Sacred Bone, Tattoos and Stones: Mayan Portal Mysteries Unraveling

I find it fascinating I’ve tried to reblog this post multiple times without success, so I’m posting it in doses since it seems to be too much for my blog to handle energetically. So, if you receive this link, you may want to click into it, as I will update the rest of what I shared after it posts, in order for it to all get on there.

This post came to me immediately this morning to reblog, right after experiencing another of my major tailbone/coccyx activations – I’ll share more on that in a moment. A lot of things have been shifting and culminating around this latest Full Moon Lunar Eclipse here, including major storms with flooding everywhere around Tahoe, then a snow storm with several feet more snow, and all clearing right before the Moon rose in the sky to a crystal clear and still night where a lunar ring appeared crisp around the Moon, stars shone brightly, and our power had gone out for a little over 24 hours.

Our cat, Boojum also had major dental surgery performed yesterday because of an inherited virus that affects the teeth and 6 teeth and teeth fragments in his gum from some that had already come out, had to be removed. He’s completely fine now and actually super happy and doing wonderfully – a huge shift for him, as he must have been in terrible pain for a long time, poor guy, previous to us knowing he had this.

And other heightened things had been taking place around us along with receiving transformational clarity on things for ourselves. Nothing “negative”, overwhelming, or hindering, but definitely interesting to witness and hold space for, even though for us a lot of it meant better things unfolding all around.

But to get to the main point that called up the reblog of this post, right before – literally 30 seconds to a minute – the power went back on here, I had one of my major coccyx attacks. Sometimes it’s mediocre in level, but this was one of my major ones that renders me to the point of almost fainting, turning white, and feeling like my body will split at the tailbone. This doesn’t happen often and has decreased significantly since I first started experiencing it.

I’ve also learned (and this is good to note for anyone else who experiences similar) that having a palm sized, raw black tourmaline is my best friend in these times. It literally, when I place it directly over my tailbone and sacrum (to the skin) will immediately start to balance things out and gets me grounded again, removing the pain associated with the process.

I found it interesting the timing with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse AND the power outage flipping back on. I’ve noted that this tailbone pain is connected to activations taking place, as this area, as you’ll read in the post I’m reblogging, has sacred symbolism as a cosmic portal of the human body and doorway to the Otherworld. It also, of course, is connected to the activation of kundalini energy. I have noticed that this will take place for me when major things are shifting in my life and collectively, I’m integrating new energy, and is many times directly connected to cosmic unfoldings. I’ve now noted that I’ve had this take place in extreme with alignments to the Moon.

I haven’t written on all of them, but I was able to search on my blog and found how December’s Full Supermoon had also activated my tailbone in the middle of the night and now this Moon too. So there is a definite connection – too great to go into about what I get from all of this – but needless to say, as I’m sure I’m not the only one experiencing these kinds of things, which is why I thought to share this and reshare this blog.

To recap, I didn’t always have these tailbone experiences like this. They seemed to start 11 years after I fractured it – again no coincidence and even that incident being timely. And I’ve connected the experience of the integration pains to things I’m processing and embodying, along with all the shifts and energies taking place that are recalibrating and affecting our bodies as a whole. The pain and the “condition” is simply a physical trigger, as all things I believe are, which stems from what seems to be compression or healing differently than originally was – on the physical level. This is actually called coccydynia, which can create excruciating pains and problems from sitting down, getting up, any sitting/laying maneuvers that put pressures on the coccyx area, and more). And yet to me, this “crack” was a way of opening a doorway I feel and has been the “seat of my soul” so to speak in terms of allowing modified streams of energy to come through in doses that I can handle.

And yet, for me it has been a reminder of energies to focus on, the constant integration of human and cosmic self taking place, and the need to keep grounded and balanced while so much energy is moving through me. In fact, since I can handle a lot without feeling effects, if not for something like this, I may not actually be aware of just how much is channeling through, so it does keep me in check and creates also a way to monitor progress and deepen physical awareness to all the cosmic work I’m always engaged in.

Anyway, that was a longer share than intended, but felt like I wanted to share that to support anyone else out there if you experience similar. All of this supports why I spend so much time in nature, self nurturing, grounding, focusing on balance, creating boundaries and withdrawing my energy “out there” to “in here”, and also have shifted my eating to encompass the same balance (no longer 100% raw vegan, but eating what ever I want within the 100% vegan spectrum – btw, which has also completely done away with the allergies/coughing I was getting now for good too – that for another story maybe) because if I weren’t grounded enough I’m not sure my body could handle the extreme amounts of energy that are channeling through and that feeling of exploding at my sacred sacrum may actually happen and poof! me to the Otherworld all together.

I hope you find the reblog of interest and I’ll post the photos of the Moon last night once I share this (as reblogging doesn’t let you integrate photos in the post until after it posts, so check back if you read this via email or on your reader).


Last night the storm stopped and at 10:30 pm all was still, not a breeze or sound, and the sky was absolutely clear revealing the bright moon and stars. I didn’t have my good camera, just my cell, to capture the brilliance and clarity, including the beautiful lunar ring around the moon that is caused by the refraction of moonlight from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. But I did get these – the top one shows just a hint of what was a very distinct ring in person and my flash suddenly went off at one point capturing magick in the bottom right somehow.


Tania Marie

My sacred tattoos, including Hunab Ku (Galactic Butterfly) on my sacrum at bottom

I’ve been receiving a lot of intuitive nudges on the sacrum and coccyx, both literally and energetically. With my own experiences in having sudden pains over the last several months in that area (physically due to a fracture of the tailbone I had about 11 years ago, but energetically linked to much more), hearing from a few others on issues or focus on this area, and even clients and friends getting sacred tattoos on their sacrum, it all started to hit me again, as to the significance of this region. I then was reminded about the connections that had taken place for me about 8 years ago and how it all is energetically linked with the now.

March 5, 2004 I got my second sacred tattoo. It was the Hunab Ku symbol (or Galactic Butterfly, as it’s…

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  1. I love your posts, you have an amazing perspective on your life 😊

  2. I remember from biology classes that the blastocyst, which is the beginning of a human embryo, forms from what’s essentially a tiny tube with two openings, and develops into increasingly complex and organized cells into the embryo. Your original post delves into the two openings and their roles, purpose etc. I hadn’t thought of the pelvis being “the other end” and analogous to the skull, but the skull is sort of open, like a pelvis, during pre-natal development and then fuses closed at some point. And the idea of the “second brain” in the gut/intestines is something even science is increasingly aware of. Maybe the folds in the gut are analogous to the folds in the brain. It’s probably akin to the doctrine of signatures in herbalism.

    Stuff like this is endlessly intriguing and I can’t fathom why so many people are are just plain incurious about it. 🙂 Must be all that Gemini in me. 🙂

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