Relationship Balancing – Total Lunar Eclipse Libra Blood Moon April 15, 2014

blood moonWe are feeling the influences and heightened climax of the total lunar eclipse that will be in fullness on the edge of the eve of April 14th, as the 15th chimes in, turning the Moon crimson – or blood red.

Along with so many energetic influences right now, this just increases the potential intensities, along with the major catapulting potentials.

There’s also a lot of twists and turns happening and surprising new flips to change the course of the direction you may have thought you were going, into a completely different, yet welcome and liberating one.

I know that’s been the case for me, as well as for others I’ve been hearing from, and while I had felt a bit of an energetic build up and anxiety, on and off the last few days, it suddenly released today with freshness and a mirroring gift to reflect the new.

I now feel my heart infused with more inspiration, unbridled potential, and playful exuberance – today’s gifts received. It was perfect timing for what was the most spectacular reflection I’ve experienced yet on the beach anywhere.

While making our way back the stretch of beach we had walked one way, we were gifted such an incredibly magickal display from our cetacean friends.

The whole length of about two miles, both whales and dolphins swam parallel us, in easy sight and close proximity. There must have been a pod of 100 or more dolphins playing and jumping out of the water and the gray whales making their way back north were breaching like crazy. Huge whales constantly emerging from the water in all their glory and splashing, bringing half their bodies out, over and over, with huge splashes as they came back down to rest in their watery home.

I was completely baffled as to why only we and one boat were noticing this given all the people and boats on the beach and water today. Every one on the beach had no idea, the miracle of nature that they had before them.

Later, I was reminded by a dear friend on how life amplifies and widens in perspective, as we start to embody more of the 5D vision.

The more I broaden my perspectives, let go, and am open and present in heart, the more I experience life as the miracle it is and am in harmony and flow with the natural rhythms all around. I am also able to see wider than the duality present, and can understand and experience more of the synergy and integration merging.

There was so much joy and liberating energy abound today at the ocean, as both dolphins and whales merged for a long stretch with each other and with us. Not only were they individually engaged in the joy of their individual “beingness”, but fully engaged with their brothers and sisters of the ocean, with us mirroring their path ahead, and with all of life in totality.

And this also reminds me of another theme for this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which is that of relationships and the dynamics within them. This being not only relationships with others, but the relationship you have with yourself, and with All That Is.

The more time I spend in tune with nature and in reflective observation with others, the more I recognize the profound way these mirror my inner relationship, but also how the work I’ve done within, reflects in what I see and experience without.

This relationship theme is amplified with the Libra Moon and Aries Sun energy, requiring a sense of balance between self and others, more than ever. We are being faced with how to use the reflections from others, and our relationship to the nature of things, so that we can address, shift, and enhance the relationship we have with self.

We are also recognizing the need to understand how to bring our uniqueness into service and harmony with others, the Earth, and all of life, but also to exercise self-expression and boundaries so as not to be self-less, but to be so in love with life and fully “here” – a delicate balance indeed.

Perhaps the wave of spiritual teachings to free yourself from ego, with the need to egoically prove it, could be missing the point.

I don’t feel it’s about saying goodbye to your personality and divorcing yourself from self to awaken to some liberating enlightenment so that you become vacant and “nobody’s home”. But rather, to realize you are a “somebody” who has fully committed to the human experience and all that life has to offer and fully engage and celebrate the uniqueness of you in the state of consciousness and awareness that you are, right here and now. And then engaging from this wholeness of you, with everyone and everything you experience in the smallest and largest of ways.

As Astrologer, Cathy Pagano shares:

“Our sense of self-identity (Aries) can only be fully known when we relate to someone else (Libra). With the Moon in Libra, we need to remember to have our own Aries standpoint when we relate to others.  We’ve been trained, especially women, to bend over backwards for others.  But that’s not how to create harmony and balance (Libra).  True balance comes when each person stands on their own side of the scale.  Our Libra sensibility is how we create good relationships.  Both partners’ needs can be met if we learn how to compromise. And compromise means knowing where you stand.

That’s the awareness we can get from this eclipsed Full Moon.  Lunar eclipses give us the awareness to bring a situation to an end.  While the Sun’s light is blocked by the Earth’s shadow, our unconscious motivations and desires are more easily felt.  Without the constraints of our ‘shoulds and oughts’, perhaps we can find clarity and healing of our relationship wounds now. (We’ve been dealing with the emotional aspects of those wounds with Saturn in Scorpio.)  We need to work together, and we need men and women to act together if we want to create real change.”

There also continues to be a deep purging, a call for honest rawness, powerful endings, propensity for huge breakthroughs, and greater clarity and liberation.

Here are some insightful shares, to close with, on the energy we are swimming in with this Lunar Eclipse from Divine Harmony: 

“this eclipse is in libra with the sun in aries opposite- so the aries/libra axis is highlighted. on october 18th 2013 we had a lunar eclipse in aries- almost exactly opposite the degree of this one in april- so we are actually in a 6 month window of eclipses that can be seen as bookends so to speak. something began brewing in october of last year that is likely to culminate this month (and complete itself in the next 6 months- as eclipse govern 6 month periods of time). aries is the sign of the self and libra is the sign of the other. we have a lot of astrology focusing on this polarity and duality right now- forcing us to address where we are imbalanced in our lives. if we overdo our aries we are fiery, feisty, aggressive, conflictual and selfish. if we overdo our libra we are pacifist, have boundary issues, are codependent and cannot stand up for or take care of ourselves. this full moon eclipse in libra will definitely highlight any imbalances in relationships. if you find yourself playing a role in your relationships- where one person is the feminine and the other the masculine, or one the Mother or Father figure and the other the child- this eclipse can force you to look where this is limiting your growth. ultimately evolution and wholeness is achieved when we integrate our opposites and take back projections we have put onto others so that we can live them for ourselves. for example, if i am a man who works hard and makes good money but i am not able to deal with my emotions, nurture myself or others- then i will be drawn to a mothering, sensitive, emotional woman who wants a strong man who can support her. this can be sweet in the beginning if both people are happy playing their respective roles- but if either or both of them wake up one day and want to integrate their opposite (i.e. the woman wants to have a career or the man does want to be an ATM) then something’s going to have to shift and the relationship will have to dramatically change.

this lunar eclipse in libra is all about dramatic changes in relationship. first and foremost we want to dramatically change our relationship with ourselves- as anything we want or need or desire OUT THERE can only be fulfilled and truly experienced when we have found it IN HERE. any relationships that are on solid footing are fine- you may experience things that rock your boat, but if your ship does not have holes in it and you are both willing to do the work to row to a safe harbor you will be fine. for others who have issues up and perhaps have large holes in their boat- it may be an eclipse to think about whether those issues/holes can be fixed or if it’s better to jump ship before you go down with it.

to add to the potency of this configuration we have ceres- the Great Mother asteroid, and vesta- the priestess asteroid, conjunct the full moon in libra- again bringing Light to the archetypal energy of the Divine Feminine in collective consciousness. before the asteroid Goddesses were discovered we only had the moon and venus to represent feminine energy- which restricted women’s archetypes to that of mother/child (moon) and lover/wife (venus). when ceres, juno, vesta and pallas were discovered the feminine archetypal energy expanded- and so did the consciousness allotted to women and the feminine within us (men have inner feminines just as women have inner masculines). i feel this lunation to be a call to the Divine Feminine within all of us- a wake up call to service and our role as priestesses and priests of the Great Mother. in case you have not noticed, we are doing horrible things to our planet (our Mother Earth!) and in some insane fashion we have decided money and power is more important than health and harmony. we need a rebalancing of the scales- and we needed it yesterday! this eclipse can make that very clear in no uncertain terms- it’s time to make a change for the better!

this lunation is also conjunct the evolutionary north node- pulling us towards our growth and evolution. eclipses are already about our evolution and growth, but when we have the nodes involved that focus is amplified. with the moon on the north node and the sun on the south node- we have an opportunity to look at our karmic past and patterns we keep playing out, as well as our evolution and growth and the edge we need to push past. this lunation gives us the perfect opportunity to let go of the past and move into the future- but it will not be without some hard work on our part! to add to that, the lunar eclipse is also conjunct a powerful fixed star called arcturus. this fixed star is seen as giving us a ‘different approach’- which honestly i think we need as the one we are working with is clearly not working! but it’s also a fixed star that is part of a group of fixed stars (sirius, vega, pleiades, etc…) that many ancient cultures regards as the home of highly evolved beings (aka aliens) that are working with our planet to help us grow and evolve. with arcturus on this lunation- we may have some major aha moments or appearances (in physical or etheric form?) of this higher consciousness with the hopes that we tune into what is possible and navigate a new direction that does not lead us to world wide demise (i am not being over the top here- scientists have gone on record saying if we don’t do something different we will make life unsustainable on planet earth in the not too distant future).

sirius is also involved in this lunation as stationary retrograde pluto is opposite sirius- and the Grand Cross later in april (20th-23rd) will also activate sirius. sirius is all about making the mundane sacred- realizing that yes we are spiritual beings having a human experience but the human experience is just as sacred as the 5th or 6th or 13th dimensional one. i am really hoping for some major realizations and unfoldments that help us raise our planetary frequency higher. i am also hoping that we have evolved enough as a race to call this in with grace and ease, rather than with chaos and destruction (humanity seems to learn and wake up faster when things get really dire).

wherever this lunation falls in your chart, you have significant opportunities to die to some old aspect of yourself and your life and rebirth something new in it’s place. but this is also the area of your chart where you may be avoiding doing the work- so the total lunar eclipse may have to drag it up into your awareness so that you can deal with it. similar to pluto transits- lunar eclipse energies are best worked with consciously. if you are proactive about your transformation and take initiative in facilitating and making the changes in your life you need to make- then the Universe tends to reward you and support you. that is how you take a breakdown and turn it into a breakthrough- the key word is to “break” from the past patterns and ways of doing/being that no longer serve.

in any event, this lunation will be one to see! it will be visible in australia, the pacific ocean (and islands) and the americas. some say the countries that are able to see the eclipse are the ones that will experience the effects of it most. the eclipse will last 3 1/2 hours, of which 1 hour and 18 minutes will be the total lunar eclipse. for more information on how this can manifest in your personal chart check the weekly horoscopes- and be sure to read for your sun sign and rising sign/ascendant.”

You can read her entire post here:

Lunar Eclipse in Libra Conjunct Arcturus

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  1. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Insights and a beautiful sharing from sweet Tania Marie…. I am sooo feeling these energies right now, and I know from emails and emergency sessions that many of you are, too. Relationships, self-conception, ideas of where and where not to invest your energies, liberation as we let go of what no longer wants our input … these themes and more mark the potent Full (Blood) Moon Lunar Eclipse tonight/tomorrow, depending on your location. Blessings and relief to you …

  2. Mari Braveheart-Dances

    Dearest Sister – I think it is very telling that these enormous and beautiful creatures were cavorting, and doing their thing – and so few noticed or were moved by it. It’s really so reflective of a state of being or “the way things are” with people much of the time. It has no boundaries and no state flag – this place, this mind-set – and crosses barriers of time, space, race, gender, etc. It involves a way of being in the world that is not very deep, that is focused on things of the surface. Sometimes it’s called being superficial. This is exactly what it is. There is no judgment here, it is only a telling of the truth. People on the beach, as crowded as it is, were dis-connected from the most profound of all realities so close to them that they could taste it – but instead they chose to focus on whatever else they were focused on. — Our animal brothers and sisters are our mates. They are our soul-friends. — To by-pass that in favor of something else – is astonishing, yet accurately reflects the intention of those nearby. — Back to the fact that these were whales, some of them, who GO DEEP into the ocean – for us, representing our own going deep – both within ourselves and with others. Yet we so often don’t do this, instead choosing to focus on the surface of life. And we miss the hidden, boundless, amazing depths of ourselves and others — not to mention we miss the incredible gift of our whale brothers and sisters appearance, and our dolphin brothers and sisters. Anyway, it was an amazing story you shared, Tania, and I thank you. Blessings always, Mari

    • i agree mari..i had the same thoughts about how people are focused in their own very limited world most of the time, with only surface-related focus. i like your insight on the deep symbolism and how these beings reflect our willingness to go within the depth of our subconscious and to see past the surface. interesting that they were “surfacing” so much this day as they breached with joy. bringing forth their messages from the deep, they show us that integrating our own shadows beneath can release us into freedom. love and gratitude!

  3. Ascension Angels

    Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    Thanks Tania Marie 🙂

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