May Momentum of a Foxglove Faery

Love is in the Earth and so are my hands.

In the last two days I picked up all of the plants I needed (these are some of them with me in above photo) for new pots gifted to me by my parents, as well as for pots that needed perennials after experiments I did last year.

I also got some to fill in between the extended faery and rock garden area I’ve newly added to and to replace some potted bushes and a rose bush that didn’t make it after the big snow of December took them out.

That meant some fun garden time literally getting my fingernails all dirty, as I planted 11 foxglove, 6 Spanish lavender, and one rose bush over the last two days in between my days’ adventures and focuses.

Although not all foxgloves are perennial – the original wildflowers are biennials – the descendent variety I get are perennial and have been coming back prolifically each year in white, rose and purple blossoms.

This faery is a HUGE lover of foxglove – they make my heart beam! – which is why I plant so many of them. These new ones join bunches more that are all over the garden, deck and front entry. Lavender is also a favorite for me and melts my heart, which I have tons of as well. I enjoy drying the lavender at the end of the season so I have so much of it to bake, cook, and make things with come Autumn. I still have huge amounts left from last year, actually.

My other favorites are the lilies that have also been doing amazing here, and the random plethora of wildflowers that are growing throughout my yards, garden, and pots from my throwing seeds everywhere with glee!

The mini roses on my two bushes (one newly planted and one still going strong) are also very sweet. I like to dry some of their petals, as well, for use over the year.

Along with the new plant babies that arrived to the Forest Portal, I even found a third squeeze-me-cute little white bunny pot hanger so that now all three of the large pots outside of my and Astrid’s Wonderland room can have their sweetness gazing back at us.

This quickly completes my main planting work for the season other than my mini greenhouse containers, which I’ll be doing shortly, but is going to be very easy too. With those and my Garden Tower I’ll have enough greens for Astrid and us that will be the perfect and easily manageable amount for this simple faery.

Come Autumn I’ll plant more tulip bulbs, as I’m so excited about them coming up for the first time this year.

And that’s it! Unless I find some perennial sunflowers today when the garden center just down the street opens for the first day this season. Yay 5/5 – a day that is a holder for a couple of special things in my life.

(UPDATE: No sunflowers to be found so instead I got 8 other plant babies to finalize our perennial family for the season: 1 large red elderberry bush (it has an already established baby huckleberry, white blackberry and larger mock orange bush as nearby friends), 1 hollyhock, 2 red daylily, 1 yellow daylily, 1 yellow lupine, 1 yellow moonshine yarrow, and 1 large lavendula round bush – they all got planted on my late afternoon/early evening break in honor of my Russian Tortoise, Gaia, who’s birthday it is and the day Nestor’s ashes came home to me. I’ll share updates later into Summer when things flourish and bloom.)

I’ve made things in my garden and yards very simple so that minimal work is needed, things maintain a wild with intent organic flow, and I get to enjoy perennial beauties that flourish each year and bring in the pollinators – bumble bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and more! Our front yard has gone back wild and free so no more water waste there in terms of the lawn the previous owners had planted, and the side yard is coming up wildflower plants all on its own from one little faery’s sprinkling of seeds.

And now that all of the land around the house has been Spring cleaned from all the Winter die off, pine needles and cones, branches, leaves, and more (this is also part of defensible space protection for potential fire preparedness), my last plan will be to get in a drip system this year so that everything will be pretty much self contained.

In the meantime, I do enjoy watering as a time-out-of-time break every several days to be with the natural elements all around me.

I think the plants, animals, and Fae enjoy how I celebrate each time spent with them.

Garden time is always a fun break to also step out in my gardening boots and playful faery attire.

Like these fun overalls that I also customized with wild intent.

They came with the 3 big stitched flowers on the front, but I had patches added – two sweet rabbits in fancy Spring dresses, holding flowers stitched onto the front pockets and 2 large sunflowers (my fav flower of all time – hoping still to find a perennial variety here locally) stitched onto the back pockets. Then I had a Tennessee artisan block print the flowers on the back of the legs with natural plant dyes. And voila!

Adorning the body as a temple has always been a creatively sacred act for me, just as the Earth adorns her curves in shrouds of blossoms, purple mountain majesties, crystalline waters, and fields of colorful dreams.

Spring is in full swing here and it’s continued to support a deep reset of things – especially seeing that between Easter and Beltane, how a whole upgrade is anchoring into the physical.

Even the bathroom renovations we’ve been doing and that are nearing completion, speaks to me of these deep transitions being literally restructured from the ground up. The bathrooms are the only part of this house we hadn’t changed when we moved in, so the significance is potent. Especially so, since Dave and I are both Water signs. And as I was sharing with a sweet friend, “Water and bathrooms always speak to me of the core stuff, the deep subconscious and emotional energies…a resetting of everything to build and have a stronger foundation from the ground up! So, it feels like we’re all having a deep dive of new energies on the levels that really are at the center of everything.”

May feels motivating of life changes in store…a time period of momentum merging future self with the now even more. I get the sense of great gifts and blessed moments coming from patient and consistent perseverance. May, for me, is both an ending and beginning tied into one.

I’ve been taking more time off and away these days, which has felt really good. It’s been beneficial on many levels and provides me more room to breathe into what my deepest joys and inner compass are whispering.

It’s also been a very productive period, as well as healing and recreating things from a whole new foundation. We’ve been getting so much done here, both as a team (Dave and I) and on an individual level as well.

The more time I tune in and take away, the more I actually am seeing myself accomplish and recreate in strong, foundational ways…and where before some things seemed certain to be, are now offering new pathways because of opening wider and shining the light where it was needed most.

I will continue to listen to that inner voice and take more time away to maintain the balance that is so enriching and necessary. That is both literally away on small journeys and just physically stepped away and immersed in my own world outside of here.

I know that collective connection is inherent regardless of how often we show up on platforms like these. That is the space… through the cosmic heart… where we are always connected and always meet.

In my heart and mind I’m always dancing in a field of wildflowers, surrounded by fresh mountain spring water and wise trees, with wild rabbits leaping in harmony with me, and a temperate breeze and sun rays kissing my skin. In that vision sings a hope for the collective and a promise to keep seeding expansive potentials through every creative expression.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. I enjoy and admire your passion for life Tania. And I love your gardening style with all the perennials, wildflowers, and fun decorations. May you and the fairies dance with joy! 🧚🌼💕

  2. I love everything about this May message! Happy momentum to you! Julie 

  3. Love your inspiration and wild garden Tania… enjoy your days with the faerie folk❤️ sending love😘

  4. Cutest overalls ever! You’re adorable!!
    Wowza to the “rocks” in your faery garden!!!!

  5. Desiree Bergeron

    Cannot get over your incredible coveralls!!!!!
    Nor the brilliant sparkly Fae Magick that’s just beaming light from your eyes!! That light coming down to the Faerie and Bunny is especially beautiful…… and the flowers growing in the shape of a heart? 🤭😱 That doesn’t just happen! It just warmed my heart thouroughly, and brought smiles to my face—the Forest Portal sends out concentric rings of harmony, balance, joy-filled love, healing and peace!! SOoooooo needed xx
    TY x x X x x looooooovvveeee yoooou

    • I’m having so much fun reading your comments as I know you shared you’re enjoying reading in your break fun time! You always see and express all so magickally! Thank you for these reflections dear sistar! Everything touched my faery heart so much and I love that it does for you too just in seeing and feeling it all through the portal. You are most welcome 🙏 🤗 and thank YOU!!! LOVES YOU TOO

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