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Hare Symbolism for the New Earth – Birthing the Cosmic Egg

In a recent, previous post I touched a bit on my painting, Spirit, the last of five in the series In Lak’ech. Spirit takes us beyond polarities and is full integration with transmutation inwardly and outwardly. As mentioned, this painting has many embedded codes and symbolism for energetic healing integration, which is why this and the other paintings I create can be used as meditational tools. One of the symbols, the Dagaz or Dea Rune is found anchoring the white hare’s feet in this image. Spirit holds some powerful energy and as promised, I wanted to reveal a little about one more aspect to this painting in regard to why the hare/rabbit being (with human and extraterrestrial essence) was chosen intuitively for the representation of this “beyond polarity” energy representation for the fifth element, Spirit.

Joy with Raja Seraphina

Of course those that know me know how deeply connected I am with rabbits. As a vegan and lover of all animals and beings, I have felt connected with animals since birthing into this Earthly experience, but rabbits are just, for whatever and many reasons, extremely dear and close to my heart and I resonate profoundly with them. Not only do I connect and understand them in a very personal way as a reflection, but I absolutely adore their magickal and precious essence in a way I can’t describe.

As I speak, my dear little Joy (lop eared bunny) is exploring my office and came to rest right next to the table that holds my large Quartz Crystal Skull, Raja Seraphina – a profound sign of her supporting what I am writing and connecting with the energy, as Raja Seraphina possesses the integration of both empowered female and male energies. (I’m actually really proud of her because she is on the wood floor, which was a fear she has been learning to overcome all by herself. She has learned to be safe on the floor in my/our sacred space, so I’m sure she will soon be exploring the entire house freely. A great example of how we can overcome fears).

I’ve been honored to have 3 bunny loves in my life, one of which is Nestor, whom I speak of often and has departed this Earthly plane. Part of the reasoning for the white hare in my painting, has to do with very personal healing stories connected with her, as well as simultaneous, collective healing that spoke through her for the essence of the painting.

The other 4 paintings depicted either a male or female being as one of the main focal points of the message, and as mentioned are fully integrated/empowered males and females that have embraced the empowered counterpart within them. However, for Spirit, we move beyond depictions of polarities, even in integrated form, and go straight to the heart of integration – and that is where the white hare comes into play.

Hares, throughout time have been associated with a whole myriad of powerfully profound, transmutational energies, as we will see in these excerpts from’s post, Hares and the Spring Equinox:

“Ancient peoples found hares one of the most mysterious and perplexing animals around. Hares were thought to be hermaphrodites, male one month and female the next month.” …”The ancient Greeks asserted this was so too, and associated hares thus with powers of self-impregnation and something we now call superfoetation. Superfoetation is “the fertilization of an already pregnant female which causes the simultaneous development of eggs of two different ovarian cycles within the genital tract.” …

“The ancient Mediterranean peoples also all believed that the male hare could also become pregnant.”

…”Going back to the idea of balance between the masculine and feminine at the Equinox, we mustn’t forget that many religions and myths, especially those derived from mystics and shamans, believe that the true nature of ourselves and the divine is found in the union of opposites. And from this union of the Masculine and Feminine, all Creation breaks forth into life and consciousness. It then makes sense that anything in nature that brings together the masculine and feminine, be it sexual intercourse, self-replicating plants, or in this case, hares who interchanged between male and female, were all held as some of the highest most sacred subjects in our world .. because they embody the actual creative powers of the universe.

For many of the reasons stated above, the hare has long been thought of as a mediator of the sacred…

Not only does the hare have lunar connections, but also many Buddhist and Hindu texts describe the hare as a creature of fire, but not just any fire–the same consuming sacrificial fire of the phoenix, then to rise again out of the ashes. The hare in this sense is not just a symbol of cyclical life like the moon and in many tales blatantly depicted as a bringer of reincarnation to mankind, but also in the same way, it becomes a symbol of simultaneous destruction and recreation that is at the very heart of all Life. Life is not just about being creative, but also requires the balance of first being destructive…

For all these reasons, the Hare then is not only associated with the Moon and the Sacred Fire and Spring, but also with the dawn and more importantly, with enlightenment…

Traditionally, the Easter Bunny, actually a Hare, was said to lay eggs at Easter. This concept is of course very strange to our factual minds, but taken symbolically, the Egg is not only Potential, but it also represents the Cosmos, the very ground of Being from which we spring–no pun intended! One only need think about the Cosmic Egg and the Druid’s Egg to begin to get the full scope of this meaning. No wonder then that the Hare was at one time considered both male and female. To produce the cosmos, both must be present.

This union of masculine and feminine makes the Hare an excellent symbol for marriage…

Other associations with the hare that I won’t go into now are witchcraft, or in ancient societies, with the seer or shaman–the hare is also the trickster figure in many stories, who outsmarts Winter and Death…

Overall then, the Hare is a symbol of many things, all involving balance, Life, creative potency, regeneration, fertility, and eternity. This symbolism manifests in associations with Springtime, the Dawn, the Moon and Sacred Fire, the Egg, the Circle and Infinity symbol, Marriage, Androgyny and Hermaphroditism, as well as Madness, Genius and Inspiration (which seem to go hand in hand).”

To read the entire, very insightful post, please visit:

We still have another month or so to go before the Spring Equinox, but as “time” is speeding up and I’m always several “bunny leaps” ahead, I continue to post things before we get there, to support the space in the now for that energy integration to begin.

After reflecting upon the information, I think you start to get some of the picture for why the hare was the channeled message I received to depict in my painting, Spirit. The rest, we will have to save for another story. For now, I leave you with “Spirit” to receive its message.

Spirit by Tania Marie

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