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New Moon to a New You

Today’s New Moon carries with it the energy of new beginnings and clear vision. This is a perfect time to release ancient baggage that has been weighing you down, forgiving, and saying “buh-bye old, hello new!”

Last evening, after a long day, I made my way to the beach to watch the sunset and walk along the edge where the water meets the sand, as I held intention for things I desired to create. This always feels renewing, cleansing and recharging to me and felt perfect in preparation for the New Moon energy of today. I stayed at the beach until the first signs of twinkling stars made their appearance and enjoyed the stillness of communing with the ocean and cosmos in solitude with myself. The water was warm and inviting after a very hot day of sun at crazy high temperatures, which is only getting hotter today! It’s been an unusually hot summer along the coast here, but it made the normally colder waters just perfect to enjoy. Today it is going to hit 99 here, and I’m feeling the beach calling me again after some time painting today. It’s always inspiring for my work to connect with the ocean and I love reading at the beach, which I intend to do today, as well as to clear my mind, and set more intentions.

The New Moon is perfect to work on the energy showing up most prominently in your life and for putting into motion a new plan of action. It’s a great time to set intentions and goals and to creatively visualize and find clarity on the essence of what you desire, but then to actually take at least small baby steps towards those things to show the universe you are serious. This is a time to walk the walk, as words just float off on a cloud when we don’t anchor them in.

Perhaps you have had continuous nudges to do something you’ve always wanted, to leave unhealthy situations, to turn a hobby into a passionate career, or have received clear signs and messages from spirit that seem surprising to you, but you can’t shake and know speak to the heart of you and would be beneficial to listen to. Now is the time to get things a-rockin-and-rollin.

This is a great time to wipe the slate clean and get a fresh start – kind of like a snake shedding it’s skin or a butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon. Nothing holds us back but us. This is an opportune time to take the steps that lead you on the life path you are meant to live. Ask for assistance in cleansing yourself of the old toxic energy that has been blocking you. Fears have no power over you unless you allow them to. A great time to cut chords, lovingly forgive, and to move on and never look back. So many others are breaking through the veils of fear and this enables others more easily to do so and provides tons of support systems out there to assist and help keep the momentum of motivation going if you have challenge staying positively focused.

It’s a great time to shut off mass media, stop or cut down your television or news watching and reading, since these work on us in subconscious ways most aren’t equipped to handle and can affect us whether we think so or not. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt and create the reality you desire.

It’s a time to break free and to liberate yourself from everything that has ever been holding you back, conscious or unconscious. We can be ingenious at self-sabotage, but now it’s time to be master alchemists. Get clear with what you want – the most powerful way to do this is to be clear of the “essence” you desire from the things you want. This will attract in what best mirrors your highest good. Creative visualization is powerful. Living “as if” you already are or have what you desire, clear of fear and with complete peace and faith will support your manifestation of it much more quickly and magically. Use whatever method resonates for you – be it journaling, creating a personal mantra, a poem, making a painting, a vision board, holding a sacred ceremony…or simply just “be it, live it, do it.”

Whatever you feel called to do, when done with and from your heart and with intention it is always for the highest good of all concerned, this will draw in optimal results.

Happy New Moon!


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