Blast Off to 2022!

As the New Year is about to kick off with some refreshing energies culminating around a Capricorn New Moon on the 2nd (see link to Faery sis, Laura’s post on these energies), I thought I’d leave behind what I know has been another intense year for so many with a little lightness and hope for the journey ahead. It’s challenging to find the things to feel good about, but as part of my energy signature I will always do my best to help bring that to light.

I’m not immune from feeling all the feels and having to navigate my own challenges, yet I’m wired to see the silver linings and share that potential with each of you. It’s my true belief that we can rise above anything, transmute the energies, and create anew. Some people know how to do this on their own, but it’s the collective support and sharing that I know helps more of us to get there.

For the latter reasons I share what I’m guided to bring through with each of you, as a way to connect, heart to heart.

My frequency has always been one of childlike wonder and today’s montage I hope will bring the best medicine of laughter and fun your way to help alchemize the transition into 2022.

With the help of my copartner in fun – my brother – we put together a short, themed share inspired by the outfit I was inspired to wear yesterday to our delayed holiday celebrations with my family due to snow storms making travel not possible for Christmas day itself.

We immediately giggled that I resembled a modern day Barbarella – a 1968 sci-fi fantasy spoof movie based on a French comic series starring Jane Fonda as a starry-eyed, pure and innocent space adventurer from an idyllic future Earth sent on a mission by the President of Earth to retrieve scientist Durand-Durand who has created a weapon to destroy humanity – at the heart of it revealing that people lust for peace and love. It speaks to more than what it appears to be – under the surface it also looks at themes of repressed human nature and utopian goodness.

However you look at the movie itself, it was simply the idea of my outfit that made us laugh, since Barbarella is quite a silly movie on the top surface.

But when I realized that I was wearing a Cosmic “suit” of my own – the jumpsuit is actually organic cotton and botanically and blossom dyed, blending Earth and Faery essence – with starlit encrusted silver Cosmic boots – it was a match made in heaven with my own mission and the timing of a New Year upon us.

So accompanied by Santa on my shoulders and an elf bunny helper riding along with me on my giant Christmas candle rocket, we were ready for a Cosmic blast off! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Mission: to anchor love and harmony…reveal your secret powers…deepen compassion, connection, and authentic, raw beauty, activate your self-expressive gifts and empowerment, merge human and spirit/Earth and Cosmos, and do it all with lightness and creativity.

I know no greater way to open the heart than to surrender to it…and part of that for me is vulnerability. I love laughing and especially laughing at myself. And I have no problem sharing that side of me with each of you.

In fact, I feel the importance so much of being raw and free, and consistently receive guidance to express that no matter what others are doing around me, that I follow what ever is in my heart in each moment.

And so I present to you the “Cosmic Worm” channeled through for a New Year’s Eve wiggly fun giggle.

I hope it helps you to loosen up and shake off all the old stuff, walls, armor, false clothing, etc. that you might be carrying or wearing. And at the least, I hope it helps you to laugh your heart out as we enter 2022’s new doorway. I can’t stop laughing at it myself! LOL!

Side note: I did this in one take after filling my tummy with appetizers, hence this Cosmic Worm only had so much physical wiggle in her. πŸ˜‰

But energetically, my wiggle is nonstop. I have so much energy that I’m always needing to sing, dance, move, create….or else it bottles up and stagnates.

I’m always up for a wild ride and in order to continue to fuel that energy, I do the necessary behind-the-scenes work to fuel that momentum.

January feels to me like a real cleansing and clarifying time before jumping into the new. I feel like a deep inner listening to the heart and soul deeper callings is where my intuitive eyes and ears are tuning into.

And although we can make intentions and do these kind of resolutions at any time of year, I know many of you feel the importance of doing that at the start of each year. So perhaps you might take today and tomorrow to really anchor in what you want to create and also take stock of what you’re grateful for and what you want to bring more of into your life.

I don’t stay up late anymore for these year shifts, although many times I’ll wake up right at the time it takes place, or when Cosmic alignments are happening in the skies above. Yet, tonight I do plan to put myself to bed with a little journaling in my mind before drifting off to an early night’s sleep.

Retreat, restoration and recreating….some of the themes I feel knocking on the door right now and I’ll likely expand on these in January’s Collective Energy Dynamics Forum group. Maybe these are words you can sit with and see how they want to be a part of your experience right now and could be part of your practice for this first month of 2022.

I loved that my family celebration took place on the 30th, just before the New Year shift. My parent’s house was decked out in the most whimsy and warmth it’s ever experienced – too much to share in this post, but this is one of my favorite little nooks they created.

It all spoke to another layer upon layer of anchoring for that beautiful connection, warmth, sweetness, wonder, and love energy we shared on Winter Solstice with Desiree’s family…that collective unity and the values that will support our life progressions and bigger picture advances.

We are spiraling into deeper layers of experience as a whole, as we integrate and find new balance within and without.

My mom and I even shared a little dancing in the kitchen, as we took turns leading and I twirled her in and out like a whirling dervish.

She and I have always shared a sweet bond of nurturing and we’ve been mirrors of much for each other in terms of growth and expansion. And we both share the same wheeze, tiny snorts, rolling tears, and silent ecstatic giggles when we get into deep belly laughs that completely consume us.

Alone I’m mischief and whimsy in a pocket and coupled with my family we’re a consortium of playful banter and silliness. We just will NEVER “grow up”. I may expand, but it’s all about expanding into the child at heart who lies at the vortex of my heart and embodies the innocence of the Great Mystery.

I know not everyone shares the kind of outlook I do on life, but I do believe that even a little more light-heartedness, vulnerability, and open heart could take us a long way and help us to relate to others, the world at large, and what’s showing up on the scene.

With the intensities we’ve had to navigate, we truly only have what we can make of life…and if that load can be lessened with some laughter release, then I’m all for it. I know it does me wonders when I give myself permission to let go and surrender to the wave of playfulness that wants to make it all so much less serious.

And speaking of navigating…I continue to feel like we’re on an adventure like no other we’ve yet experienced.

And that the only way through is to listen within, be willing to step into changes that challenge us, and trust fully that the steps, way, and support will be there when each foot lands at every consecutive step that is revealed.

New landscapes await us to merge and anchor into…I feel one calling me for sure!

Just a couple of days ago, we set out across the back forest on a trek to the post office and UPS Store where our P.O. Box is. We hadn’t been out since we arrived home, as the roads were crazy and the storms just made it better to stick around and just wander on snow shoe.

I’m always up for an adventure and do this walk many times in all seasons. I once trekked the nearly two miles just in snow boots up to my calves and knees and carried back a bag and backpack full of packages through the forest.

I don’t mind carrying things, so I had Dave strap on a package I needed to ship off and away we went.

I told him, just call me Snowshoe T – in honor of Snowshoe Thompson.

For those of you who haven’t heard of him, John “Snowshoe” Thompson is quite famous in these parts. He’s the legendary skiing mailman of the Sierra Nevada. We actually learned all about him a couple of years back when we went on a group snowshoeing adventure where an actor played the part and told us his whole amazing story.

Snowshoe Thompson, who was originally from Norway, was able to do what no others could consistently and successfully do…He would carry 60, 80 and grew to over 100 pounds of mail and packages on his back through the snowy Sierras across 90 mile treks of 50 foot high snowdrifts, through blizzards, and up to 80 mile per hour winds by moonlight without a blanket or a gun, in just three days, and was never paid by the U.S. government. He delivered mail between Placerville, CA and Genoa, NV and later Virginia City, NV.

You can read some of his story here: Snowshoe Thompson

Well, I may not be as strong and bold as Snowshoe Thompson, but I carry his spirit of believing everything is possible, that I can make it happen no matter how harsh the conditions of life are, and it’s all an exciting journey if we look at it through the perspective of our heart’s passions and connection to the natural surroundings we can attune to.

I also like to chalk it all up to my inner child wonder, finding the gifts in all experiences, and being an explorer of life, always up for the next adventure.

My copartner in life, Astrid, shares the same outlook.

And, together, we send all the hope we feel in our hearts through to your hearts.

I know it’s not easy to find the lightness in things, but the more we can lean into the wisdom of our hearts and let the light shine through the crevices that ache to expand, the more we will discover there’s an innate knowing within the miracle of our being that naturally can lead us to where we want to go.

(Thank you sweet Laura for this snuggly bunny sweatshirt to match my snow bunny heart)

And when at a loss, and you can’t find something to lift you up, you can remember the Cosmic Worm wiggling her way into your heart with tickles of giggles to loosen up all that feels tight and rolling in waves that remind you of your powerful healing and renewing abilities.

Wishing you a year of regenerative potential.

May all possibilities be open to you!

Ready, set, blast off to 2022!

Here’s Lee with some inspiration and insights for the month ahead:

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  1. Thank you dear Tania. I love you and your playful, loving, and inclusive spirit. Many people profess to be for the light while judging and attacking the dark. I believe we must drop the war mentality and learn to live from unity. You inspire me by modeling love and inclusion; walking the talk. Thank you for adding love, light, and laughter to my life. 😍 You totally rock the Barbarella/ cosmic love-child worming her way into our hearts. May love, laughter, and wonder spread in the new year. πŸ’•πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈπŸ›πŸ—ΌπŸŽ‰

    • Aw this message warmed my heart Brad! ❀ thank you kindred spirit. I resonate so deeply with what you shared and believe the same with all of my heart. And thank you so much for the compliments that made me giggle more! 😍πŸ₯°πŸ€£ activating the super love and laughter powers with you! Beaming across the globe, united as one! Brace your hearts world, for you’re in for a wonderly ride! Happy New Year Brad! Love you!

  2. Tania, what great fun this was to read and watch. The outfit was spot-on, but the boots really made it. Are you sure, that there wasn’t some fiary dust sprinkled on those treats. LOL The photos were a lot of fun, it reminded me, of the kooky fun my brother and I had as kids, at Christmas time. Your cosmic rocket is a real trip. You made me smile from ear to ear. Happy New Year dear lady…Carl

    • Lol!! YAY!! I’m so happy you got a fun loving kick out of it all and I love hearing about you and your brother up to similar mischief!! How fun!! Happy new year my friend! Hugs to you and Anett!! 😘

  3. LOL, Seelie one! I commented last night, as I awoke just before midnight our time, but the comment didn’t load. Love the jumpsuit and especially the sweatshirt, which looks as cute as I knew it would. πŸ™‚ Happy New Year! ❀

    • LOL 🀣 we were laughing so hard creating these and I haven’t stopped anytime I see it πŸ˜‚ I woke at 12:05 and heard the fireworks here going off and the sky light up for five minutes. I had fallen asleep doing gratitude and intentions in my mind so felt like an igniting lol! Thank you so much πŸ’“ Happy New Year!!

  4. Your post is so fun and full off joy and shenanigans. Makes me giggle. I hadnt even thought if Barberella. Lol. When I saw your outfit I thought of the Jetsons and also Lost in Space, lol. Warning Will Robinson warning. You look adorable. Love you much and heres to a new year of the unexpected, as well as the combination of even much more manifesting, magnified. Love vf to you, your family and Dave, and the furry gang

    • hehe! thank you sweet D! i keep giggling about it too πŸ™‚ you’re super right about the Jetsons and Lost in Space! Barbarella was more scantily clad, but with the boots and the whole love and peace innocence vibe…i just remember the silliness around that film and we immediately thought of her! LOL! you made me laugh that you remember the lines!! woman of my heart! ❀ sending you and Mir bunches of love and hoping you're continuing to have a beautiful time away with your family if you're still there. tapping wands with you to bringing forth unexpected and exciting surprises as well as instant voila manifesting! hehe!

      • I can see why you did. 😁 actually got back home last Monday. It was a short yet such a wonderful trip. So great be with my family. Lots of love to you and dear Astrid. Love me and Mir πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈβ€πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ

      • Hehe! 🀭 oh! Well I’m so happy you had a great time! I know how much you enjoy your family there. Did you have to drive through any of the area where the fires are?

      • Thank you sweet T. I left before the fire began. So no. I have a friend here that grew up there and has family and friends ds there. They were safe but I. Not sure about their homes

      • gosh i’m so sorry to hear that they were going through similar as we were…i’m glad at least they’re safe and am sending supportive energy to them. so crazy that fires are going on in december still!

      • It is crazy sweet T. But thank you so much for the supportive energy

  5. Desiree Bergeron

    Ooooooo my….. YOU!! Miss Cosmic Wormβ€”I laughed so hard (Many times), And I could not stop!! You are quite the sexy Barabella in your Faerie spin-off suit, and Cosmic Glitter Wellies!! Just maybe a Space helmet that can double as a ski helmet will be gifted to you one day!!??? I mean, does such a thing exist? 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
    You are the funnest and brightest star of all the shows going on in the multiverse…..Thank you for always bringing such lightness of heart a d happiness (and laughter!!) to us all!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

    • LOL!! everytime you say something about it i laugh harder and thinking about craig saying, ”who are those kids?” LOL! “it’s Tania!” yeah i totally should have had my ski helmet with me…that would have been better, although silver sparklies would match more! thank you for making me laugh again! ❀ and you're so welcome too!! Happiest of New Years! Going to be a biggie!

  6. When Anett got up, I told her, you have to go to Tania’s blog it’s fun and hilarious and you will get a real kick out of it. Some of the poses and video, with tania doing the worn across the floor, ‘was the cat’s meow’. It reminded me, of what a little ham I was, as little boy. One event, in particular, where my mom was hosting a meeting, with about a dozen women of the Culver City Moose Lodge. The women were seated around the perimeter of the living room, when little Carl got wind of the commotion and couldn’t resist the urge, so I donned my blue satin trunks and pinned around my neck, my fateful Superman cape(an old towel with a red ‘S’ on it) and away I went flying into the living room, with arms out flying(running) around the living room doing hand springs, summersauts and fighting off the bad guys, when my mom, said Carl enough! getting back in bed, she was not amused, but all the women were laughing their fannies off. My mom stood up and I knew it was time to make my exit, as I headed to my bedroom, all the women gave me a standing ovation, I turned around and gave them a bow and ran like heck to the bedroom, with a impish smile the way. Tania, thank you, thank you, for allowing me to be a kid again…Carl

    • I SO love these stories Carl!! I’m enjoying every bit of these walks down memory lane and the stirring of inner child wonder, whimsy, and play that has risen! What a fun story! I love that the women were all laughing and gave you a standing ovation! And then your stopping to take a bow and the smile! Priceless! What fun it is to join our childlike hearts together! This is the powerful stuff change is made of. ❀ You're so welcome and thank YOU for playing along with me!

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