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Many may remember that I used to offer different types of supportive and intuitive services, but with shifts I needed to honor, I had to step back from several things I used to provide, even switching to requested private or group Reiki classes ONLY, rather than setting up designated class dates. I always change things up in ways that mirror where I am at, that are a most effective use of time and energy, and that mirror the collective needs.

I’ve been observing the energy of things, previous to and even during my personal time off, and seeing nudges from those I’ve had in class and that I come in contact with on a regular basis, that point to my providing and offering a space of support for those who are really ready to rock and roll, as I am! I felt I should at least offer another option of my heart service for those who are stepping into their paths and needing that supportive insight to help them remain strongly on them and not give up, as these are pivotal times for not letting go of the dreams you’ve been working so hard for.

For a limited time, to be determined by intuitive nudge, I will be offering “The Empowered Visionary” Email Support to aid co-creation of the New Earth that is birthing by empowering the visionary leaders.

These are extremely potent times of rapid change from every angle and I want to be there as much as I can for other visionaries that are embracing the light of their authenticity, as I know how challenging it can be to keep strong and rooted in the creation of what may seem like ages you have been working towards. And I know that sometimes fresh perspectives, a little tweaking, small or big shifts, and even greater courage are needed, as well as know how those first steps can present new challenges, need reiterating support, could use the nurturing of a heart that understands, truly cares, and can provide insights.

Heart Sanctum by Tania Marie

I’ve been receiving the nudge over and over recently that I should revisit offering support in a way that is conducive to the needs of others, the collective, and yet still honors and doesn’t diverge from my own path focuses. I have a sneaking feeling that this is leading to my own “next step,” as I seem to get the essence of a “future” outcome ahead of time and then need to hone in on the now in order to take the steps to get there.

A quick back track to see how this fits in. The journey of the heart was the inspiration behind creating Emerald Bridge – my compassionately conscious business that fuses visionary services and creations. Emerald Bridge reflects and embodies the divine and powerful essence of the Heart Chakra and its integrative, healing synergy. My hope for Emerald Bridge was to also inspire today’s visionaries of the world to empowered action, as I believe in the importance of cultivating authentic expressions of creative passion and actively manifesting visions into reality. As we each come fully into our light, we then help the collective light to shine more brightly. I have always been one to encourage myself and others to take courageous steps in following our heart’s joy, and to shift into new realities of experience.

Me in Peru at Machu Picchu

As a Reiki Master Teacher and Visionary of the Creative and Healing Arts, I have always naturally been one to help plant seeds, foster change, see from very different perspectives, provide supportive insight and help reveal hidden, sometimes hard-to-swallow truths. To inspire other visionaries in the world to find their authentic voice and discover their creative abundance, to help foster core heart courage and empowering love and joy – these are the pieces of my nature that used to be channeled unconsciously, but I’ve come to consciously embrace, over time, as an integral piece of my journey.

Testimonials from happy clients about my services can be found here (scroll through for desired category of work): Satisfied Clients Share

What I’m offering is more about a partnership of support to help motivate, activate, empower, inspire, reveal, and kick start things into gear so that you can begin to share the joys and gifts of your heart as you were meant to – one visionary to another!

So for what may be a limited time, depending on what the energy calls for, I will be re-offering email support ONLY, but with a special focus:

  • To inspire a call to action: Support for fellow visionaries that desire that extra boost up to fully get over the wall or simply need supportive and loving insights to help bring solid clarity, vision and new-found exuberance. To provide innovative and creative insights/visions/perspectives to help identify and move through creative blocks or help create more clarity with any creative projects, goals, or creations of the heart you are trying to manifest. (great for all artists whether in the creative or healing arts). We can explore visionary ideas, discuss new supportive processes, as well as explore the heart of the matter, together – all in effort to dislodge and move the energy into being.
  • Work co-creatively and co-supportively (the now energy): Together, we will work in “responsible” partnership to help you embrace your  authenticity, reveal and work through fears, perceived limitations, enculturated and unconscious patterns, insecurities, doubts, frustrations and confusion that are holding you back. I provide a safe space to share and to explore – all in loving effort to help you courageously be you. I know what you are going through and I know how I have been able to shift the unwanted experiences to create more of what I do want to feel, so I can create what my heart wants and needs to share.

So…..If you are you able to: 

  1. Commit to taking responsibility
  2. Open your heart courageously and vulnerably to go deeper than you ever have
  3. Be willing to explore new perspectives
  4. Be willing to let go of preconceived ideas
  5. Be willing to hold unconditional and non-judgmental detachment
  6. Take action immediately in steps conducive to the level of what you desire 
  7. Be ready to bring your inner world into the outer world

Then this may be the perfect partnership for you.

I find email/writing to be a safe way and a way for people, myself included, to really let go and to flow with their thoughts – especially the creative and visionary minds. For me, writing is a way to process through things and much of the time, after I have written something out, the light bulb takes place. It just needed that committed, safe process to explore and allow energy to move.

To have someone that can intuitively mirror, while holding that space for you,  and that truly understands and can offer a resonating hand, can make a big difference.

The email support I provide can be about exploring your fears, sharing your challenges, needing a sounding board, needing an understanding heart to help you know you aren’t alone, or insights to help you with your visions for your visionary focuses. The result will be helping you to reach your goals, find clarity, peace of mind, self-empowerment, build and discover your strengths and responsibility, create more conscious awareness, see from different perspectives, build your courage, find greater creative flow and exuberance, reach deeper into your creative imagination as the abundantly creative being that you are, and discover the realization of your ability to bring your visions into manifestation.

A way to not only kick start the action you desire in your life, as well as revitalize the actions you have been taking, but you will also experience more magic in your life, experience more synchronicity, embrace deeper joy, find more balance and in essence experience being more in touch with your heart authenticity so that you can be the empowered, unique and beautiful visionary you are.

This is a service I have been providing through every aspect of my work – sort of behind the scenes and in my daily contacts – from the sacred tattoo email consultations I provide to the Reiki classes, sessions and even writings, art, and crystal pendants I create. It naturally has taken place and in some cases is part of the process, but this is a way for those seeking the support to actually “commit” upfront to the process and to a responsible and empowering partnership, rather than side step the motivational drive that creatively may self sabotage, avoid, or even not consciously want to own up to the obvious desire that manifests by indirect interactions.

I feel it is important to take responsibility in our lives and to embrace asking for help. There is strength in vulnerability, which I have discovered myself. It is also a time for supporting and creating with one another in loving ways, realizing that we are all connected and are all in this experience together.

I am here to listen as your supportive friend, and fellow heart visionary, and honor and respect everything shared in complete confidentiality.

Empowering Your Heart CAN Transform Your Life

Me at my Circa 92 Art Opening

How much do you value living with greater peace, courageous passion, and infectious inspiration? I know for me, it means everything to me, because I can’t provide the level of service I share with the world through my creations, if I don’t first have that experience and connection within myself. If you also desire to be of your highest potential and greatest service and good in the world, then it starts with you. Empowering other visionaries is important to me, as I see the difference it has made in my own life and how that trickles out to everyone I come in contact with.

Every day I discover just how valuable that is for me and with every joy or pain filled step of my own process, I gain deeper gratitude for the daily miracles, that await my taking notice and I more deeply see the effects of every choice I make and how nothing is created that I haven’t chosen myself.

If interested in beginning “The Empowered Visionary” Email Support, you may contact me at This is not posted on my website, as I don’t know how long this will be in effect. So if you or someone you know is interested and stumbles upon or is looking for just what I’m offering, pass this along and send me a message so we can discuss where you’re at, and if this kind of support would be a good match that would benefit you.

“The Empowered Visionary” Email Support Investment into You:

(Secure Paypal Credit Card Payments Accepted Only)

  • 1 email + Response ~ $44 
  • 5 emails + Responses ~ $175 (1 free) 
  • 10 emails + Responses ~ $350 (2 free) 
  • 25 Emails + Responses ~ $965 (3 free) 
  • The Committed Visionary of Action Package:  1 month of one daily email and response ~ $1111 (almost 6 emails free)

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