Full Moon Celebrations of “Joy” & “Cosmo”

Another Full Moon is upon us so quickly, once again. Indeed time is speeding up and becoming the seamless moment.

Today’s Full Moon in Virgo, balancing out Sun in Pisces, may find some of you feeling a bit out of sorts, combined with some of the other planetary placements going on. And yet, what I’ve come to embrace in my life is remembering that change can be uncomfortable, but that isn’t a gauge of things NOT working. Quite on the contrary, it reflects that things are actually in process of shifting and the degrees to which you feel discomfort or flow with them, are subject to what you deem important enough to embrace or fight.

We’re constantly being asked to have greater patience, flexibility, flow, resiliency, openness, gentleness with ourselves, and conscious awareness of aligning synchronicities that are trying to get our attention, while adjusting things to find the productive balance that reflects each given moment.

Mystic Mama shares:

“With the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo, let’s call forth a feminine softening to help us flow, grace to help us be more compassionate with ourselves and others, and healing as we gently move into our wholeness.”

This is much what I shared feeling upon returning from Iceland…this softening into a greater sense of my essence and wholeness that felt empowering.

Divine Harmony shares these things I find also especially resonating presently:

“So we are in a powerful lunar cycle territory with a focus on endings and new beginnings and how to navigate from point A to point B with as much grace, ease and humor as we possibly can…Finding that tenuous balance between action, assertion and taking a stand- and being able to be aware of others, their needs and realize that we aren’t the good ones doing everything right, while others are the bad ones doing everything wrong is key to sanity right now. The Truth lies somewhere in between and this week the journey is navigating from the head- which is judgmental, discerning and discriminating- to the heart, which is all encompassing and has both a soft Love and a fierce Love. When we can hold both of these oppositions and bring them together in a form that works together- we will find dramatic shifts in our inner lives, outer lives and relationships…The best use of this Full Moon can be about harnessing the potential for self-adjustments, inner work and healing. Virgo is the virgin, but the original meaning of the word did not mean woman who never had sex. It means woman who owned herself and was whole unto herself. So the Highest potential of this Full Moon is moving towards profound healing and wholeness– within as well as without in the form of relationships (and the key is knowing that the inner informs the outer).”

What are you experiencing? I know some have been in a bit of an upheaval, others coming out of that, and still others feeling “in the flow” and as if their life is just beginning in the way they always knew would, but felt on hold until now.

In the midst of all of this, I am indeed experiencing a greater wholeness and richness in life, while much is transitioning in and out of it. And would identify with the latter renewal sort of energy that has long felt promised by the work I was engaging throughout my life.

cosmo apple reward

Cosmo in his new physical therapy 8 foot long runway that supports him upright to walk the length. He is good at doing it back and forth until he tuckers out, with or without reward. Here is getting one 🙂

Cosmo, my sweet bunny companion has been one of the rich gifts showing up that has been aiding this process in my life and all those around him. His presence has helped bring extra magick to the magick already present, creating a greater completion and balance.

The dynamics simply between him and Joy demonstrate much of this profound healing, acceptance of flow, assertion of boundaries, times for soft and fierce love, personal adjustments, endings of parts of oneself, beginnings of new parts, and the seamless place the two meet that create the emerald bridge of wholeness.

All of this has directly rippled out to the rest of us in the household and has been a guiding force in how I then engage others by mirror of what this is engaging and inspiring me to embody.

physical therapy orthopedic runway for cosmo 8 feet long 5 in wide 10 in high carpeted bottom

Physical therapy orthopedic runway for Cosmo – 8 feet long 5 inches wide and 10 inches high with carpeted bottom. Dave made this to help him while I was away. So awesome!

While I was away I was strongly connected to both Joy and Cosmo, seeing and feeling them with me daily and reminding me of the energy they each teach me and help me to integrate. Being a Pisces, I know the challenges of balancing the Virgo and Pisces energies and this has been something that has been deepening in integration recently.

Cosmo has brought an added peace to my sometimes overhauled masculine energies. His peaceful integrated male energy has been softening and soothing for that, while also reminding me what I know about gentle strength.

And Joy’s energy and shifts in response to all of it have been mirroring my own and supporting that process, while also reminding me of how to honor what is healthy and supportive to my balanced well-being, which can then be relaxed in the mystery of feminine beingness, as a result of doing so.

A lot of this feels like the energies around this time period and Full Moon.

bunnies and kitties family

Bunnies and Kitties all hanging out while mom is away. Cosmo has a special baby pool tub that is portable to give him a place to feel safe and to rest without potty accidents 😉

And it is on this Full Moon that I am so deeply happy to announce that adoption of Cosmo is moving forward officially!!!


As you remember, we’ve been fostering him, with hopes to adopt. The only factor truly was in wanting to make sure both bunnies were going to be okay with everything, as I did not want either of them to be unduly challenged by added stress that would torment them and their own paths and needs in life.

bunnies and kitties

More Bunny and Kitty fun

Before I went away, I felt this was coming, but while away I would receive updates on the little ones and my bond with each was deepening through our connecting via distance, edging things into greater solidifying feeling of this.

I saw how well they were doing and even with some skirmishes, it was all really healthy and balanced.

rabbit acupuncture

Cosmo receiving his acupuncture session and hooked up to the electrodes. He loves feeling the energy move through him, going into zen mode, and is doing really well with this.

After long discussions, tuning in, and also receiving feedback from my dear Laura Bruno, who had so generously gifted me animal communication sessions with the bunnies as part of my birthday gift, it became fully clear that the time was at hand.

And so I’ve already started the process today on the Full Moon and likely by tomorrow or end of week it will all be official!

So no more will I have to refer to him at any time at the vet or in other communications, as Blizzy. He will be able to fully be Cosmo on every level, which I am so happy to know he is grateful for and appreciative of my recognizing who he REALLY is and what his name REALLY was.

So Cosmo will be a permanent part of the family. No more will I be referred to as the foster parent when I see the vet, nor will I need to receive authorization for things with him. We will be a sovereign family unit and he will have a forever, safe, loving, sacred home here where he will be honored and cherished for the soul that he is.

joy and cosmo in the tub

Joy likes to hop in the pool tub with Cosmo

I am so in love with him, as I equally love my precious and amazingly brave and compassionate Joy who has offered to support him with Reiki and at the right timing will become his Reiki Master Teacher, just as Nestor has been a teacher to her, passing on her lineage.

I love all the souls in my life in animal baby bodies on Earth and beyond. There is a different connection, purpose, and relationship to each that has its perfection.

Cosmo has enriched all of our lives here in so many ways. And this team of him and Joy feels like a power duo in cultivation. Combine that with the ever-watchful and supportively guiding Nestor and Gaia and there is much magickal mischief to be had.

sweet pea curious about joy and cosmo

Sweet Pea curiously watches Joy and Cosmo in the pool together

This official declaration feels very appropriate to my return from Iceland birthday celebrations and before embarking again to Peru. Something energetic about it bridging these energies and solidifying things feels potent.

Baby Cosmo in dreamland all tuckered out after his physical therapy

Baby Cosmo in dreamland all tuckered out after his physical therapy

And the commitment to this role along our shared path, as a complete soul family in every sense of the word, feels somehow balancing, integrating, and healing to the essence of who I am…and speaks to the Virgo/Pisces wholeness energy right now brought to forefront.

Feeling very celebratory these days and this is another continued and cherished birthday gift – the kind that will keep on giving!

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Congratulations and so tickled that all has worked out so harmoniously. I knew you were all going to end up as a wonderful and enchanting family The bonds are so strong and will only deepen more with time. I’m thrilled for you. I just keep smiling. Love you

    • aw thank you!!! me too…so happy. in my heart i knew too, as i knew i would not be taking this on if it wasn’t to be, nor would the bunny that would come into our lives be anything but extraordinary. i just love this little guy and love that he is so happy here with us and that joy has embraced him and has had her own ideas shifted because of him. love you too!

  2. Hi love ready your and Laura s Blog s.
    Sooooooo happy Cosmo and Joy are settled as I read I can feel their unity energy bonding and their love ….really tremendous !!!
    Lotsalove hugs Blessings

  3. “Virgo is the virgin, but the original meaning of the word did not mean woman who never had sex. It means woman who owned herself and was whole unto herself.” So well said. With thanks for the whole posting. 🙂

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