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The Heart of First Matter – Cosmic Alchemy in a Sacred Tattoo

New Sacred Tattoo Design by Tania Marie

Today I’d like to share an interesting journey that led me to an answer and some cool unfoldings and new discoveries. Every now and then I like to share the stories behind some of the creations that channel through, as they hold some cool synchronous messages, as well as shed interesting light on supportive information that can be of benefit to others.

I was commissioned to do a custom sacred tattoo design by a very magickal client near the end of January. This client found me by divine connection, had never wanted or even had any tattoos until now, and provided no instruction saying they were leaving it up to my guides and theirs for this creation to manifest – basically stating the belief it was an attunement process for both of us and I’d know when to start and would be guided through it now that the connection had been made.

I so loved the openness to this magickal flow that was initiated and felt an extremely deep honor in being part of the energetic co-creation.

As instructed, I let myself be guided as to when I’d start, as if I tried to start when timing wasn’t ready, I came against huge blocks, was pulled everywhere else but to focus on the design, and felt unmotivated. So I honored the trust and opening and let things percolate in the background.

When timing felt ready I began- first allowing to listen, I also started following some energetic leads of things I was sensing in research to see where things lead, and then asking for inspiration in meditation for an image.

I then saw in my mind’s eye this image that I’d drawn five years ago right before embarking on my second trip to Egypt – this one for a 9-9-9 event – 9/9/2007. I received the image in a dream, which involved a man I had not met in this life yet, but ended up being on the trip, which I drew when I awoke. I brought it with me to Egypt and showed a few people to see if anyone knew what it meant or if it had any meaning at all. I was hopeful that since these people were highly enlightened individuals, all with unique spiritual gifts, we’d be bound to discover some meaning. But, nobody knew what the symbol was, although found it interesting. I kept it in my Egypt notebook I’d taken notes in from that trip and hadn’t looked at it until I was prompted from this nudge.

I put it aside, as at first I wasn’t getting the connection since I didn’t have any idea what the symbol was. So I continued my researching of other nudges. I then suddenly stumbled upon a symbol that looked very similar to mine, while perusing other info and symbols. I started reading about it and following other threads leading me to more similar images and information that finally was revealing to me what I had stumbled upon in my own unique way.

The symbol information and others’ depictions of it was supporting the image I had drawn that basically held the same characteristics and energy. The symbol is called First Matter or The Prima Materia – The One Thing. Some also refer to it as Chaos (or Chaostar) or Earth of Paradise. Sometimes depicted as the ouroboros and even sometimes as two dueling dragons at each other’s throats, releasing inherent male and female energies through the shared blood – similar to the Yin/Yang symbol. To me, it also could be similar to Hunab Ku – The Galactic Butterfly.

Some explain the essence of the First Matter, which is chaos, as seeming to evoke octal or octagon imagery. For alchemists, chaos is the First Matter and the source of all transformative energy. This eight-pointed star (the “Chaostar”) is symbolic of the chaos and power of the First Matter, which captures within its design the fractal concept of “order within chaos.

“…the first matter, as the origin of all things which exist, must be found prior to the division of the universe into the duality of mind and matter.”

I took my original symbol I’d drawn five years ago and fused it with new, potent energy I felt guided and inspired to incorporate to create a portal symbol of this energy for my client in the now. I felt, for several reasons, guided to encircle the symbol with an artistic rendering of two dragons connected as a unified essence in that Yin/Yang, Oneness-nature, minus the dueling energy. Instead, I had them energetically “holding” the energy of the symbol between them, representing alchemical magick within our ability to masterfully co-create. The essence of the idea that even though something seems chaotic and operating outside our control, there is a harmonious order that is within our grasp when we unify our parts. I felt that each represented the empowered male and female circling continuously in harmony. The image came to birthing conclusion on yesterday’s Pisces New Moon.

My client was right. This would be an attunement process for us both, revealing some interesting things. The journey in creating this piece is also VERY mirroring for me. It unlocked some hidden wisdom that supports my “now” experience of  this “order within chaos” concept as source for transmutation and transformative integration to wholeness. A little lesson in spiritual alchemy and how to perceive things through a different lens of divine perfection for what is in manifestation, regardless of how it appears. As always, symbolism will speak to each person in relative ways.

The alchemists believed that no transformation—whether in the laboratory, in the body, or in the soul—could succeed without the presence of a mysterious ingredient known as the Materia Prima (First Matter).

I love the cohesive threads that unfold when we heed the nudges.

For more interesting information, here is a cool article from Morning Star Portal called: Spiritual Alchemy: The Prima Materia

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