series

About Tania Marie's Blog

Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. What a stunningly beautiful place, as always and your pictures reflect that. Thank for sharing your magic Tania 🙂

  2. I agree with Simon. You live in a gorgeous place Tania and have created a wonderful home and gardens. And I love how you commune with nature and the creatures. It’s wonderful that you have forests, mountains, and lakes with beaches. All my favorites mixed in one place. 😍

  3. What a beautiful earth you have seen!

  4. It’s a lot to absorb! All of it fantastic!
    I like dried herbs, too, but rarely get them dry enough in our climate. The stove oven, well, it’s not up to its tasks. It’s great idea.
    Your colors are wonderful. Water and trees, everything is bright.
    I find myself in great harmony with everything in nature, too, at the moment. Energy is lacking most often, but I can sleep a lot. Except, I go to sleep around 2-3 am recently, that’s not helping.
    You certainly take good care of animals and nature and they treat you back, and do that well.
    All the best!

    • Thank you SO much Inese! Love hearing how we have quite a few shared loves. The colors right now, as you know, are just so inspiring. October really IS such a beautiful month and like you I’m feeling extra communion with everything out in Nature. Thank you so much for the sweet comments and reflections. I hope you are able to get some good rest and that your dreams bring you inspiration for your beautiful art. Warm wishes and hugs!

  5. Desiree Bergeron

    What a deeply nurturing share!! The person who traveled to receive Reiki has gone home, and after integrating that whole experience, I could not wait to read and absorb all your pictures!! Oooooooo your and Dave’s animal encounters are sooooo special (as always), but I do enjoy immersing in all you shared with their symbolism too- as it’s something you know I love as well; and look into when messengers//guides show up! Even my girls now will have an encounter, and then ask me, or we’ll look up and read about all the various symbolism and messages……or when they have potent dreams too!!
    Everything looks magnificent on your home front too the new structure and deck is stupendous and looks like it’s always been there!! Craig and I just recently put up magnificent Quartz Rock behind our wood stove…….it’s energy radiates and bounces through the whole downstairs area!!
    BTW, I certainly experienced same//similar of resting lots leading up to Full Moon, then bursting energy!! Love you!!

    • Thank you sweet Des! I imagine you and you and your client had an incredibly potent time.
      Yes, you and I share the animal journey quite profoundly and I’m so glad you enjoy and understand how much it means to experience them. I also love how your little faeries have such powerful encounters. They are so precious!
      Thank you also for the sweet words about things here at home. It’s been a journey for sure. I love the quartz renovation you added to your stove! How beautiful and powerful!
      Glad to know you also shared the energy stream I mentioned. I’ve only heard from one other who had the same exact thing.
      Sending lots of love to you and hope the week continues beautifully and you get a lot of you time! Love you too!

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