Updates for March & April

At six weeks into our trip, we only have three remaining before heading home. I continue to balance personal time with a low-key flow of work that feels manageable and harmonious, without taking on anything new. My focus, while away, has been on moving through and completing what I can of only previous client projects or sessions that began before this trip, while also prepping for the upcoming new 2021 classes and where I’m headed next. I had to close out everything in order to not feel overwhelmed and still have my own space to fulfill what I need during this time. Balance is always a main focus for me and so I did actually take the first two weeks of the trip completely to myself without any work, just to detach for a while. And since, have slowly woven in work again.

One of the projects I’ve been slowly moving through are some new Sacred Tattoo Designs that have felt very aligned energetically to be immersed in – a mother and daughter dragon duo. One is a Water Dragon Fae Queen and one is a Fire Dragon Empress.

I thought I’d share some photos and close-ups laced throughout this short update post for you to feel into, as I always find these designs to support threads within the collective layers.

I’ll be working on another here shortly that feels to be a multi-dimensional map of the Great Mystery to navigate by. I’m needing a lot of time to process the intent, vision, and understanding around this, so I’m not sure how long it will take or how it’s going to evolve…It’s quite humbling to be a part of.

And then I’ll be moving into a very special Intentional Art painting I’ll be working on that has very deep purpose and that I’m almost overwhelmed by the invitation to have honor to create. Again, very humbled by this project and with both, hoping and trusting that I can access the channel to bring through the highest vision for each. They both feel to be a challenge that will stretch me into a new layer of growth.

After that returning to a final sacred design piece meant to weave into a previous story…ought to be fun, fun, FUN!

I don’t know how much I’ll complete of these in the next three weeks, but likely I’ll have at least the first design done and initiate a beginning with the next.

I’m not feeling called to reopen custom sacred tattoo designs or intentional art designs/creations, as I have enough on my plate and while enormously nurturing to my creative side, they also take a lot of focus and energy. So, I’ll be continuing to take a break on these indefinitely.

One of the updates to share is about the 2021 new classes. The Intuition and Reiki class was previously scheduled for February 7th, but I had to change the date in order to support the signs coming through and some unexpected shifts. I was very grateful that the students already signed up were in alignment with the changes, and in many cases relieved. I got the sense that what unfolded was because February was a month needed to continue to integrate, complete, and rest, before beginning the new.

This change ended up creating a shift to both classes, as I felt guided to switch out the March 14th class with the Intuition and Reiki one and move forward the Crystal Healing & Reiki class from that day to later in March.

So the current line-up is now Intuition and Reiki on March 14th and Crystal Healing & Reiki on March 28th – each taking place within a New and Full Moon energy doorway.

These classes can be found here: 2021 Classes & Upcoming Events

Only the Crystal Healing & Reiki class has some openings, so if the first date didn’t work for you, perhaps the new one will.

You do need to have had Reiki training in order to take these classes, as we will be working with symbols in conjunction with the material.

If you have any questions about these, please Contact Me.

I’ve been receiving inquiries about sessions and when I might open these up again. I’ve needed to close them so as not to take on too much while creating space for myself during our time away. So, I’ve only been finishing to work with clients that started up with me before the start of 2021.

That said, I’m going to reopen sessions in March, but just for that month to support those of you who have asked about this, anyone who wants a check-in about where you’re at with things, or help with finalizing any healing changes you’re making or next step shifts toward your goals.

Come April, I’m shifting gears in order to have time to devote to where I’m guided, so if you want to get on the calendar for March please book your sessions now so we can assure the days and times that work mutually will be available.

You will find two options of sessions at this page: Intuitive Energy Guide One-On-One Sessions to include either a One Hour Optimizing Session without Reiki or a One-Hour Optimizing Session with Reiki Healing Attunement.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to offer any discounts at this time, but there are session bundle options that are discounted if you decide you’d like more than one. If you don’t find the number of sessions that work for you on that page, please contact me so I can create a special package with you. And please contact me also if you have any questions.

If you feel you want a larger bundle of sessions and are wondering how that works if I’m only opening for March – in these cases only, if our work together extends past March to complete your package that will be the exception. But again, we need to get these on the calendar as soon as you book so I can map out my schedule because I will have more limitations once we get into April.

Another thing I wanted to address, since I had a couple of emails about this, is Online Reiki Classes.

I didn’t have any particular plan with this for 2021, but if enough people are seriously committed, I am open to considering to put together a Reiki Level 1 Class – the sooner the better (I may be able to do something in the first half of April since I have two classes in March already). Please Contact Me as soon as possible if this calls to you, so I can assess whether or not it makes sense to try to schedule something around my projects.

If there’s a big nudge like last year’s clear one of people feeling the same level of importance that opening to this path and raising their vibration at this time would mean to them, then I’m sure I’ll receive the message and it will be obvious how it works into my plans already.

Another option could be to train with one of my students who is already teaching, or is about to teach, if I turn out unable to do this in a time period that is mutually supportive. In this case, I could put you in touch with the teacher I feel matches you most energetically, or provide you with a couple of teacher options that you could connect with to see who calls to you.

And last, I keep mentioning that April will be the shifting month for me where my schedule will be limited due to transitioning into a new mode. Some of that involves personal projects and the other portion of that is looking to involve a very limited and exclusive 1:1 offering I mentioned before: The Mentor Muse ~ Guiding Inspiration for Life’s Work Alignment.

This will be the only service I’ll be offering, other than the potential online Reiki class, after March. In fact, April will likely be the launch. I’m still working on the details to create a separate web page for, but here’s a reiteration of what this basically will involve:

This will be the most intensive and exclusive one-on-one offering for supporting a comprehensive approach to manifesting a new path that turns your purpose and passions into your career, while also transforming your life so you experience the fullest expression of your spirit potential right now. Because of the intimate level of highly-focused, consistent work this will involve over the course of a longer period of time, it will be devoted to only three people. This will include a set number of Zoom, Facebook Messenger, and/or phone sessions over the course of our work together, weekly check-ins, unlimited email support, individualized processes and customized material to support each person. I’ve thought about this a lot and I don’t believe there are cookie-cutter ways and programs, as each person has their own energetic frequency that works uniquely, so this is not going to be a standardized module program like you might find elsewhere. I’ll work with each person organically to devise our approach for helping you with your goals.

I’m planning to have a short application for you to fill out with the potential of a free 10 minute call to make sure that this is the right fit for both of us.

If this has been of interest please Contact Me and you’ll be the first to receive info once it’s ready to go.

And that’s a little update on the other side of life for me, since I’ve been sharing mostly about our adventure away and the growth it’s offered both me and Astrid.

I hope everyone had a sweet Love Day yesterday and did something extra special for yourself, as being in a relationship with other is not what Love is only about. It’s about the relationship you have with yourself and sharing love with you, now and always. The rest will be a reflection of that.

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  1. Wow Tania! That sounds like a lot of plans for someone on “vacation”! I love the drawings. 😍 ❤️

  2. I really would love for you to do cards such as natural kingdom with your words of grace and wisdom imbued in them…and a booklet….I see you doing this….not out of reach and helping many~ Please keep me on a list for purchasing 😉 hugs

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