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Magick Tangerines Reflecting the Impossible Made Possible

magick orangesYou’ll SEE it when you BELIEVE it! Not the other way around.

Most people like to say they’ll believe it when they see it, which hinders their ability to experience the magick, let alone manifest it.

These are my three magick tangerines I harvested last evening from the tangerine tree in the back yard. I was taking a break in between design work and making dinner.

No surprise they mirrored something to me that I’d just finished energetically infusing into the design. 😉 At least I saw the correlation, as I see a lot of things that not everyone may take notice of.

I’ve mentioned these sweet little tangerines before in posts, sharing how they were starting to develop completely out of season – they aren’t supposed to arrive until February for harvest.

At first there was just one. That one came much earlier than these three and was already enjoyed in a smoothie like a month or more ago.

Then, I found another one.

Then two.

Then a third up high.

Hidden gifts blossoming one by one.

The little tangerine tree, which has been such an amazingly abundant tree in and of itself, has yielded hundreds of tangerines at a time in its season. I’ve had tangerines coming out of my ears and loved that they arrived in February – my birthday month!

Now, this little tangerine tree is creating miracles…mirroring much of what I’m experiencing in my life currently, simply from belief, trust, and courageous creating.

Indeed, you’ll see it when you believe it.

Anything IS possible….dreams DO come true….miracles CAN happen….BELIEVE!

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