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This blog felt SO perfect to reshare from exactly 3 years ago today. Why? Well, because not only was it on our Alaska trip that everything changed for me, but I am at this same juncture at a different point along the journey, where dreaming bigger is coming into play again and manifesting those dreams is taking seed. Alaska was definitely one of the pivotal travels for me that created the leap I needed, but first I would have to go through a complete rebirthing and death of the old me, both symbolically and quite literally. This was also one of my most favorite trips and places, which upon arrival home had me knowing I no longer was a part of the current reality I had once lived in. I knew everything had changed and had to change, otherwise I would no longer be here. That’s when I dreamed the Magick Bus into being and it ALL happened like, well, “magick” with the miracle manifestations to make it happen. This is happening again in my life currently with so much taking place and manifesting one step at a time, to bring about a bigger picture of my visions and intentions from the heart. So this post is yet again coming into play and also is synchronously aligned with dear friends of ours who are headed to Alaska for their first time, literally at nearly the same time we were there three years ago. They, too, are a couple like us who have been living in an rv for 2 years now and who recently we got to meet and welcome into our lives while they visited Tahoe – now great friends of ours with more exciting things to share with them upon their return from Alaska. I can’t wait to hear about their trip and what unfolds and manifests for them from it. I hope this post speaks to you in some way right now too.

Tania Marie

horseI’m still on my Alaska journey and savoring every moment especially since it’s nearing end, which I don’t want to think about. All there is, is right now.

One thing I have been reflecting on while here are my dreams and heart callings, daring myself to dream bigger in these great and majestic outdoors, stretch my imagination, and explore all the rich possibilities I have but to choose.

I can’t remember who said this, but these words ring true to me:

If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.

So bigger I go into digging deeper in my heart for the dream/s that call for me to fulfill them – no limitations! And if it isn’t scary enough, then likely not the leap I would like to take, as I’m ready for big growth and challenge.

I spent much of today’s low-key activities exploring further in my mind…

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. I like your quote, maybe I’m scared of my dreams but it’s always inspiring to read your posts. ☺️

  2. I cannot believe it has been three years since Alaska. Time warp. It seems much, much longer. Glad you found reasons to stay, and I am always so grateful to Cosmo for being such a part of that, too. xoxo ❤️

    PS: Bill and Wendy are in Alaska now instead of C’ville so also interesting how this can be a reality splitter for many people. I almost moved to Alaska so many times, and even just going through those motions of “maybe” created huge shifts.

    • yep! seems like lifetimes ago, but only 3 years! SO much has changed. aw thank you sweet sis!! ❤ i believe some of the reasons to stay involved even more seeding of collective new through a heightened version of this experience of me, to increase the peeling away and anchoring through a firm foot slammed down (reminding me of thor right now). sweet sweet cosmo…indeed his huge heart truly was the key. it's no wonder he continues to pervade our every day conversation and lives. love alchemy in its finest

      so cool about bill and wendy!! got chills both about cosmo and this news. LOVE how alaska's purity supports this shift. there are not many places that hold this kind of energy and i'm grateful to have been led to some of them. i'm curious to see what both couples experience after alaska ❤ xoox

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