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Ice Kingdom

Yesterday we went on a hike that took us through the realm of the ice Faeries where ice castles, ice crystals, and ice beings dwell. I even found a beautiful Sun-lit Nature’s Christmas tree – all to enjoy in solitude, as no one was around. It was fantastical. It was magickal. It was my home. I hope you enjoy a stroll through the icy world we discovered and that enchanted this Winter baby a little bit more. Keep believing!


Islands, Otherworlds, And The Labyrinth At The World’s End

I’ve tried directly reblogging this richly enchanting post, but WordPress was being mischievous, so I’m including the direct link below to this beautiful share where Sharon Blackie takes you on a Celtic voyage to the Otherworld.

Perhaps you, too, will be swept away and discover, as she puts it, “why you’ve come.”

Islands, Otherworlds, And The Labyrinth At The World’s End



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