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Celebrating Six Years With Gaia


Gaia checking out my painting, “Air”, as I paint it in my Lake Tahoe solarium

I may not physically be with Gaia right now (my amazing Russian Tortoise friend), but am with her nonetheless in heart and celebrating “with” her regardless.

Yes, Gaia is still M.I.A. – and literally she IS “missing in action”, as she is off on another mission from which she intends to, and will only, return once she’s completed it.

I’ve shared before how determined and committed this mighty little one is – a constant guide and teacher for me in this and many regards – and so my sense is that if her mission takes all of her to complete, then she will transcend doing and being her wholeness.

How can I not love her more for that and honor and respect her immensely?

She’s been gone now, deep within Mother Earth (Gaia is within Gaia 🙂 ) for about two and a half months. She went away before to do very intensive energetic work with and in support of the Earth, but returned once that mission was complete. And now has departed again and I await her happy news of another mission accomplished, however that results.

I love her unconditionally and it’s no surprise that the souls in animal companion suits that I (and they) chose to partner up with, are all very committed souls on a mission. Sounds familiar. 😉 And their deep, focused, and unrelenting truth of heart investment into who they are, is the best example and constant reminder for me.

I’ve never known anyone like them in this way.

Anyway, I hadn’t had a dream about Gaia in a while, which is where my animal companions communicate with me, but she did show up the night before last.

I do not remember the dream anymore, like I usually do, except for the fact that it was different from the others energetically and I saw Gaia in her vibrant joy. I have two specific images of her from the dream that keep replaying in my mind from when she and I first came together and lived at Lake Tahoe. They are the images you see here.

gaia looking out solarium window at lake tahoe

Gaia looking out at Lake Tahoe from our home solarium, which was my office/art studio

So I know that wherever she is, she is wanting me to know that she is really happy and in her joyous truth, perhaps mission accomplished?, as well as wants to thank me and remind me of our beautiful friendship, since the images I see in my mind’s eye are from one of our favorite times ever together.

She likely is also remembering our anniversary, as where she is time is different than here and there are gaps in the sending of messages.

I believe she is reminding me of my own truth as well and the things she loves about me.

July 8th, 2008 is when she first came home with me and on the way home from picking her up, I received her name. So this is six years today that this amazing soul has graced this life I am living.

Six brings to mind the symbolism of this number and its spiritual meaning, which I’ve shared on before in my post Hexagons and Healings, since the number six is aligned with the Hexagon.

This includes six representing harmony, balance, soulful integration, perfect union, communication, sincerity, love, truth, enlightenment, naturally revealing solutions for us in a calm, unfolding manner, delicate diplomacy in sensitive matters, reliability, lighting our path in areas we require spiritual and mental balance, and encourages compassion and forgiveness.

These are perfect energies to feel into right now and so divinely reflect the relationship between Gaia and I, as well as focuses that would do the collective well to tune into and embody more.

I’m grateful for this reflection, as I celebrate the mutual love, respect, and honor shared between us. Thank you Gaia for being such a guiding light and powerful force, as well as for being so committed to supporting the Earth collective. I love you!

Creating A Path Where There Is None

gaia3Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

This seems to be a theme in my life and likely, if not in yours yet, you may be pondering making your own way right now as well.

Some of the things that become important when you decide to blaze your own way, is to make a commitment, embrace responsibility, take action to back your words, believe and keep inspired, nurture courage and trust, let go of caring what others think, and follow your heart come what may.

gaia4Everyone right now is either creating their new path, in process of making the shifts to do so, are contemplating the idea, or are experiencing challenges because they are fighting what is in their hearts and the fact that time is up in terms of forcing the old to continue, or remaining in denial.

One of my greatest teachers in terms of determined focus, belief, and steadfast fortitude without fail or hindering faith, is my dear friend, Gaia (my Russian Tortoise).

gaia7Gaia knows what it takes to do what is in her heart and to follow through with a mission. She also has no concept of the word “impossible” – another important aspect to creating your own path where there is none.

Gaia will relentlessly forge ahead and doesn’t understand it when you say there is no “door” where she is determined to get through. She will sit for hours pushing forward into a corner of a room, because she believes she WILL get to where ever it is her heart is determined to go and she will create a door where there was none to the naked eye.

gaia5She also sees herself as much bigger than she physically is in this life, and I never have to be concerned about predator animals around her, as she will emanate an energy that blasts them so much, they go running off in the other direction.

Gaia cares not what you think of her, nor does she buy into the definitions and limiting boundaries you might place her in, given her size and chosen species she embodies in this life. She is unlike any tortoise you think you know.

She knows only her soul essence and its unlimited capabilities. She continues to operate from that all-knowing, all-being, and empowered Source.

gaiaGaia also daily demonstrates that she has a mind of her own and will create a path or bridge where ever she feels called. She doesn’t circle around a barrier to her determined path. She doesn’t move out of the way or let the path define her direction. She simply goes through, the way she feels is the most efficient way that supports her motivations and intents, helping me to see that where there is a will, there is a way and NOTHING can stop your burning belief and heart’s desires, except you.

I was inspired today by Gaia, to share these inspirations. Currently she is indoors again with us, as she showed up back on Earth’s surface a few days before I got back home from my vacation, and with the rains, she is enjoying staying cozy for the moment until she can go back out again.

This morning I watched her, as I often do, create her own path, piggy-backing over Joy’s enchanted stuffed rabbit friend, rather than walking around it. The photos you see are of Gaia creating a bridge where one may have thought there was none.

Gaia has no fear and simply follows her heart.

gaia2I also had a magickal little experience with her, as I said good morning to Gaia under my desk where she slept in her favorite place all night near my computer and the electrical wires. As I looked at her a glint of pixie dust lit both of her eyes so ever-slight and sparkly, lasting just a few seconds and then disappeared. Then again more faintly and disappeared. It was not the light, as there was none to shine, and the glints along with the look in her wide-eyes and very present awareness in that moment, spoke much to me.  She is often mostly asleep when I find her, but she was quite awake, alive with enchantment, and that sparkle spoke timelessly to me.

May you also be inspired by Gaia and other visionaries to create your own path where there is none.

Gaia Meets Mo – The Ancients Gather


gaia and mo walk on by each other at first

On Memorial Day we took Gaia, my amazing little Russian Tortoise, out to beautiful Camarillo where we spent the day with family and this is their pictorial and video story documented (click on photos to enlarge). I had Gaia with me on a towel in the car by my feet and she was in her normal spunky mood, excited for the day ahead.

The plan was to introduce her to Mo (short for Mojave) the Desert Tortoise who has a beautiful outdoor sanctuary she lives in on the property. Mo has never seen another tortoise, as she hatched straight from an egg on her home grounds, and Gaia only saw little ones when she was a wee one herself, but hasn’t since for the last 6 years.


buh bye….for now. gaia keeps walking on by mo

Gaia is 10 years old and Mo is 17 years old. We had no idea what would take place, but what did was such a beautiful bonding ritual that was an honor to watch.

At first when I placed Gaia in the sanctuary she marched on by Mo, not giving her a second thought or glance. Gaia is very very focused and seemed to be on a continued mission to explore these new grounds. Mo also did not give Gaia a second thought. Mo had just woken up however and Gaia, well, she simply was going to take things in her own stride.


gaia decides to rest and reflect before her next move

We left them to do as they wanted and when I returned about 20 minutes later, Gaia had found a resting spot and she was in her famous snooze position with head propped up against the wall. Mo had retreated to her shaded pot to continue her nap.

So I let them be and then returned maybe a half hour to an hour later. And to my amazement, Gaia had left her resting spot to seek out Mo and the two of them were nose to nose communicating and nuzzling – Mo still in her shaded pot spot.


gaia goes straight to mo’s resting spot after she’s had enough time to reflect and the communicating begins

From that moment forward, for the rest of the time we were there, Gaia wouldn’t leave Mo’s side and persistently tried communicating (in her Russian Tortoise way) with her by bobbing and twitching her head in a vibratory dance. I kept saying it was like “Morse Code,” which made perfect sense because Gaia is so extraterrestrial and communicates in binary-like language and is very tapped into the electrical currents and sound vibrations – a very complex little one she is. I happened to be talking with my faery sister Laura Bruno at the time and she jokingly said, “Mo – rse Code.” 🙂


lots of love was shared between the two of them ❤

My sense was that Mo did not understand Gaia and Gaia, being the relentless persevering soul that she is, was eager and unwilling to give up trying. She had so much to share and was so excited to connect with Mo. Mo seemed very happy to be with Gaia too and regardless of the lapse in communication, their language of love was all that was needed to keep them connected and happy.

I even caught Mo one time, when Gaia walked away briefly, pump her own neck up and down slowly as if to try to imitate Gaia’s language and tell Gaia not to leave. It was adorable. And come back Gaia did and the two never left each other’s side for the rest of the day.


gaia starts following mo

Gaia would follow Mo where ever she went, just two steps behind. If Mo moved forward, Gaia would too. If Mo stopped, Gaia stopped. If Mo took one step forward, Gaia mirrored the same. It was like a reflection of each other in perfect synchronicity. So, so cute.

And when they would stop, they would both explore each other, but mostly spent time nose to nose in deep communion of trying to communicate, and then just giving in to love nuzzling.


and follows…and follows… 🙂

They are a good example of how unconditional love knows no boundaries, bridges hearts together, and exists without fear or judgment.

Tortoises and turtles teach us about turning within to listen to our instincts and that there is no such thing as time. We are simply experiencing the moment and to take it in stride and with patience, smelling the flowers along the way. They are ancient ones that have seen the shifts of ages and are deeply connected to Mother Earth and the cycles of life.

You may enjoy this post of mine about Turtle/Tortoise symbolism: Gaia – Earth Mother and Turtle? Ancient Wisdom For Conscious Living


best buddies

It was so amazing to see these two ancient ones come together and interact. It was as if I was taken back into a timeless space and was getting the opportunity to remotely view, like a fly on the wall, this intimate little gathering.

I hope you enjoy the photos and short videos I took, so that you can experience the energy of this beautiful bonding that took place. It was sad to part them, but they are forever connected and will see each other next time we visit for another play date.

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