10 Reiki Charged & Programmed Crystal Pendulums Available Plus Receive A “How-To-Use” With Purchase

I love pendulums and crystal pendulums are my favorite go-to when it comes to working with them.

As we continue to evolve into more empowered and embodied living, pendulums are one tool that people are drawn to in order to assist in tapping into their Higher Self/Essence/Sub-Conscious, etc.

I regularly use a pendulum, alongside my intuition and spiritual work, finding them to be very supportive and reflective friends with quite the personalities! Being that they reflect and mirror us, it is quite amusing to consciously see how we operate on deeper levels. And it is also very revealing to acknowledge and support our truth, which they will draw forth for us to embrace.

I offer crystal pendulums in my crystal workshops, but started getting requests by others not able to join the workshops or simply interested in them, so I am offering some if they call to you.

Pendulums are easy, fun, and empowering friends that anyone can work with and everyone who does try them, even if just once, are amazed by the magick at work that happens the instant they do.

There are only 10 right now I’m making available (now only 1 remaining). They are all crystal pendulums, each unique and carry their own energy.

Each will be Reiki cleansed, charged & individually programmed and will come with their own velvet pouch. $6 shipping & handling will be added at check out.


Click on photo to enlarge

The 10 crystal pendulums to choose from (now only 1 remaining) include the following and are in order as seen in photo: (Note: there are only 1 of each)

1) An amethyst point with clear quartz sphere – SOLD OUT

2) A rose quartz point – SOLD OUT

3) A lapis lazuli point with copper and Third Eye (6th) Chakra symbol – $26

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4) A smokey quartz point – SOLD OUT

5) An amethyst wand with clear quartz point and sphere – SOLD OUT

6) A 7 chakra mixed loose raw stone with clear quartz point and sphere – SOLD OUT

7) A smokey quartz point – SOLD OUT

8) A labradorite point with copper and Throat (5th) Chakra symbol – SOLD OUT

9) An aventurine point with chakra stones on the silver rope – SOLD OUT

10) A tiger’s eye point with clear quartz sphere – SOLD OUT

When you purchase your crystal pendulum you will receive a link to some helpful hints and ideas on how to work with your new friend, if in fact you don’t know how, or simply want some support. So please be sure to include your email address so that you can receive that.

And if you’re interested in Crystal Elixirs, I have just 4 now remaining.

To order yours and to read about each of their properties, please visit: Crystal Elixirs

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