The Crystal Journey Continues with a Septarian Cosmic Egg

SeptarianAs I’ve been mentioning a lot, large quantities of time spent in nature, with my animal companions, and my crystal friends has been a staple for my daily practice of mindful balance and self-nurturing. I’ve noticed that things feel very flowy, yet stable to me right now and like I’m in my home element with all of the powerful Piscean energies abound AND both because and inspite of the Mercury Retrograde. Perhaps my embracing more of my own nature, listening only to myself as guidance, and slowing down has assisted this, but I am grateful that things aren’t feeling heavy to me currently, so I can be of better service to others when needed.

I’ve found myself having very full dream time the last couple of days and a lot of things processing, to the point of being very vocal again during my sleep, and I’ve been hearing a lot of interesting sounds around. I’ve also noticed my little ones have been very active too – Gaia back to her marching even though its winter still, exploring the entire house, and spending tons of time under my desk transmitting energy waves by the computer processing unit – and Joy being very active with the crystals in my studio, as well as very anxiously enthusiastic about assisting with everything including my Reiki class this week, which was fun to see despite her chewing my Reiki manuals.

Septarian eggLast night when I went to feed her, which is always met with crazed excitement, an interesting thing happened. I gave her her tablespoon of timothy hay pellets and she went after it right away as usual. I then left to do some things and came back only a couple minutes later and found her not at her bowl. I figured, she must have eaten it all already, but wow that was even faster than normal.

However, she was over by my giant Lemurian Seed Crystal named Chamuel, for he channels this Archangel, instead. She was sitting up straight and like a statue, with her head cocked oddly and this strange look on her face that I’ve seen before when she goes into trance. She was just inches from the crystal and I immediately went over with the first gut instinct that she was channeling information and talking with Chamuel. She didn’t move in any way when I approached her and even when I kissed her, she stayed with glazed eyes and head cocked. I said to her, “You’re talking with Chamuel aren’t you?” and I knew in my heart the answer, so I put my hand on Chamuel and I kissed Joy.

There was a moment right before this that I had wondered if she was ok because she wasn’t moving and knowing she had eaten her food really fast. Since rabbits can get digestive issues easily, I’m always mindful of this. But having glanced over at her bowl and seeing that it wasn’t even half touched yet, I knew for sure she had gotten called over to Chamuel in the midst of her eating and it must have been important, as NOTHING takes her away from her food until it’s gone. Never does she leave food for any reason.

I thought to myself, perhaps when I had left she had gone to do work thinking she could do it privately, but then I came back unexpectedly and had been witness to her channeling. So I left her with Chamuel, not wanting to interrupt, and went to finish what I was doing for a couple of minutes and when I walked by the room again, she was back at her bowl finishing her food.

I continually find her lately doing a lot of strangely interesting things (just like Nestor), moreso than usual, and a lot of times it is with the crystals that she loves, as she is quite the little crystal worker. I have a shelf in my studio that has crystals in it and she goes onto the bottom one a lot and will pull out crystals sometimes and will put her paws and nose in there and do her thing, moving crystals about and intimately connecting. She’s coming more and more into her magickal self, just like Nestor (oh the magickal stories I could share), and demonstrating what a strong partner she is in the work we are facilitating. The two of us are heavily working together and she has become a strong supportive ally in all of our service.

Like Joy, I keep listening to which of my crystal friends “call” to me and I will then hold them in my lap, sleep with them under my pillow, hold them in hand while I teach or communicate, and channel with them for healing work and writing. This has been profoundly supportive to recognize and embrace this partnership and co-creation energy that is so beautifully mirroring of where we are at. I do the same with my little ones – honoring, listening to, and involving them in my work – as well as welcome it in aligned and resonating ways with other co-creative endeavors.

It’s apparent that Joy’s “upped” work with crystals has mirrored my own with needing “new energy” crystals to assist in my evolution. These have included the powerful Andaras I’ve spoken of, the various Quartz I had gotten with my birthday coupon in Reno, and most recently, a new crystal gift that also came into my life in conjunction with another birthday coupon from my favorite local metaphysical shop. They sent me a coupon and then after I received their newsletter on new crystal collections they had. When I looked at the list of crystal names, one jumped out at me immediately that I’d never heard of, but there was resonation with it big time, not even having a visual to go by – just a name (I learned later how perfect its energy and properties were in mirror for me). The very faery, psychic woman that assisted me in the store was enchanted that I was drawn to these particular stones, saying she has one herself and assured me I will so enjoy working with her and will simply LOVE her. I said, “I already do.”

Once again, I felt the Universe was supporting me with all these divine alignments and gifts and so with gratitude I embraced them.

Septarian eggThis new friend is called “Septarian,” and it comes to me in a “Cosmic Egg” shape!

I have never had an egg-shaped stone, nor had ever been draw to one, but when it called out to me amidst a few other Septarian pieces I thought to myself, how amazingly perfect is this? The symbolism of this egg for all the new energy I’m birthing in reflection of the collective and in the new leg of my journey felt very much encapsulated in this “egg” shape. And what could be more fitting to also connect me with my magickal friends, Nestor and Joy, and their own reflections of the “Cosmic Egg” symbolism?

As written in my blog, Hare Symbolism for the New Earth – Birthing the Cosmic Egg:

Traditionally, the Easter Bunny, actually a Hare, was said to lay eggs at Easter. This concept is of course very strange to our factual minds, but taken symbolically, the Egg is not only Potential, but it also represents the Cosmos, the very ground of Being from which we spring–no pun intended! One only need think about the Cosmic Egg and the Druid’s Egg to begin to get the full scope of this meaning. No wonder then that the Hare was at one time considered both male and female. To produce the cosmos, both must be present.

There was something very magickal about this egg and I felt very close and nurturing of it from the moment I saw it and drove it home with me, in my lap (I found out later in researching properties why I love having this stone close at hand, as you’ll read below). It now sits atop a wooden stand right in front of me – its pedestal – when I am not holding and working with it. I have only been resonating with crystals I can hold easily and bring with me anywhere. I DO understand how Joy feels with wanting to get her “paws” on all of these special friends. It is definitely one way I have been able to keep balanced, grounded, and to work at higher frequencies that are more resonating, at the same time.

I thought I’d share a little about my Septarian friend and her energies (oh how I love that name! sounds so earthy-extraterrestrial) in case, like myself, this is a new friend to you too. What I especially love about her (besides her beautiful energy) is the small opening on the front of her that creates portal access to journey through. It also is like the hatching of creation into being. Amazing!

Septarian is a geode that is a combination of yellow calcite, brown aragonite, grey limestone and white/clear barite, which means it diversely carries properties of each. Deposits of this unusual stone have been found in England, Spain, Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

These stones formed around 50 million years ago, with liquid filled with mineral matter being deposited into fissures, and then solidifying like concrete in these fissures, called concretions. That is why Septarian is called a “concretion” stone, but I also loved that it is sometimes called Dragonstone. So now along with my magickal dragon tattoo, I feel my cosmic dragon egg has birthed forth. 😉 Things are definitely evolving.

Resonant shares:

“Septarians were formed during the Cretaceous Period, around 50 to 70 million years ago. Sea levels were much higher then and the Gulf of Mexico reached inland to Southern Utah where many of the Septarian nodules are found. They are also found in Madagascar where conditions were similar. Periodic volcanic eruptions killed the smaller sea life which sank to the sea bed and started decomposing. The minerals in the shells and carcasses attracted sea floor sediments which accumulated around the carcasses and formed nodules or mud balls. When the ocean eventually receded, the mud balls dried out and began to shrink and crack into the beautiful patterns that you see inside the Septarian nodules. Over the eons, calcite leeched down into the cracks and formed calcite crystals which grew to fill the cracks. The interface between the calcite and the bentonite clay transformed into aragonite which is the dark brown crystal layer. The bentonite mud was eventually replaced with limestone which completed the transformation of the entire nodule to stone. This is truly a magificent piece of artwork from mother nature. ”

Septarian eggSeptarian brings abundant emotional calming energies that have a nurturing feel to them, as well as are spiritually uplifting and joy-infusing. They are great for overall health and well being, enhance and nurture communication with groups (making it easier to speak clearly and compassionately in these settings), support communication with Mother Earth, and bring unconscious foreknowledge needed to keep you always prepared for what is coming. Concretions are very protective and provide shielding and grounding of the physical, mental and emotional bodies while regulating spiritual, mental and physical courage.

Septarian provide energy for merging with and amplifying your energies, help you determine which direction to go, and is said to be a speaking stone that enhances all levels of communication. They LOVE to be held and emanate an energy pattern of sincere, loving kindness that is magnetic. (I knew there was reason I felt so drawn to nurture my little friend like a roosting bird with her Cosmic Egg) 🙂

Septarian is connected to the three lower chakras (there we go again with a lot of grounding resonance to integrate things with) and is used for healing of the blood and kidneys, as well as strengthen teeth, bones, and muscles. Synchronously, they resonate a very strong Earth energy that will help connect you to the Devic kingdom and their powerful Shamanic influence will strengthen group activities and response. These stones help strengthen the vibration of drumming and chanting circles, enhance the closeness of the group, and provide stronger focus on the task at hand.

Being a communication stone they resonate strongly within the throat chakra and assist any public speaking focuses. Conversely, they are also helpful in maintaining privacy, as they seem to dispel unhealthy personal interest in you from others if that is something you desire and value support with.

With such grounding and Earthy energy, they are are also very strong healing stones that assist in self-healing, flexibility, and flow (especially mentally) as well as connecting with higher truths. They will also help you when you are unsure about how to approach a treatment when assisting someone or yourself.

While you might be able to find it in jewelry form, it is extremely beneficial to keep one in your pocket, moreso, so it resonates with your aura continually. If kept in and around your immediate environment, their energy will benefit this sacred space.

In meditation they help you receive answers, help you with deeper insights into your healing work and to know what procedures to take in terms of your client’s healing, help to enhance your psychic powers in seeing the spiritual truth and root cause, help protect from psychic attack, and in general will support you to be more at peace and centered in your life.

I love my little Septarian Cosmic Egg and I have a feeling she will be a staple partner for me in much to come, as she already has made a huge impact on my vibrational life.

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